Saturday, April 29, 2006

Durnken Dunning

Me are to drunk. Me are not sober. Cab fare to expensive. Cab not smell nice. Me need conversation. NO conversation equal no tip. tip hahhahahah. Me no fear tip, tip fear me! all bow down before tip! Why no public urination facility in moving vehicle parking spots. You know me mean. I mean bus stations and sky train. To prevent crack heads from peeing? fuck crack heads me need pee now.
Oooh spin rooming. How many coke me drink? one rum two rum three rum Aslan! stupid name this aslan. Aslan all powerful. Like greek god. You know who greek god? Me greek god. All bow down before dunningism.
Ten commandments of dunningism.
commandment 1. beeer before liquor equals no fun at all
2. you all suck
3. give me money
4. i need money now
5. women now please
6. thou shalt not steal my women
7. if thou touch my rum i smite them
8. buy me shit
9. hooray
10. you smell
Not enough places to pee. Seriously is this to prevent bums to piss in public? cause you can send them to me, i'll set them straight. Ill kick them in the head. Oooh so drunk am i. This be retarded. Me sleep now. You all hell. Huzzah!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well he's gone. I've never really supported Crawford. I'm not surprised he's gone either. Infact I think the only reason he's done well is he's had teams with good players. Lets face it when he won the cup in Colorado, they had the goaltending and a power house team. While in Vancouver, he's had some good players that got us into the playoffs. But maybe that's all he could do.
Okay so maybe not all the blame resides on Crawfords shoulders. I still think we need to address goaltending. Not to mention the Todd situation. But at least its a step in the right direction.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stupidest Hobo.

First. Writing exams with stupid shit stuck in your head is annoying. During my second exam all I could here in my head was Antonio Banderas telling me to
"feel the beat". Either way I think the exams went okay. Even if it didn't I don't really care, cause as they say C's make Degrees. Okay I do care. A little.
Second. What I don't care about these days are the homeless in poco. I know I know. I've bitched about this before, but after tonight my tolerance has hit an all time low. First this guy comes into the store. Says he's moving some shit and cleaning out bottles and tries to get us to watch his stuff. Then he leaves for awhile, while his stuff remains in the store stinking up the place. Then he comes back. Doesn't take it and leaves again for three hours. So we tied his shit together (bag, blanket, shoes, bigger bag) throw it into a garbage bag and lock it up for the night. After talking to the boss if he comes back in he's no longer welcome. If he doesn't come back, we throw out his stuff. All's fair in love and petrocan I guess.
I guess what really pissed me off about it all, is that he came in grabbed coffee, made a huge mess, and short changed me on a sandwich. Then he hung out with his homeless crack addict buddies at our water/air pump cleaning out his bottles and scaring away/pissing off customers trying to use the air hose. Have I mentioned I hate the homeless?
Anyway on to other things. Apparently my 300th post ran by and I didn't even notice. So hooray? Also picked up the Dog. The name decided on was Scrummer. Coming from a rugby family its not surprising. I'll post pictures later. And im sure you've all seen this link but what the hell, who doesn't want more Snakes on a Plane! I know I do.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Semester over. Brain hurt. Eyes feel like on fire. Back to back exams at 8:30 in the morning suck out loud. Don't want to discuss Mimesis and Ecphrastic situations for a very very long time. Update tomorrow when I can function.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So awhile back as you probably all heard Isaac "Chef" Hayes quit Southpark. Upset over an apparent episode regarding his "religion" Scientology. I recently stumbled upon this episode. I still don't see the big deal. Course Im not a Scientologist.
Personally. If I was mister Hayes I'd be more pissed about how they killed off the character in an episode found here. Unfortunately it's divided up into parts. But the hilarity is not lost. That stripclub scene gets me every time.

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Monday, April 17, 2006


Well I thought I'd go and try to blog here again. Mainly cause right now I am bored, bored, bored, bored and bored. I probably should just go read. But I figure I might as well give this a shot again.
Anyway this weekend was alright. I had to make peace with the Canucks not being in the post season. I think I accomplished that. Friday. I cant even remember what I did. I think I did nothing. No wait...yeah it was nothing.
Saturday was Rugby with the old man and Rexin. Where I was to behold one of the greatest goal line stances I've ever seen, and some of the worst refereeing ever. Even got to the point where I was yelling on the side lines.
The rest of Saturday was spent in a haze of beer, rum and UFC. From what I remember Ortiz won in what I thought was a decision based on politics. I mean he's fighting Shamrock, but I still don't think he won that fight. Also there's a new heavyweight champion. Vikram can probably correct me if im wrong.
So yeah The Office (or Hustons) is probably now my new favorite place to go drinking. I dunno what it is about that pub. Well I do but im just not going to say it. You can all draw your own conclusions.
The UFC has now become an addiction for me, I cant stop watching it. I never really thought much of it before now, but I can now see why people are into. It's definitely more compelling then boxing. Not to mention more entertaining to watch then the Canucks.
Finally Sunday was spent working. No real surprise but the shift was slow. But ran into a few people again, so that made it slightly more entertaining. Alright that's enough ranting. Mainly cause im not even sure if people still read this.
Tune in next week for topics such as: Why Rap videos crack me up, the new dog and the year end review in school...and perhaps the long awaited comic corner.

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Friday, April 07, 2006


Well, I suppose I should update this thing. Honestly though, I've had no desire to do so. I think I've officially ran out of stuff to talk about on this blog. Even now as im typing this, I realize I have nothing to say. Have I really become this uninteresting? Maybe this is what university does to a person. Maybe its just the lack of sleep from all the friggen essays. Whatever the case Im just not feelin the blog anymore. Maybe after exams are over, I'll buy a bottle kick back and do some serious blogging. Seems to be all you people want me to do anyway. Am I really that fun of a drunk? I guess I'll never know. Alright. Well, this is going nowhere fast, so I think I'll call it for now.

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