Monday, September 27, 2004


Okay, so I haven't updated in the last couple of days. However, there were a lot of contributing factors to why I haven't. First, I've been busy all weekend. Either studying and or reading plus I have relatives over now as well.
So unfortunately this blog and everything to do with it has gone on to the backburner for a while. And it will probably continue to do so, with exams coming up the week after next. And don't be surprised if there are gradually longer breaks in between updates.
Anyways on to some news. I went to the Vancouver Giants game this weekend, it was good to go to the old Pacific Coliseum again. It was like 1994 all over again, even Pat Quinn was there. Plus it should be noted, that with going to one Giants game; that I have surpassed the number of Canuck victories I saw in the last year, and I only had to pay 16 dollars to witness it (Giants winning 6-4).
Other news, I bought X-men Legends for the cube along with a new memory card and WWE Day of Reckoning. And I have to say between the two X-men legends is a way better game, both are fun to play but there's something about the x-men RPG that Day of Reckoning doesn't have. I have also been debating whether or not to pick up NHL 2005 and or Star Wars Battlefront for the PC, but it'll have to wait for now.
What else, oh, I finally managed to fix CD burner and in doing so I've gone a little nuts on burning CD's. So far I've burned Franz Ferdinand, Walkmen, Pulp and couple of mixes, now all I need is a decent pair of headphones and I'll be set.
So, to sum up, I accomplished a few goals this weekend and spent some money, probably too much. Now all I have left to do, is go see Shawn of the Dead at some point and all will be well.
Well, I guess that's it for now, I'll try to post something tomorrow as it might be awhile after that, till I can post again. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

I got nothing.


I really have nothing to say, Im just doing this for the sake of updating. Im sure I'll post something meaningful soon. Well maybe not. But Im sure I'll post something. Anyway that's it so, yeah.

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Thursday, September 16, 2004


My favorite Baldwin is Adam, who is your's?

Monday, September 13, 2004

People need to blog more.

Hey all. Well the week went by pretty fast. And thankfully pretty smoothly. Got all my classes and schedule sorted out. Not to mention the email, UPASS and Student card. Wait till you see my awesome picture. Oh by the way, the email is actually don't know why that is. Plus I'm not really sure how much I'll actually use it.
Still thinking of joining some club, or intramural squad don't know which; maybe both. Don't know which one's I'll join yet, but I'll keep ya posted.
On to other stuff. Didn't really get too much done this weekend. I really should have worked on that Report. Don't worry I plan to have it up and posted sometime soon. Hopefully if I get all my reading done, then it will be up by Tuesday at the latest. Still looking for ways to upgrade my blog, maybe its just my computer, but every time I log on nothing ever lines up on it. Bah!
Oh right, today I won my first game of Tetrinet and there was much rejoicing. Well at least by me. Anyway that's pretty much all I wanted to say, gotta get started on some Archeology reading.

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Douche Bag of the Day #5: The Che Guevara T-Shirt

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I love it when a plan comes together.

Well, so I know my way round SFU a bit now. It looks like it has some potential. Aint much in the looks departments, but then again what University is. Got my classes, which was more or less a fluke. Poli Sci and Archeology; only one has a tutorial, I'll let you ponder on which it is. So baring an ill-fated scheme of some, underhanded treachery, things should go smoothly. Knock on wood. I'll be getting my Upass, ID and Texts at some point tomorrow. Oh and I have a email account at sfu now. I think its but im not really sure, so its best not to hold me to that. Anyway just thought I'd post a progress report as it were. Let ya know more about it on the weekend.

Monday, September 06, 2004


Well I just thought I'd let you all know, that I switched up things a bit. Made a new addition to the basement in couch form. And by new, I mean I took an old couch from upstairs and put it down in the basement. So we now have more seating but less room. Or is it more room and less seating, I cant remember.

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Saturday, September 04, 2004


Well I've seem to hit a snag with getting the first fashion report out before September. Its becoming seemingly more difficult to write about. Its also lookin like I'll need to do just a tad more research in the area, before I can rock everyone's world.
Also Im getting sick of seeing how crappy my blog is compared to everyone else I know. It keeps looking worse and worse all the time. So my question is first does anyone have tips on how to make this better. And two how do I go about accomplishing making this better.
that's all I really wanted to know, I'll try and have that report out by this weekend. And by out I mean published on here. Anyways that's all.

Friday, September 03, 2004


My plans of doing nothing but sleeping in were shattered today as my mom came running into my room yelling at me to get up and go to sfu. That's right SFU, apparently I had been accepted ( I am now a university man). Weird. Anyway I had to go to SFU and get my registration number and such which costs 100 bucks. And now I have to wait for it to run through the system before I can register. This also prevented me from getting a Transit Card and a Student Card. Which means now I'll have to go on Tuesday and line up for hours on end.
The Bad: There are very few downfalls with getting into sfu. Though One of them being I am now 200 dollars out because of Douglas. And not only that but I have to go to Douglas to get my money back from them (what's left of it). Second I don't know the campus at all. Which means I'll have too either go on one of those campus tours, or get some friends to show me around. And I have to do late registration.
The Good: I don't have to go to Douglas. Im in SFU. I can now tell people I am in SFU and wont be laughed at by mentioning Douglas. I'll be able to join intermerals like touch rugby and floor hockey. I can take courses that actually mean something and are fun. Lecture halls. Pride.

Well I guess, it still needs to sink in, but I am now officially an SFU student, and will be going there this semester. I still cant really believe it, and Im just waiting for something bad to happen, cause nothing this good ever happens to me.