Wednesday, August 15, 2007

According to online quizzes it could happen.

Which Entourage Character Are You?

You are Vince. Your well-to-do nature and optimistic outlook on life provide you with great Karma and make it almost impossible for anyone to resist your charm. You are a person that loves living life in the moment, inciting most people to view you as naive and impulsive. However, your faith in life and good-nature allows you to overcome any hurdle, making you the brightest Star in the group.
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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Man. Facebook really is like crack. It made me practically forget about this little piece of junk i got here. So I might as well update people on well......nothing i guess. Yup got nothing to blog about.
I guess the basic updates, new job. Good so far. Thats about it. Oh went to comic con had a tone of fun there. Spent way to much damn money. Oh well. tis the price i pay for the things i love. I guess I'll post a review of something by the end of the week.
I suppose I could post comic con pics on here too, but see thats what facebook is there for. But I'll give you all this little nugget.
And post a review in a week. Other than that, its been all golden. Later days.

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