Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Today I.....

Today after much deliberation and contemplation, I finally declared my major. I also plotted out the courses for next three semesters. At work found out I am gettin a raise. Most likely. Then ten minutes into my shift, I dropped a propane tank on my index finger on my left hand. It hurts to type and the nail is now black and blue. Anyway that's all I got up to today. Ow.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006


I Know you're all dying to know what I think of it. To be honest with ya though I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it had its moments of good action and humor. The first half of the movie really was enjoyable. The new mutants were really good. I could do a whole post about kitty pryde but I'll spare you. It was also really nice to see some more history behind Lensherr and Xavier.
However that being said it did have some faults. It seemed that some of the mutants were underdeveloped. Some of the subplots could have been given a little more time perhaps. Though it did have some good humor, it also could tend to be a bit corny. There's also the scene at the end credits that cheapens it just a bit. Though Im trying not to let that come into play to much.
So I guess in comparison to the last two movies this would probably score the lowest. At least for me. However, that being said it still did very well in my books. Infact I am going to give it a 6.5 or a 7 probably a 7. Had there been less Storm and more Kitty and had Colossus been Russian I might have pushed it to a 7.5.
For what it was, X3 was a good movie. It could have done a lot better I suppose. Yet it could also have done a lot worse, it could have been this.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

So Dark the Con of Hollywood.

Okay. So I got back from seeing the Da Vinci Code. I'll give it a seven if you really care to know what I think. I read the book before hand and I liked it. I thought the subject matter was fascinating. If not a little far fetched.
As a english major it never ceases to amaze me how much mythology I am forced to take in. It also never ceases to amaze how much a book can be over hyped. I enjoy mythology as much as the next guy. Probably more so. And being raised catholic I have a grasp on some religion. However there in lies my problem.
I am trying to tackle this without pissing too many people off. I fear however I am doing a bad job of it. Let me just say this.
I can see how people can be offended by the Da Vinci Code. But lets face facts. Its just fiction. This stuff didn't actually happen. Those aren't real people. And I am taking an educated guess that most Bishops don't act like that.
All Dan Brown really did was create a story. A thriller for us to enjoy. I am pretty sure he didn't intend it to have the effect it has had on people. Really I blame the hollywood hype machine for that. I also don't think you should ban this film. Not to sound preachy but people should be able to make up their own minds about what's offensive and what's not.
To me all the Da Vinci Code is, is a good story. An alright movie with some good acting. That could have used a slightly quicker pace. And maybe an explosion or two. Tune in tomorrow when I write an even more incoherent "fan boy" review of X-3. Man I am such a nerd.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Anyone wanna see the Da Vinci Code possibly on Wednesday? Or at all? I was planning to go see it eventually. Also when and if I go I was going to pick up tickets to x3 so I need to know whose going to see it. Or wants to.
Finally there's a Rugby fundraiser poker tournament on June 1st Buy in is 50 bucks. I'll be going most likely. The prize is somewhere around 1000 bucks. So I am told at least. Anyway let me know if you're interested in that too.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Da Bears.

As we said goodbye to my aunt and uncle this afternoon, we were presented with a little bit of a shock. A loud crack and grunt coming from the trees in my driveway. Only to discover this.

Between the trees where no body sees.

A clearer image of what we were dealing with.

And as if that wasn't bad enough. Cubs.

We called the conservation people. They told us they couldn't do anything and to just wait till they left. I hope they deal with all there cases, with as much conviction.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

I wasted 7.95 on THAT?

Okay. So I went and saw MI3 today instead of seeing Da Vinci. Now Im really trying to see the positives for this movie. Really I am. But MI3 is (I'm sorry to say) a big pile of stinking crap.
The dialogue is awful and the plot twists predictable. As you all know I am not a big fan of Tom Cruise. Honestly though, he wasn't really the problem. The movie just sucked. Sometimes they do that. Even discussing this on the way back, im not sure I ever figured out what the Rabbits foot truly is.
There were a lot of minor plot holes. Not to mention a lot of laughable dialogue. Examples can range from "And you didn't... sleep in the same bed with your little sister?" to "It's a myth that chocolate makes you fat, but I've eaten my share, and look at me now" and I'll spare you the details of the cat story.
Basically if I have to rate this movie I'll give it one and a half stars. One star for Hoffman. The half star for the Superman Returns trailer.
Like I said I tried to find the positive. This really just wasn't a good movie. Don't even get me started on that soundtrack. Needless to say, Mr. Cruise will be receiving an angry letter in the mail and a bill for 7.95.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

I just don't know.

Yeah. I dunno if I really wanna see Da Vinci on opening weekend. I mean its going to be packed. I imagine this movie setting numerous records at the box office. Or at the very least doing very well. I read correction I listened to the book on Audio Tape. I enjoyed it. Probably more cause I didn't have to read it.
You know I think English is slowly killing my desire to read anything. Not that I was big on novels before. Aside from a few sci fi and horror. Lately though all I've been readin are graphic novels. Which comes to no surprise to anyone who reads this blog. I can recommend a few such as Alias by Bendis. It has nothing to do with the show. Powers By Bendis. Y the last man etc etc etc.
I don't really know why I recommended anything to you people. As I know you will not read it. However all this talk about comics has brought me to another point. X3 is opening very soon. I am trying to get excited about it. But at the same time I am trying not to have high expectations. The dark phoenix saga has always been a favorite of mine. It'll be interesting to see the direction they take it. Because obviously they're not going to recreate the original. The plot sounds alright from what I've heard and read. So at the very least I'm interested.
Really though I think the only movie Im really looking forward to (comic wise) is Superman Returns. I have really high hopes for it. And will be very pissed off if it sucks. So many people get this character wrong. I just hope Singer gets it right.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006


I dunno if anyone saw it, but the actions that occurred during Berry Bonds last game was disgraceful. I don't really support Bonds. Or baseball for that matter, but no one deserves to get a baseball chucked at his head five times at ninety miles an hour. Even more to the point, the pitcher left to a standing ovation. Yeah that's classy.
You know. We really need to lay off our professional athletes a little. Its just sports people. Its just a game. It actually in the grand scheme of things means nothing. Besides all Bonds really did was take an illegal substance. Which makes me realize that the people who critise him (a good majority) are hypocrites cause who hasn't used an illegal substance at one point or another (aside from me). Hell half of the province of bc is probably stoned right now.
Come to think of it. Wasn't Babe Ruth an alcoholic? And abusive? Well im not sure about the abusive part of it, but I think the former is right. So if you think of it. Bonds isn't all that far off from the man who already held the record. It should be noted that I have no real knowledge of Baseball at all. Though by reading this you probably already figured that out. Im going to stop ranting about shit I don't know about. But I'll leave by saying I seriously never want to see that world cup ad ever again.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not even trees are safe from the one they call jack

For those that go to Vanmega on a regular basis. I am more than certain you've already seen the following. Which takes place during the hours of drunken fun and awesomeness. But for those that haven't I recommend Watching.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Petro Can Washroom No More.

Ugh. I know I haven't been bitching about work lately. Well maybe I have. But I haven't been writing about it. Well maybe I have. At any rate. I came in today to find that on a previous shift. Someone or a group of someone's had broken the washroom key and decided to do some art on all the walls of the bathroom, along with some of the outside walls of petro can.
At any rate this made us (me and my coworker) pretty pissed off as we were left to clean it. So we bought some powerful cleaning stuff. That not only did most of the job, but gave me a huge headache. As you can imagine not having the key to the washroom created a lot of problems. And a lot of angry people. Angry people fall under my "why must people be so lame".
Like the guy who came in after I told him it was prepay. WHICH IT WAS. And as I was dealing with a customer decided it was enough for him to chuck a twenty in my face with out saying anything and storm out. This is lame. Its also lame to pay with a huge sum of change. Its also lame to leave a jacket and keys as collateral and never come back for it. And finally it is extremely lame to give us fake twenties.
If you fall under these categories at all. You shall be forever lame. Also if you can't realize that at night its prepay and then you give us crap for it. Lame.
I've had it with lame people. Maybe that's just how I roll. But maybe, just maybe I'm right.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

The game of world domination.

Anyone up for some Risk on Friday. I hope so cause I really don't want to make alternate plans. So I figure some Risk and playin some Cube while getting drunk will do us some good. All are welcome. Just get in touch with me some how. Though knowing all who read this blog. You'll be hearing from me first. Bah!
On a totally unrelated note. Am I the only one who doesn't see the point of upselling water? ITS WATER! Oh well. I hate upselling everything. But money is money. Dunning's tip for the day. Be nice to those who sell gas. It's not our damn fault the prices are high.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stupid Logic.

Well today wasn't productive at all. Although I did pick up an extra shift at Petro-can. So today wasn't productive at all.
Speaking of petro-can. Anyone hear bout that other gas station attendant who got hit by a customer driving off? I don't know the details other than one of the employees was in training and the other should have known better. Its only money after all, not worth your neck. So let the people be assholes and drive off. I fear im not making sense. But that's usually been the case these days.
Anyway. If you noticed my last post, you'll notice that I recently got money back from the government. I was going to invest this into buying Jowen's bass and probably still will. But like all my wheeling and dealings Im having second thoughts. Mainly on the issue of whether or not I'll have the drive to actually learn the bass or if its just a happy after thought. Even now when I see a Bass player on Much, I think I could be "trying" to do that. Then I wonder if it'll be worth the $150 to invest into something I might not ever take seriously. Although in the end I'll probably still end up investing (if he wants to still sell it) but as it stands i'm at a crossroads.
The question now becomes how does this affect you? And the answer is it doesn't really. Im just thinking and pondering the days events. Wondering why I watched an edited version of Scarface. And if anyone wants to play Risk and watch me get drunk in my basement this weekend. There could be kaluha.....And on that note I better end this post. Cause it doesn't seem to have a point.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Money in the bank.

Ahh money from the government. I dont think I'll ever get tired of this.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

This. This is just fucking brilliant!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Anyone catch Lost tonight? This maybe the greatest sci fi show since Star Trek. Or Buffy. And coming from me that's saying a lot. But man that episode tonight. The cliff hanger actually shocked me. And I usually don't shock easy.
I think Im going to go buy season one on dvd if I can find it cheap. Maybe Im just impressed with it so much because its really the only show I've followed as of late. TV has sorta been subpar as of late. Aside from like Deal or No Deal which is really addicting and Ultimate fighter I haven't really been following anything else. I tried to keep up with 24 but school got in the way. I haven't watched a single season of Sopranos, so there was no sense getting into it now. Eventually I'll get caught back up in Smallville but it's Smallville. I should probably get caught up with Veronica Mars too. Why the hell am I rambling about this? What was the point again? Oh yeah. Lost is awesome. You should all watch.
Alright. Well I was going to rant on music for a while, but I've sorta given up on this post. I'll end it by saying lately I've been listening to The Futureheads. And you all should too.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Do any of you wanna actually see this movie? I mean, I kinda do (only cause of Hoffman). Honestly though I don't see the big draws to mission impossible movies. Infact I cant remember most of MI2 or one for that matter.
Then you add on the Tom Cruise factor. Why do people like him so much? I don't mind him. But I also don't think he's that good. Infact I think he's kinda over rated. Scientology and other weirdness aside. Is he still that big of a deal?
Im trying to remember a single Cruise movie I've seen that I actually liked. Top Gun has the nostalgic factor. But I wouldn't exactly call it good. Then there's Days of Thunder. Again mediocre, I mean its a movie about nascar racing. Then there's also Cocktail, which I regret even watching. I guess a Few Good Men was pretty good, but more because of Nicholson. I also liked Interview with a vampire, but then I like Ann Rice novels (and had read it before I saw it) and its vampires. You can never go wrong with vampires.
Even more recently his movies have just been okay. Minority Report had its moments, as did vanilla sky. Last samurai was disappointing, I thought at least.
I haven't seen war of the worlds yet and people tell me collateral is good. But honestly I just don't see Tom Cruise as that good of an actor. Maybe I'm wrong and my thoughts have been clouded by Scientology and Katie Holmes marriages but I just don't get it. Can someone explain it to me.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I'm not sure how these pics will look, as I took them with my cell phone and not a digital cam. Anyway here is Scrummer. She's either really smart or just really likes getting treats. I haven't figured it out yet. Oh, and this one bites. So we bought her a leather taz to beat up on instead. The casualties I've suffered include three pairs of socks. Anyway I wont post all the pics but here's a couple at any rate.

Yeah I know its not vertical. Deal.

Scrummer & Taz

Make your own caption. I cant think of one.

Scrummer & Taz round 2

Last one I swear.

Okay I lied