Friday, December 30, 2005

Best of Comics 2005

Here we go again.

Best on Going Series/Event Series


All Star Batman and Robin
So. The number one comic this year, hands down, has to be Frank Miller and Jim Lee's collaboration. Otherwise known as Allstar Batman and Robin. As we all know Frank Miller gave the dark violent tale of Sin City. And Jim Lee was the artist on the hugely successful and important Hush series. So with that in mind DC came up with the brilliant idea of putting the two together.
All Star Batman and Robin, is your typical Frank Miller writing. Good. He's always been known for doing a more edgy and unforgiving Batman, and Frank nails it again. In the first few issues of All Star Batman and Robin, you almost don't like Batman. He's not the nicest of guys, and almost seems like he's not all there in the head. Forcing poor Robin in a "war" he doesn't belong in and emotionally shuttin himself out. Basically the Batman I've always loved. All Star Batman and Robin's art and story are superb. And is sure to be a fan favorite for years to come.


Alex Ross is one of the premier artists in the comic realm. He consistently blows peoples minds. And can take credit for being the first artist, to ever get me to buy any piece of art. That being said, I was unsure of his writing ability when I first got wind that he was doing a series. However, Justice doesn't disappoint. The Story revolves around the JLA, and puts our heroes in great peril. Especially Aquaman. And I know what your thinking. Aquaman sucks. And I'll confess I share in that sentiment. But for this story arch he's been made into a really interesting character. So maybe I was wrong about Aquaman. And about Alex Ross. He can carry a story on his own.

House of M
Here we go again. Brian Michael Bendis, as you have all heard me talk about, is a comic god. He can do no wrong these days. So it's no surprise to see that his run on House of M, make it into the top three. I have to admit, when I was reading it I thought two things: 1. Not another parallel universe story line please. 2. Cheap ploy to bring back Hawkeye. The story revolves around the new avengers and the x-men getting thrown into a parallel universe after Magneto's daughter's powers gets thrown out of control. When this happens all hell breaks loose. The story arch is actually captivating in a way. For fans of Bendis and the series it was nice to see the two stories blend together. The ending was what put it over the top. It was quite a cliff hanger, and im dying to see the fall out. If you haven't all ready read this book, you should do your best to pick up the trade paper back.


Y the last Man
I've been reading some of Brian K. Vaughns stuff for awhile now. I have to admit, his run on Ultimate X-men has been hot and cold with me. Yet his own personal series, Y the last man, is a whole different thing. This is possibly one of the best series out there right now. I'd recommend this graphic novel to anyone wanting to get into comics, but not necessarily a supergroup based story. Y the last man's plot revolves around exactly that, the last man. A mysterious disease strikes the earth and kills off all but one of the men and his monkey. Now the hero of this tale (Yorick) must not only save himself but also the entire human existence. This book blends fantastic comedy and action all in one. Again if you haven't already you should pick this up in the trades.


Powers is of course one of my all time favorite comics. There is so much I could talk about with this particular book, that I don't think I could even do it justice. Brian Michael Bendis unique brand of story telling and humor comes to the forefront of this rejuvenate marvel series. Powers deals in a semi-real world. There are super hero's, but "powers" have been outlawed by the government. The story arch now revolves around two cops and how they deal with power based phenomena and crime that comes along with it. Again like Y the last man, I highly recommend this book. I've continually looked forward to every issue from day one, and hopefully will continue to look forward.

Honorable Mentions: The New Avengers, Ultimates 2, The Other, Superman/Batman

Best mini series/one shots

Countdown to Infinite Crisis-Johns
This one shot by writer Geoff Johns is an awe inspiring 80 pages tale of the DC Universe. Stemming from the fall out of Identity Crisis, this one shot tells or better yet sets the stage for the destruction of the JLA and other aspects of the DC universe. Having this one shot signed by exceptional artist Jim Lee doesn't hurt either. Current value $50 US. Thanks Jim.


Whedon, Whedon, Whedon and more Whedon. Seems I can never escape this man. Serenity the comic book mini series, deals with the serenity crew before the movie, and a little after the series. It basically sets the stage for the plot of the movie. Definitely a good read, and actually helped clear a bit of the plot up.


Ghost Rider-Ennis

I never knew much of Ghost Rider. The Art work grabbed me from the beginning. Yet, it was Ennis story telling that really drove this mini series home. The series revolves around Ghost Rider's escape from hell. I've always been fascinated with the war of heaven and hell told on the grand scale (aka milton) and Ghost Rider is no different. If the movie plot is going to be similar, I may just have to go see that. Interesting characters, settings makes for one enjoyable read.


villains United-Simone
This is another story line, that is a buildup to the Infinite Crisis series. I was first introduced to Simone's writing through a bizarre but great series called Agent X. Simone has a unique style of writing. You never know what you're really going to get but what ever it is, is usually good. Villains United is no exception. Not to give to much away but the plot is of the formation of a super villains society. All the top ones in the DC universe band together to bring forth destruction. Only not everyone is too happy about. Infact I may have been the only one.


Angel mini series Spike one shot-Jeff Mariotte/Peter David(tie)
Okay. So with Angel gone and Buffy long dead, you'd think my interest in the Buffyverse as they say would be weighing. Not so. Infact once I heard there was going to be a resurgence in Angel I rushed to my store to put down an order. I really wanted to find out what had happened from the end of the series. Who lived, who died. I was sorely disappointed on that front. Yet the story line for Angel was interesting none the less, and seems will be a continuation in 2006. As for Spike, well I simply couldn't let my favorite vampire go unnoticed in 2005. This one shot was worth every penny, and it was a lot of pennies. But no matter, I was pleased with the outcome and glad to see that he had a comic all his own.

Honorable Mentions- Seven soldiers, 30 Days of Night Blood Sucker Tales, Green Lantern Rebirth, X-Men the end, Lex Luthor Man of steel, Phoniex Endsong.

Best Writer

1. Brian Michael Bendis-Ultimate Spiderman, Pulse, Powers, Daredevil etc.
This is no shock to anyone who reads this site. Bendis is still number one in my mind. I don't think I've enjoyed a writers work more then I've enjoyed powers. His humor, though at times crude never ceases to lighten my mood. Plus overall, he's a really nice guy.

2. Paul Jenkins-Spiderman, Sentry, Generation M etc.
Didnt really know much about Jenkins work till this year. But he's quickly shot up the ranks. Apparently in 2006 he'll be taking up the helm on Pulse. I am looking forward to it. I've enjoyed his Spiderman immensely as well as Generation M. Now that he's signed exclusively with Marvel, hopefully he'll soon get on board a team title, perhaps Ultimate X-men?

3. Geoff Johns-Green Lantern, Infinite Crisis etc.
Johns is just another class act in comics. He's been a big time player in DC for awhile now. I've really enjoyed getting back into Green Lantern because of him. Johns is a great character writer, who will apparently be taking over Superman in 2006. Which of course, I'll have to read. As of right now though, Infinite Crisis is one of the best story lines in the DC universe right now.

4. Frank Miller-Sin City, All Star Batman and Robin etc.

Okay so having Jim Lee doing your art work doesn't hurt. Although Miller aint a bad artist himself I'm told. This year though with Sin City out in theatres and coming back into graphic novel form, I've really come to enjoy Frank's work a lot. He has a dark and twisted view that anyone can appreciate. Not to mention he's not a bad story teller. That never hurts in this category.

5. Garth Ennis-Ghost Rider, Punisher, Preacher etc.
Much like Miller, Ennis brand of story telling is not for the faint of heart. That may sound funny to some, but when you see someone's eye getting shot out or spleen ripped in half, two thoughts come to mind 1) woa cool 2) oh god that's gross. Ennis style of writing has grown on me. It takes some getting used to at times, but all in all is an enjoyable read.

Honorable Mentions: Loeb, Nicieza, Morrison, Whedon

Best Artist

1. Jim Lee
Having finally met Jim in 2005, has only strengthened my opinion that he is the best artist hands down. They're a couple who are in his class. Yet when it comes to Characters such as Superman and Batman. There is none better than Jim. I've grown to really appreciate his work. Besides anyone who can do a black and white sketch of Wolverine and Batman and sell it for $2000 bucks at an auction on the same day has to be some what decent right? Right.

2. Alex Ross
Alex Ross has the dubious distinction of being the first art I've ever bought. When I was down in SD last year, I bought his Signed JLA painting. Its now framed and hanging in my Room. His work has always impressed me. And now with his run on Justice I continue to be impressed. I said that no one can draw quite like Jim Lee. Well no one can paint the JLA quite like Alex Ross.

3. Michael Turner
After his busy year in 2004, 2005 must have seemed like a breeze. Turner is one of the best Cover artists in comics today. His current work on his own company of Aspen continues to impress. Not to mention the art he did for countless DC covers. Its almost a shame that he'll be joining Marvel in 2006. Almost but not quite. I look forward to some outstanding wolverine covers from Turner next year, hopefully.

4. Ethan Van Scriver
His work is fairly new to me, yet just as impressive. His work on Green Lanterns Rebirth and the current run of Lantern is outstanding. His work continues to impress me even now. Plus it doesn't hurt when Wizard magazine dotes you artist of the year. Though I may have to argue the point with them, they do make an excellent case, and Van Scriver continues to make excellent art.

5. Clayton Crain
Okay. So you may remember Crain from last years list. His run on the venom & carnage series created a lot of buzz. I remember hearing people say that Del otto and Crain were among the best new artists in marvel. I tend to agree. Its really fantastic and outstanding stuff. Hopefully Crain will continue to keep up the good work. Really enjoyed his Ghost Rider this year.

Honorable Mentions: Ian Churchill, Gabrielle Del Otto, Bryan Hitch, Ed Mcguinness, Greg Land

Best Villains- Magneto 2. Deathstroke 3. Lex Luthor 4. Scarlet Witch 5. Dark Phoenix
Best Heros- Superman 2. Batman 3. Spiderman 4. Wolverine 5. Daredevil
Best Groups-JLA 2. New Avengers 3. X-Men 4. Fantastic Four 5. Ultimates

Thats it. We done. Bring on 2006.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Why must people be so lame? Why must I constantly be surrounded by assholes everytime I go somewhere? We went to the game tonight. By we I mean my dad and myself. The game was all well and good. Fun even. But this asshole who got totally hammered ruined some of it for me. It got to the point where even I yelled at him to sit the fuck down. He fingered me and said something incoherent. How does one even get that plastered at a canucks game? Really its like $7.50 a beer. Yet this guy couldn't even stand at the end of the game, well he could but not very well. Its good to see that my dads finally mellowed a bit. I think if this were five years ago, that guy would have had a broken nose and been laying on the cold concrete of gm place. Really though I felt bad for the little kid sitting directly behind him. The guy was too much of a prick to even take her feelings into consideration. I mean just because you paid for the ticket doesn't give you the right to act like an asshole. They really should limit the beer for people. Or people should really learn to drink more responsibly at least in public. Man. This post is sounding a lot more preachy then I had originally intended. I better wrap this up and go do some reading or writing. Anyway I'll post reviews tomorrow.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Island. Ouch

This will be a short post/review as im typing with 1 hand. Watched the island and as much as it pains me to say it, it didn't suck that much. Not great, not horrible. One thumb, out of a possible one and a half thumbs. Seems the consensus is three stars. What did suck was getting a car door slammed on my hand. Total accident or karma? My votes with total accident, anyway that's all I wanted to say.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I felt obligated to update. I don't know why. I have nothing substantial to contribute to this post. I know I said I would put the reviews up, but that was just wishful thinking. Tomorrow. I promise. No really, I'll do it. No really I will. You just watch.
On a side note, I now have a title. I have an idea for something I want to write. I will start writing soon. I promise. No really, I'll do it. No really I will. You just watch.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Festivus

Well. Merry Christmas to all. I have to say though, working christmas eve and new years eve really sucks. Really really sucks. It is it's own personal lump of coal. Anyway hope ya'll have a good one. Reviews to be up monday.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Best of Music 2005

Lets Get right to it shall we?

Best 15 Albums of 2005

Wolf Parade-Apologies to the Queen Mary
If you follow indie rock music at all, you’ll have most likely heard of Wolf Parade by now. Wolf Parade creates hands down, the best indie rock album of 2005. This is how indie rock music is supposed to be made. Perhaps though, that was due to the guidance of indie rock god Issac Brock (from Modest Mouse fame). Brock produced the album, and from the buzz surrounding the bands first release, did more then an adequate job. It’s simply amazing. There are very few albums out there that I can listen to straight through, over and over again, and not get sick of it. This CD is one of them. From start to finish I don’t think there is a track on here that I don’t like.
Wolf Parade has a very distinct sound, in a medium that seems at time repetitive, yes even indie can become stagnant. Wolf Parade however breaks free from this dilemma and gives us a unique flavor to indie rock music. On certain occasions, a somewhat bluesy rock sound, could be found emanating from my speakers on a sometimes-hourly basis. With tracks like Shine a light and I’ll believe in anything, well let’s just say, I can’t see that stopping anytime soon.
Best Tracks: 1. Shine a Light 2. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts 3. I'll believe in anything

Immaculate Machine-Ones and Zeros.
Good luck trying to find this album. Good luck trying to find someone other than Graham and myself who actually know of this bands existence. Good luck in trying not to enjoy this album. If you're one of the fortunate few who has this album, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is indeed solid. This Victoria B.C. band known as the Immaculate Machine put out perhaps one of my favorite CD’s this year. In fact I don’t think I have listened to a CD more this year than this one. Whenever I was in a music loll (or stressed for exams) I could throw this CD on and everything would be all right again. The one thing this CD fails to capture however is the intense drumming. If you have seen this band live, you’ll know that Luke Kozlowski is one of the best young drummers out there. Well worth the price of admission. That said, this band manages to create simple melodic pop songs that blend well together, and create a stellar indie pop album. I urge you to go out and find this CD if you can.
Best Tracks: 1. So cynical 2. Invention 77 3. No Way Out

Spoon-Gimme Fiction.
Spoon's Gimme Fiction was safely sitting at number one. In fact, I didn’t think it was possible; that they could be knocked out of that position, let a alone all the way to number three. Gimme Fiction is a solid album. Far surpassing Spoon first attempt. From start to finish, this album has outstanding track after outstanding track. Perhaps, even lending us a track of the year, in I turn my camera on. An almost Bee Gee esq. pop rock homage, that will have you nodding your head in tune for years too come. It's safe to say that this album will appear on many best of 2005 lists, and I am not quite sure that anything can surpass its perfection.
Best Tracks: 1. I turn my camera on 2. Sister Jack 3. I summon you

Sufjan Stevens-Illinois.
Okay, so I don’t know much about Sufjan Stevens(other then the fact this is good). I had nothing, no prior experience to base this album on. I had heard a few things here and there. People kept mentioning him to me, finally I just had to give in and see what the hype was about. Illinois is consistantly a great album from start to finish. It’s really hard to describe, just exactly what kind of music it is. All I can say is, it's really good and you should listen to it.
Best Tracks: 1. The Man of Metropolis Steals our Hearts 2. Chicago 3. Come on! Feel the Illinois!

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.
If you're looking for a happy medium between early Radiohead and Blur, then Clap Your Hands Say Yeah would be your cup of tea. It's certainly my cup. This music can only be described two ways. Weird and wonderful shit. And indie rock. The latter is probably more commonly used. This album though, has really grown with me over the last couple of months since it's recommendation. I wasn't sure what I was expecting and yet I was plesantly surprised. If you're looking for weird and wonderful shit, then please check out Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. The album will definatly have you clapping your hands and saying yeah!
Best Tracks: 1. The skin of my yellow country teeth 2. Is this love 3. Upon a tidal wave of young blood

Death Cab For Cutie-Plans.
Okay so I am as surprised as you that I actually like this band. Death Cab For Cutie is infectious emo indie rock. There's no other way to describe it. Plans is there follow up to their biggest selling album to date. Transatlanticism. Both are solid albums, for an emo band. This band seems to be consistently getting better as time wears on. A good sign for all Death Cab For Cutie fans, And with more exposure from shows like the OC. It looks as if Death Cab For Cutie will be around for a while. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Best Tracks: 1. Soul Meets Body 2. I will follow you into the dark 3. What Sarah Said

The New Pornographers-Twin Cinemas.
The New Pornographers first came to my attention with their smash hit Mass Romantic. Since then my admiration has for this Vancouver based super group has grown ten fold. I have now seen them live twice and each time they keep getting better and better. Finally getting to see Dan Bejar with them defiantly gave the New Pornographers a new element. Twin Cinema is easily one of the best New Pornographer albums to date. With strong melodic pop songs, too epic rock ballads, Twin Cinema is sure to be a hit with everyone. Especially New Pornographer fans.
Best Tracks: 1. The Bleeding Heart Show 2. Sing me spanish Techno 3. Streets of fire

Broken Social Scene-Broken Social Scene.
The self titled album from the Canadian "super group" is a rousing success. I was never much into Broken Social Scene till now. I know all the hipster kids reading this blog are now screaming profanities at me. But I just never got into Broken Social Scene. Yet, this self titled cd, is a solid follow up to You Forgot it in People. Great tracks, great songs and an all around enjoyable listen. If I may be so bold, it sort of reminded me of Kid A. Or at the very least, it sounds like their attempt to do Kid A. Hipsters of the world rejoice.
Best Tracks:1. 7/4 Shoreline 2.Swimmers 3. Its all going to break

Decemberists Picaresque is the third attempt by this Portland based band. Its yet another stellar triumph for them. In fact it could be the best out of the three so far. Decemberists are a band that’s hard to categorize, it's not quite rock, it's not quite folk; it is however 100% bizarre and entertaining. I never thought it would be possible for me to like a band that basically sings sea shanty's but well here we are. Decemberists have risen up to one of my favorite bands of all time. Consistently great albums with Picqresque being no exception.
Best Tracks: 1. The Mariners Revenge 2. We Both go down together 3. The sporting life

Coldplay has been one of my favorite bands for a while now. Coming off their hugely successful album A Rush of Blood to the head, much was to be expected. But with expectations comes room for disappointment. I am not sure what I was expecting from this album. It's not as good as A Rush of blood to the head, but it's not terrible. Hell if it's good enough for Jon Stewart its good enough for me. Hopefully they're next one will out shine them all.
Best Tracks: 1. Till Kingdom Come 2. Fix you 3. Speed of sound

Franz Ferdinand-You could have it so much better.
Again a follow up to a smash hit. Franz Ferdinand's You Could Have It So Much Better, is proof that the sophomore curse is a myth. I really do enjoy this album. And I think this band is just hitting it's stride. Some fans might not agree with me, as there isn’t as much up tempo songs as the last album. Yet Franz Ferdinand has shown great range and prove they don’t have to be locked down into one particular sound. If you liked their last album, this one will be no different. Franz Ferdinand can still make great indie pop.
Best Tracks: 1. Do You Want To 2. Eleanor put your boots back on 3. Im Your Villian

Antony and the Johnsons-I am a bird now.
This was one of those albums brought to my attention by pitchfork. It was on their year end review. I have to agree and I would definatly put it on there too. Antony and the Johnsons make wonderful melodic and bluesy music. When I first heard this album, I thought it sounded a lot like a mix between Rufus Wainwright, Hawksley Workman and Bright Eyes. All good artits in themselves. It would appear however that I was right on the Rufus Wainwright as he lends his vocals to this fantasitc album. As do a few notable others like Lou Reed and Boy George. That's right you heard me. Boy George. Boy Howdy this is great stuff.
Best Tracks: 1. For today I am a boy 2. Man is baby 3. Fistful of love

Sleater-Kinney-The Woods.
This band was recommend to me by a friend. And I have to say this all girl band rocks hard. Probably even too hard for me. It's starting to grow on me though, the album that is. It should be noted though, that I have a soft spot for all girl indie rock bands. I don't know why, I just do. Their sound is akin to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's if you remember them. They have powerful vocals and just hard rocking songs all round. So if your looking for good indie rock music. This would be it.
Best Tracks: 1. Wilderness 2. Modern Girl 3. Lets call it love

Bright Eyes-Im Wide awake its morning
Is folk music dead? Has it gone the way of the Dodo? I used to think so. I love Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, but I couldn't even think of any folk singers from this generation. Then I came across this little CD. This CD won't be for everyone. It's not that easy to get into folk rock. Yet, with Bright Eyes unique brand of story telling, one may be able to bridge that gap in their CD collection. Just enough of that indie vibe to keep the indie kids happy. A distinct sound and memorable songs make for a strong case, as one of the best CD's of 2005, possibly the best folk rock CD of 2005 in any case.
Best Tracks: 1. At the bottom of everything 2. Another Travellin' Song 3. Road to Joy

Deerhoof-The Running Four.
Absolutly fantastic album. This is similar to Clap Your hands say yeah. Weird and wonderful seems to be a running theme in 2005. This band kinda reminds me of Bjork if she rocked a bit harder. Deerhoof seems to get a lot of praise from fans and critics a like. Even pitchfork gave this album a 9.0, which by there standards is pretty high. This indie rock band has made a rocking success of an album. I recommend if, again, your looking for weird and wonderful shit to go find this album.
Best Tracks: 1. Odyssey 2. Wrong time 3. Spy on You

Best Tracks of 2005
1. Imogen Heap-Hide and Seek (weird but great song)
2. Spoon-I turn my camera on (struttin track)
3. The Futureheads-hounds of love (uh oh oh uh oh oh)
4. Kelly Clarkson-Since you been gone (shutup!)
5. Foo Fighters-Best of you (im just glad to see they're still fighting the foo)
6. Kanye West-Gold Digger (even though its got Foxx its still good)
7. Rilo Kyle-Portions of Foxes (great track)
8. Franz Ferdinand-do you want to (well i woke up tonight i said iiiiii...Nuff Said)
9. Stars-Ageless beauty (classic indie song)
10. Coldplay-Fix You (this will probably be the new clocks)

Worst Tracks of 2005
1. Black Eye Peas-My Humps (my hump my hump my hump SHUTUP!)
2. Nickleback-Photograph (shh everyone! Nicklebacks trying to be deep)
3. Gwen Stefani-hollaback girl(this is shit, this is shit)
4. Ashlee Simpson-LOVE (AAAARRRGGGHHH!)
5. Mariah Carey-Shake it off (mariah cant seem to shake off the suck)
6. Weezer-We are all on drugs (To quote Pitchfork Ovbiously!)
7. White Stripes-Door Bell (Try writing an exam with this stuck in your head)
8. Pussy Cat Dolls-Dont Cha (no not really)
9. Eminem-Fack (atrocious, everyone should hear this once)
10. Greenday-American Idiot(unlike everyone else, i still think this is crap.sorry)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hand Model

So. Went to lougheed today to do some x-mas shopping. Didn't buy nothing. Going to tomorrow. Also ran into a R'sider at Lougheed so that was kinda cool.
Today I learned that going to the mall during this time of year, can become a great sociological experiment. It's true. There are a lot of strange people who don't seem to have grasped the holiday spirit. A few looked like they were about to crack under the last minute pressure. Then, there are just the bizarre people.
Take for instance my encounter with this one woman. I was minding my own business walking through the bay, when I passed this display of gloves some woman was looking at. Just as I pass this said display, she yells excuse me, I turn around and she then proceeds to ask me to try these gloves on.
I would have loved to seen my expression on my face when she announced to me that she was having a tough time trying to figure out if these gloves would be good for a thirteen year old boy. I wanted to really explain to the woman that a)I was 24 or close to it and B)I WAS FREAKING 24.
I cant decide what was worse. Trying to hold in the laughter as I slipped into some gortex gloves that were a little tight. Or B) dying a little inside as I slipped into some gortex gloves. Either way it was a comically strange day.
On a side note to this whole bizarre story, that sounded a lot funnier ten minutes ago when I decided to share it. I've come to terms with the fact that I look 12, I still don't need to be reminded of it.
On a totally unrelated note, my best of music will or should be up sometime tomorrow or Friday night. So look forward to that.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Where's my muse?

I have joined the ranks of internet writing. I found this site on someone's blog. Maybe now I'll actually have motivation to write something. Infact I think I am going to try before the school semester begins to write something. Shouldn't be too hard. Also I am now accepting applications for the position of my editor. I cant give you much in the terms of money. But you can have all the free coke you can drink. I've also taken under consideration joining the SFU writing club. Apparently we have one.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

I was bored so i made you a Mixtape #3

I was going to post at least one of my year end reviews but what can i say, Im lazy. Anyway they should be up within the next couple of weeks, so look forward to: Comics, Movies, and Music lists for all five of you to read. Also I found out this week im working New Years! GRRRR! Stupid fucking work. Anyways. I get off at 11. But that still doesnt leave much for drinkin. Its kinda ironic that I'm pissed about not getting pissed. Maybe I'll just go home. Anyway here's the Mixtape.

1)Wolf Parade-You are a runner and I am my fathers son
2)Stars-Ageless Beauty
3)Broken Social Scene-Ibi Dreams of pavement (a better day)
4)Radiohead-National Anthem
5)The Wrens-This boy is exhausted
6)Weezer-Perfect Situation
7)Death Cab For Cutie-Why You'd Want to Live Here
9)Stevie Nicks-Edge of Seventeen
10)Led Zeppelin-Immigrant Song
11)Rolling Stones-Sympathy for the devil
12)Nirvana-All Apologies
13)Anthony Stewart Head-We Can Work it Out
14)Tom Waits-I hope I dont fall in love with you
15)The Late Great Daniel Johnston-True love will find you in the end

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Monkey Love: A review of Kong.

Alright. Well as you probably can tell, I went to see King Kong tonight. I'll say this. It was really really good. Peter Jackson makes stunning visual movies. Naomi Watts was great in it, and Jack Black can actually act. Who knew? The downside of the movie is that its a little long. It was necessary I think though, I've heard some people say you could have cut some of that stuff out, but you could say the same for any movie. Peter Jackson knows how to tell a good story, knows how to develop his characters and get what he needs out of his actors. Therefore I'll give him the benefit of the doubt if its a little long. Frankly. This movie was worth the admission. And I'll be surprised if its not at least nominated for something come Oscar time. Don't quote me on that though.
Also. If you think your going in there to see Kong smash shit up for three hours. We'll you'll be sorely disappointed. Kong smashes things yes. But this isn't a nonstop action thriller. Its just an overall good movie with stunning cinematic visuals.
NOW. On to something where, I hope I can keep my composure. It falls under the category of "why must people be so lame". Perhaps this is just me, perhaps this is just how I roll. But when I go to a movie, I go to see the movie. I want to get lost in the story, I want to be entertained.....and this is important.....BY THE MOVIE. Now, making the odd comments in a theatre is alright in my books, I wont knock anyone for doing, hell I've done it. What I have not done though, is give a FUCKING PLAY BY PLAY through an entire movie. You know, it wasn't even about the play by play. I mean I didn't want that, I could have waited for the fuckin dvd to hear director commentary, but what really got to me and everyone in the general vicinity was the comments about the most blatant obvious shit. "Oh look a bat" we know its A GOD DAMN FUCKING BAT. There are fuckin bats everywhere. He's in a cave filled with BATS are you dense? It appears as if they were though. As this continued through the entire three hours of the movie. Infact I should have picked up on there lameness when they said during the previews that vince vaughn is a god. Funny yes, god no. We seemed to be surrounded by the lame tonight, as it was coming not only from behind but also from the side. The side however wasn't as annoying. That laugh is forever burned into my brain. I just don't get it. I seriously don't. THREE HOURS THREE. Even when one of us finally said something it didn't stop. I've seen teenagers more mature and considerate than this and they were stoned!AAAARRRGGGGGHHH!!
If Peter Jackson hadn't made such a stunning movie, with an excellent cast. I might have had the mind to say fuck it and walk out. And I have never walked out on a movie yet. But I tell you my friends I came close. Ask Divman, Rexin and Graham, they'll all tell you the same thing. So I still have to wonder "WHY MUST PEOPLE BE SO LAME???"

Oh and ps. If you're wondering. I give this movie a 9. And most assuredly one and a half thumbs up.

Oh and for Graham Divman and Rexin "KongKongKongKongKong"

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Smell that friends? That....that smells like victory. Yes indeed I bring you to my 200th post with great pride, and great vengance. Though once I be but a destatout student I now thrive of money and power. What me say? Quick Analazy a Milton quote worth 10% of the final exam. " THe mind is of its own place, can make a heaven of a hell and hell of a heaven" you have 15 mins okay go.
As promised, I will be now doing an idiots guide to durnken dunning the likes of which none have ever come before. Here I err though as many amoung me are not so idiotic. Maybe this is just a how to guide then, perhaps, perhaps though it is the holy bible of drunkeness.
Step 1: Hence forth, procure some Liqour. It can be highballs, yet if you are lowballing it due to lack of funds or lack of faith, then must drink more.
Step 2: while slitghly buzzed, visit the lavatory many times, one must keep drinking and therefore keep cleaning out the system. Once we reach a state of perpetual happiness, it is only then that one can blog.
Step 3: logging in. Logging in can be a problem, if one is too drunk to remember passwords or log in names, he should pass out on his couch. However if he is of absent mind one should write it on a sticky and put above said monitor. Thus creating oppertunity for said drunken blogging to occur.
Step 4: Finding things to talk about. A general opening statement to get the ball rolling here, would be something along the lines of okay okay okay. Three okays are of regualtion size. Four is pushing the limits, six and you've expended you're amount to do a coherent blog.
Step 5: Topics. Though it be appropriate to discuss whatever pops into your head. It is uncool, to discuss certain issues. Discrimiination is not therefore a blogging topics. One can not simply group a people into one topic and procede to bash them. Bashing is only acceptable amoung friends. Like for example. Fat Santa you suck, is appropriate. A) because it is a in joke. b) because they may truly suck. c) you're just joking D) you like doing lists E) damn you pollock
Step 6: a kalidescope of colorfull topics may come into play. Besides bashing friends this may be a previlant point to go and get things off your chest. Pop culture is an excellent resource for venting. Discussing TV and movies, is a good way to get the ball rolling in the comments section
Step 7: add humor. Its import while blogging to maintain an appreciation for the reader. Though gramatically you may not make sence its important to accept the fact that certain things are expected. In certain cases poetry, or celeberity poems as the case may warrant, would be an import undertaking, to maintain a steady bloggership.
Step 8: complements. Throwing in the odd complements to your fellow regulars, go a long way in establishing your own awesomenees....saying things like Pollock is a truly awesome person. Or Bang has an incredibley large capacity of knowledge, goes well with not only the blog but establishes that you care for your readers well being and makes them feel part of the process.
Step 9: Comment on popular culture. Bitching about everyday life is good, but show that you're hip to their jive. Comment on favorite tv shows like (the oc) or (lost) as the case may warrant. Bring in other mediums, like comics and movies and music to establish that you have a life, all be it a lame one, outside of blogs.
Step 10: Giving in to the hype. You may at times feel like you're becoming a one hit wonder. Perhaps all you're blog is, is nothing more then a misguided durnken ramblings of a mad man. However if this be the case. Accept it. If you can blog about the most pointless and nonesincal crap out there, then more power to you. If people will come back to read it, time and time again, no matter how repeative it gets, you truly have become the drunken master. And i tip my hat, and pass the tourch to you good sir.
So there you have it, tens steps in how to become a durnken dunning. Now, on to other things. A prevalant topic tonight seemed to be a quote which has become associated with me. "why must people be so lame?" As Pollock would say, this is relevant to so many different situations.
There are a lot of lame people out there, I myself am not one of them. I try and help these unfortunate cases, to better themselves. Through my guidence they will form a superteam, the likes of which will one day rule the world, but unless they learn to band together they will continue to be lame.
An example of lame people. Much Music Viewers. These people are lame. People who think that ashlee simpsons new single LOVE is hot shit are lame. Another example of true lameness is those overly hyper people who love everything and everyone. You know the type, they say like a lot. And bounce around. They have no shame.
Shame is underrated. The human race could do with more shame. Shame my friends, does not equal lame. What else is lame? So many things spring to mind that it is hard to narrow it all down into one finite category. Yes I used the word finite bitches. Whether it is spelled correctly is beyond the point of reason.
What were we talking about? Ah yes, lameness. Why must people be so lame? I dont know if i can fully answer this quesiton. I certainly cant to it justice. Some of you may even think i am lame. and to that i say you may be right. Or you may not be and can suck a lemon egg.
What is lameness? brining a banana into a bar? Probably. Who brings food into an establishment that sells a)food and b)drinks god damnt pollock. Look what you made me do. more lists. Oh and happy bday dave. Ya bastard. For your present I will find you and buy you scarlet johanson. As the million dollar man said. everybodys got a price.
What are some more examples of lameness. Fuck if i know. I cant keep talking about lameness as its puttin a downer on todays festivities. This post at this point seems really long and unending to me. This is perhaps a nother problem to durnken dunning. The ending. For what is truly the end? No one knows. no one can define the end, until they themeselves have come to it. The end is however ineveitable. And for a sidebar of the durnken dunning post, i think you can find the perfect ending in a few ways:
1. You can make some poetry. Poetry is a key factor to every durnken dunning. something as simple as: clock clock clock. Keep me time. Clock Clock Clock. Best friend of mine. Can have people rolling in the ilse.
2. You can end it with a lot of profanity. a long ffffffffuuuuccccckk yyyyyouuuuuu. or dissing things like say essays or certain bands that you hate, can go far into ending a durnken dunning.
3. you can ending by dissing endings themeselves. You can say that all endings are stupid and arbitrary. arbitrainess is a form of lameness by the way. either way its a decent end to a blog
4. you can do a dance. Perhaps people wont see your dance, but if they are true durnken dunning fans, they'll take it at face value that you did a dance, and the dance was awesome.
5. You can end it in frustraition. Perhaps you are just fed up with typing. Perhaps you are fed up with constantly having to be drunk to produce anything of quality. perhaps your just tired and its been enough already and you want to get some sleep. if this be the case you can certainly end abrubtly. Make sure however you include things you are currently into that nobody but yourself cares about.

Well faithful readers. I hope that was enlightening. Me and my 5 rum and cokes are going to bid you adue for the day. This was my 200th post for this blog. What quality it was, is up for you to decide. Stay tuned for year end reviews and some serious sober dunning action. Take Care. Goodnight.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wanted....and 199

So this is my 199 Post. Meaning my next post better be big. As it will be my 200th post. Hooray. Also I was wondering if anyone out there had a copy of an emulator that would run Arcade games. There's a few arcade games that I've been really wanting to play for the last little while they are as follows: WWF Wrestlefest (perhaps the best wrestling game of all time). Golden Axe. MoonWalker. The Simpsons. X-men children of the atom. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Wrestle War. Hit the Ice. Wrestlemania (talkin the old school one with Andre). And finally Mad Dog Mcgree or whatever it was called. If anyone can get me working copies of these games, they will win a brand new shiney coke. And $5 of my paycheck. Oh and I left out Sam and Max Hit the Road and Fullthrottle thats about it I think. There were probably more but whatever. Really though its all about Wrestlefest, I remember when ever I went to the island, I would spend countless hours and quarters on that game.

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Also I will now be taking suggestions of what to for my 200th post.

Waisting time

Thanks to this Slogan Generator I've managed to waste more time than I probably should have. Anyway here are some of the better Dunning Associated slogans:

Tonight, Let It Be Dunning.
It's Just For Me And My Dunning
I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Dunning
A Finger of Dunning is Just Enough to Give Your Kids a Treat.
Reach Out and Touch Dunning
A Dunning Is Forever
There's First Love, and There's Dunning Love
Dunning Tested, Mother Approved
The Dunning Goes Straight to your Head
Don't Get Mad, Get Dunning
Ribbed For Her Dunning
Pure Dunning
Unzip a Dunning
Hope It's Dunning, It's Dunning, We Hope It's Dunning
Gotta Lotta Dunning
We're with the Dunning
This Is The Age Of The Dunning

Okay Im going to stop now and actually get to work.

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My cellphones fucked again. Looks like it may be time for me to take it out behind the barn and pull the trigger. In anycase you wont be able to reach me on it. Well back to the studying.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

X-men 3

You know, I had my doubts. I was actually kinda worried. Yet, the more I see of this trailer, the more impressed I am. The new mutants all look pretty cool. Though im not entirely sold on Juggernaut's look. But Beast and Angel look impressive. Oh, and I cant forget to mention Kitty Pride. ah Kitty Pride. Anyway, since seeing this trailer, I've gone from thinking the movie was a lost cause, to now thinking it might not entirely suck. I could go on and say more about this. However, don't take my word for it, go see the trailer. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thank You....You made my night.

Some thank you's to get out there. First a big thank you to my fellow co-worker for bitching out the evenin shift employee. We complained about him showing up late for too long. Im glad one of us finally said something. A second big thank you goes out to the people who walked into the doors. Thanks for providing some entertainment for the evening. A third thank you goes out to that guy who called us fags for not giving him the washroom key so he could most likely smoke up. Thank you for making me realize im actually cooler than some people. Finally, a big thank you goes out to that gas attendant who phoned the fox. Thank you for bitching out the general public for not knowing how to prepay, and thank you for telling the general public that they're dicks. Viva Le Resistance my good friend.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

drinkin Dunning

So I had a couple of drinks. Everyone wants me to blog. I dont have the energy but here I shall attempt. Today was the last day of school. Then finals, then probably my review of school term will be up. Im writing short hand so, so if i dont make sense thats okay. Today we watched american grafiti. And I have to say Harrison Ford is awesome in everything.
What else? I dunno this school year is alright. Kinda glad its over though. Now i can concentrate on more important things, like saving the rain forest, and pandas. the world needs more of those fuzzy creatures. and more harrison ford.
Apparently vikram was going to get me booze for xmas. Whats with you people? I cant be fucking drunk all the time, as great as that would be I dont want to end up like Bon Scott. Some of you know who i speak. He was the ac/dc singer that died in his own vomit. Do you want that on your consiouns? I cant spell and im a fuckin english major.
My love of classical literature though is slightly weighing. I mean dont get me wrong, I love shakespeare, and I had an appreciation for milton, and probably will after the fact, but when writing on classical literature, one tends to get really pissed off at it. Or at least i do. I mean I hate Chaucer, and yet in almost every english class so far, i've had to deal with that snote nosed punk.
Man I seriously have nothing to say anymore. Honestly I dont, I wish i did. I wish I cared more to talk about meaningless shit, but I dont. I mean theres so much meaningless shit in the world.
Talking to vikram at this moment, which is why this blog isnt going very well. He say I need a 12 step program. I say I only need one, and its to the liquor cabinet. No i do not have a liqour cabinet. I have a closet where i through all my boose in though...or is it a wardrobe? Whose to say
Well I guess I could ask C.S. Lewis, but he's dead. Vikram keeps saying words to me. Stop it Vikram your freaking me out. I guess I should stop calling you vikram. Dont want people to know your real name on the net. So now I will be calling you Fat Santa.
So I have this friend. His name is Fat Santa. He is my Lex Luthor. Really though he's alright. Fat Santa gets frurstrated with me sometimes. Too often in fact. Its kinda creeping me out. I dont know why he puts such high stolk in me. Maybe Im the last son of krypton! Cause that would be bitchin! well actually it wouldnt but it still be pretty cool.
So is this post as nonsensical as i think it is? I better stop while im ahead, or behind. Or maybe Im tied. Though ties are for pussies and the wnba. I know that makes no sense. It doesnt even make sense to me. But ya gotta belive as the say. I guess. Okay really im going to stop Santa.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

This is your brain....this is your brain on Milton.

So, I checked my answering machine today, and some guy from the B.C. Lions called me and wants me to phone him back. I find this really odd, seeing as how I don't know anyone from the B.C. Lions nor have any real vested interest in the CFL. Infact I've only been to one game this year. So why they would be calling me is beyond my comprehension. Maybe he's phoning to complement me for being the best dressed man at that game besides the ushers. Its about damn time that suit got its due.
Also, the hours of studying I've put in this week has fried my brain. Don't believe me? I noticed, from my readings that at the two most important times in human evolution an apple or fruit was involved. First to bring out the fall of man from paradise ala Adam and eve, and second to bring us into the age of enlightenment ala Sir Isaac Newton. Is anyone else weirded out by this coincidence? Or is it just my fried brain? Anyway Im off to do more studyin.

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