Friday, October 06, 2006

Go stone hands Go!

I should be sleeping. Instead though im doing the stupid thing of trying to get ahead for my SFU shit for next week. This weekends going to be nuts. Relatives coming in for Thanksgiving. Wedding. Essay's. Work.
Speakin of work, there's a new "law" that's going to be passed or has been passed (I cant remember) about prepaying at night. Im happy. Though still little disappointed that its not longer and that it wasn't mandatory already. Personally I think the whole complaining of prepaying is fucking retarded. The only other business that I can think of that lets you get the goods and services before paying is restaurants. No other stores let you take the product then pay later. That isn't how the capitalist system works! At least to my knowledge which granted is very low. Man, gas stations are frustrating.
Speaking of frustrating Smallville's second episode aired today. And my excitement for this season goes shooting straight down to the gutter. Okay not all the way down, but nearly. Seeing Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow was pretty sweet. Seeing Clark getting "super breathe" also kinda cool. But having an episode revolve around a sneeze? Not so cool.
Other tv shit, Heroes second episode was great, a lot better than I expected. I suggest you all go watch. Go on. Go! Also, managed to catch Lost's premier which was good but not great. Im also pissed that I'll probably be missing BSG 3rd season opener ah well. Anyway Im going to go sleep. Go Canucks Go and all that. Good old stone hands is on pace to score 82 goals this season. If its half that I'll be a happy canuck fan.

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