Sunday, August 28, 2005

P. S. Durnken Dunning Comic.

The one thing I miss about bazooka. Are my Comics. So with that in mind insparation struck and I came up with this. If your anything like me you hate that canadian tire family with a passion. So here now is a comic of the annoying canadian tire man in paint.

Durnken Dunning

Thats all that needs to be said isnt it? Now. I know i said that i would stick to one pariticular topic when next i do a durnken dunning. But im just not feeling any of those topic tonight. I mean I was going to rag on shawn penn. God I hate him. Dont get me wrong, the movie was good and all, but i just cant stand his acting. I dont know why but i cant.
It should be also noted that im not sure what "game i am bringing tonight" it could be A it could be a B- perhaps even a c+ but lets watch it all unfold in due corse.
So today we went and did a maze in maple ridge and graham felt the wrath of mother nature in the petting zoo. It was better than i excpect. really it was.
On to other things that i dont understand. You know what i dont understand. 19.5. I was watching some conspiracy series today and they said that all planets in our solar system has some blip in them at the point of north 19.5. Why is this signifigant? I mean who cares that its 19.5? There are things such as coincidences. Not everything has to be a mass conspiracy which the government is covering up. Really why would the goverment cover up anything? Fucking aliens. If their so intellegent why are they coming here? Or are we that arrogent to think that were that intresting? and more to the point why the hell am i talking about this shit?
Oh yeah. Im durnk. So i think this post needs some poetry. Or better yet. Some hikus so here we go. Lets see if you can guess who they are.

A big brain he has
desetined for greatness for sure
poco eat his dust

a big jerk he is
but you still got to love him
oh how i hate him

leaps and bounds above the rest
number one in line. nuff said.
twenty five miles.

titties a plenty
he sleep and eat more than you
the competent one

love something please man
other than scarlett johanson
one drink minimum

Thats all i can think of off the top of my head. I hope you enjoyed them. Anyway what were we talking about again? I've completly forgotten. You know whats strange? No neither do I. I was just asking. Someone ought to though. I mean come on. What shall we discuss. I really have nothing to talk about these days. sorry i had to take a drink. You wouldnt have noticed one way or another but i figured i must tell you.

And now the bottom five of working in and around a gas station.
1. PrePay! Read the fucking signs you douche bags! if i could Id slap you!
2. Having someone dump a bunch of change on my counter and saying count it
3. Having to stolk the back up of pop after some took a massive shit
4. The constant noises. I hate technology
5. Smokes. I hope they all give you cancer!

Huzzah! now that ive got that off my chest. Id like to discuss the market place. Whats wrong with the market place these days? I mean cmon take a look at it! fluctuations, high prices. I say sell sell sell. Get out now while you still can! think about the kids god damn you! THINK ABOUT THE KIDS!!!!!!
For some reason rock you like a hurricane just popped into my head.
80s music is awesome by the way. You know i think the next time i get drunk i think i'll have to go to a karoke bar. I wanna sing some Journey. Dont fucking talk shit about Journey!
Perhaps if I was sober enough id post the pics of what happened tonight but im not. So tough jimmys! Speaking of. I wonder what Jimmy is doign right now? Baning chicks in western no doubt. Hopefully chicks.
Now I shall list off animals i dont like: Chickens. Racoons. Masquitos. Goats. Goldfish. Snakes. Spiders
Animals I like: Monkeys. That is all.
If someone was able to get me a monkey. Id be forever greatful. Dinning or Rich anyway you can swing that for me? Maybe i could get a helper monkey and teach it to freebase. I know some of you think thats cruel, but i think thats funny. What can i say im cold. So much like us.
Man I cant belive i have to go back to sfu in a week. Im kinda looking forward to it which is bizzare in itsself. Speaking of bizzare, i wonder bizzaro dunning is up to. I also wonder what i would be like in an alternate reality? My guess is horrible wordrobe, tones of women and rich beyond my wildest dreams.
Even though if you really think of it. Money is the most useless human invention of all time. I wish we were still on a barganing system. all i can say is one word. Beads. And on a final note. chicken chicken chicken. Ask graham.

Current Music: Journey-open arms, Journey- Dont stop beliveing
Current Comic: Cat Women When in rome-by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale
Current Durnken Grade: C+

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I was just wondering when people would like to have this "Dunning Jam 2005" Im guessing and assuming that it will be on either Friday or Saturday. I am finally not working on a Saturday and I should be free.
unfortunately The internet's foremost Dickolas Wang wont be able to make it this year. As he, like the rest of us is heading back for more schooling. His presence at Dunning Jam will be missed. This does however leave a spot empty. Perhaps its time too test out some draft picks, before the new fall season gets underway.
What excitement and merriment awaits in Dunning Jam 2005? You'll just have to be there too find out. Or at least wait for the Durnken Dunning recap. In any case it should be good. Just let me know what day.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

40 year old virgin.

This movie was so good. It was better than sex!

No really it was good. For once all the reviews and hype about a movie that I was looking forward to seeing, paid off. From start to finish it was filled with laughs. I just cant say enough good things about this movie. Infact I think it maybe the best movie I've seen this year. No really. I give it one and a half enthusiastic thumbs up.

To top it all off I finally got to see the Serenity trailer in a theatre. Another plus.
But just don't take my word for it. Go see The 40 year old virgin for yourself.

Friday, August 19, 2005

For the kids....

Those who know me, know I love dance 360. Well today's episode toped them all. Today's episode of dance 360 was "for the kids". This meant that the dancers age ranged from 6 to 10. Needless to say this episode was chalked full of awesome. The only downside was of course DJ K-Sly. Perhaps the most useless DJ there is.
Also while watching some MuchMusic today I found out that Rick Campanelli is leaving the show.
I also found out that I watch too much much music.

So with that in mind I switched too cnbc where I watched some show called Mad Money.

Its also chalked full of awesome. I never thought I would ever get pumped over stock tips, but man this show made that possible.

So much quality tv. So little time.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Durnken Dunning: An update!!

Nope. Im not drunk, yeah I know its heartbreaking but bare with me please. I have an announcement to make in regards to Durnken Dunning. I think that Durnken Dunning needs a wider category of topics too choose from. Being surly and angry and having no concept of grammar is all well and good. Yet I think it needs something more. Not just more booze, though that would help. I wonder what durnken dunning would be like on tequila? Im getting a little off topic here. My announcement is that for the next 5 Durnken Dunnning posts, I'll be talking on a certain subject. And hopefully staying on course with it. They will be as follows.

5. Quantum Physics: The Wormhole
4. The space time continuum-time travel
3. Conservatism-a dying art form
2. Popular culture-celebrities and the ones who annoy me
1. Durken Dunning Story Telling- A collection of short stories and drunken poems.

These are topics I have come up with. Yet if you have any Durnken Dunning suggestions then please make them. Though remember there will be only five of these. So space is limited. After the five im going back to rambling about nothing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Toilets! Why did it have to be toilets?

That's it! My relationship with toilets is over. There were some good times, and some bad times; I probably shed a tear or two. But no more! Im done. Im out. I mean, I've seen some pretty sick stuff over the years, but nothing compares to the last two weeks. Even today. My god! Today I came very close to cleaning up my own vomit as I gagged at the disastrous site. It was like Hiroshima, well okay that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it was still fucking awful. So that's it, no more, its over. I plunge no more for no one!

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