Friday, January 04, 2008

Holy crap a years gone by.

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO! What happened. Wasnt it just July!? Wasn't i just in san deigo free and blissful and surrounded by geekdom. What happened? No really.
I've tried to be reflective on this past year. But thinking sometimes isn't always a good thing. I wouldn't say 07 was necessarly bad. Infact looking back there was a lot of good that came from it.
Like for one Ive managed to make some deeper connections with people. Something from previous years gone by i didn't think i had in me. I also learned I could be happy with myself and have fun just going out and exploring the city solo. Apparently B.C. is not all doom and gloom.
I slowly started to try new things. If you had told me this time last year that i would have snowboarded with people i hardly knew. Gotten back into hockey with people i hardly knew, and choked down seafood. All the while developing an appreciation for wine and beer; well sir i would have called you crazy.
And indeed 2007 had spurts of insanity. It really was an emotional time. There was the whole feelings thing. I'm not going to go into it to much. I imagine people are sick of listening about it by now. Plus I'm kinda sick of talking about it. So it will have to be left up to your own imagination.
For all the good and the bad of 2007 I think I've managed to dust myself off and pull myself back up. I mean I'm happy 2008 is here. I welcome the challenges it will throw at me. Both good and bad. I'm prepared for another good year. Join me wont you?

Before i leave here I thought id write down some of the resolutions I've been wrestling with in my head. They're all pretty lame but i cant really think of what else i need.

1. Be open to new foods. But still refuse if the food can look up at you.
2. Write more. No I'm not going to be writing more in this. I mean in general. LOL I might even start a journal. Shut up its normal!
3. Fix car situation
4. Be there for the friends I care about. Be open to accepting new ones.
5. Learn how to write music notation properly.
6. Get reaquainted with the greatest TV show on earth Buffy. See im still a nerd.

Current Comic: Strangers in Paradise book 4-Terry Moore
Current Music: Journey-Don't stop believing