Thursday, September 29, 2005


Just wanted to know whose all going to Serenity on Friday. So far I know of three people who are interested in going. So if you wanna come along let me know. If you cant make it I suggest you make an effortto go and see it some other time. Its going to be a good one. Also for those who have no idea what im talking about I suggest you watch some Firefly it might help.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Must kill dumb people.

Girl: Can I prepay twenty
Me: sure
*prepays twenty dollars on pump 5
Girl: actually can you make it 10?
Me: well yeah. But you'd have to go hang up the nozzle cause we need to clear the system
Girl: oh. fuck then just give me the money back. I'll go get gas somewhere else, its too much hassle.
Me: but you just need to put back the handle
Girl: just give me my twenty.
Me: alright have a nice day

I hate my job

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The Concert.

The Good
* Finally seeing Dan Bejar and the rest of destroyer
* Hearing Dan Bejar sing The Sublimation Hour
* Seeing the opening act immaculate machine-really good band
* buying the immaculate machine cd along with twin cinema
* seeing that graham hasnt lost his touch-man needs to be surround by drunk girls all the time
* Knowing that I went to the best concert ever
* oh and the fleetwood mac cover

The Bad
* Getting my big toe stepped on repeatedly-you dont need to mosh to the new pornographers
* the stench of pot
* the fact that i have to work tomorrow and complete an essay for the end of the week
* The convient charge on the ticket-thankfully the show was worth it

The Ugly
* the chick who kept stepping on my foot

The Sidenote
1 week till Serenity
7 days till smallville
3 cds bought this year.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

New NHL.

This past sunday was my first look at the new nhl. For the most part, I was just happy to see some hockey again. I've missed GM Place . I've missed being in its friendly confines . Needless to say I was happy to find out our that our seats were good. Probably the best I've ever had in that building. Right behind the bench and 12th row. Like I said they were good. Props to Divman for the hookup.
Anyway this silver and blue game, as they were calling it; was my first oppertunity to see the deadliest man in the nhl . I have to say i was impressed. I liked his speed and his overall game. I doubted this pick up at first, but Richard Park may fit in pretty well here.
There were a few, however, that were unimpressive. One being Dan the man I've always liked Cloutier but i dont think he'll be our go to guy for very much longer. Espically if he chokes again this season. I was also unimpressed with todd . As a canuck fan I hope does well. I just wish he would learn to Pass The Fucking Puck!
Anyway. Thats pretty much all I had to say. I should really go do some reading now. Damn you Milton! Damn You!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


My day today, like many days, can best be summed up with a simpsons quote

"Sometimes I think God is teasing me...just like he teased Moses in the desert."- Homer J. Simpson.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Durnken Dunning Holy Shit.

Okay okay okay okay. This is going to be a really bad post, i can already see that its going to be, because needless to say im pretty fucking drunk at this point. Even for me, im pretty gone. I think I spent way too much money on booze today. I cant even remember what i spent on booze and i just got home no more then 5mins ago.
Apparently 7 rum and cokes will fuck me up but good. As im fucked up but good. Speaking of good this week was pretty awesome. If you want a lot of chicks in you're class, my advise to you is take english. Preferably one with shakespeare involved. I mean my tutorieal or whatever the hell it is has 4 guys in it. 4!!!
What else can i comment about? Oh yeah, I hate milton. Paradise lost is going to be the biggest pain in the ass ever. Im already regreding it after two classes. You know what else im regreding? Drinking 6 rums. Oh man. This is the dumbest blog I've written yet.
Okay so whats the deal with relationships? Why do we need them? Is it love? is it the need to not be alone. The fear of dying alone? and why must we procure ourselves into a long lasting meaningful relationship? why must there be meaning attechet to every little thing. I dunno. Sometimes I just dont know.
You know what else i dont know. I bet you dont. Oh yeah? I really bet you dont. I dunno why all these hereo like characters in everything I've ever read feel the need to go and fucking screw up their relationship. I mean lets look at spiderman for example. Why is that superheroes have this thing where they cant be in a relationship as it would be too diffuclut to undertake? I mean I read the latest Harry Potter in the last few weeks and the relationship he was in kinda pissed me off. Why cant the protagonist ever be happy? I mean whats wrong with a good old happy ending for once? Fuck Endings. Why must things end? What ever happend to continuity, or continuous cycles.
Seeing as how Im not going to remember any of this in the morning. There's a few things Id like to get off my chest. Internet porn. Whats up with that? Cant they think of better scripts then hey cmon get in my van. I mean what kind of girls are these who will just randomly get in peoples vans? Damn I need a van. Graham, buy me a van.
I now shall purpose a road trip. To where? Um. Lets go to Ireland. Cmon, anyone wanna go? I wanna go. It be awesome, you know you wanna go. Im good company. At least thats what im told.
You know what else im told. That Im mature. For the last few weeks some people who i know have told me that I've matured over the course of the last year. This is annoying! I dont think I've matured at all and Im kinda sick and tired of being told Im mature, maturity is over rated. You know what else is overrated.....Bacon. Fucking pigs. I dunno Theres just something about burnt fat thats unappealing. Speaking of fat, Im fat. I need some muscle and less gut. I guess this would be more easily accomplished if I had the desire to work out. But no time, no persitance. Oh man you know whats great. Those sticky hand things you used to get for a dollar. I miss those things. You could stick it to things because they were sticky.
God i dont know what im talking about anymore. I think I should either wrap this up or puke. Maybe I'll do both. At any rate Im loosing steam and topics to talk about. Fuck. I mean Fuck!

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Current Hope: That I sober up for fuck sake.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Well this is it. Summers over. Im sad to see it go. If I was to rate this summer, id have to give four stars (or one and a half thumbs up). Comic-Con and Vegas both made my summer worth while. Of course the only downfall of the summer was actually finding work at petro can (and that's just not the laziness talking). God I hate my job. Which reminds me I have to work tomorrow. Its going to be a double fun day.
I guess I should have made more of my last day before school, but a whedon marathon was on space, and as I mentioned before im lazy.
And on a final note, I wonder how much Shakespeare I can take this semester before it finally cracks me.

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