Friday, October 29, 2004

Never Again.

So, I had my first real test, to see if I could make it as a University Student today. It was my midterm for Political Science "Canadian Administration". I spent the greater part of Wednesday doing a comprehensive review for it. Approximately nine to ten hours of straight cramming were spent, and by the end so was I.
I've learned my lesson from this exam and vow from this point on, never to do that ever again. I can't recall ever being this stressed over an exam, at least during my earlier days of academia. Which has got me thinking, that I must actually care about SFU. More so then other schools that I've attended. I think I know deep down, that this must be true. My god, what's happened to me? Anyway, I think the examination went as well as it could have, considering the amount of preparation I actually put into it. Talking to fellow classmates outside, before the exam, reassured me that I was not alone in my plight and that most (well really 5) were as unprepared as I. But now I can only wait till next week, to find out the results.
Well Im tired, and I think I've said all I came on here to say. I've still got more reading ahead of me and that paper to research and write. So for now, I'll say goodnight and Godspeed.

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Today is a sad day.

Not because, I wasted a perfect opportunity to get some actual work done. But because today, my good friend Vikram without warning or consideration; decided to kill his blog. I don't know quite how to feel at this moment. Im saddened by the loss, but Im also very pissed off that he decided to kill the blog with out giving a second thought. Vikram has proclaimed that it was his blog to kill. And though there is some truth to this statement, I still have to disagree. For the blog was just as much ours as it was his. Where now will his readers turn to, for such great things as The Gun show, Rob Pongi and information on randomly selected NFL players? Vikram's Blog was perhaps the best blog there was out there. I cant do it justice trying to describe it, people needed to see it, and its just a shame now, that they wont. How will I fill this void in life? Where will I get to see all the insane stuff that's available on line. I don't have the time to look it up myself. Nor would I post it on this blog, as that's not what this blog is meant for. Which begs the question what is this blog meant for? Im not sure I know the answer to that. But what I do know is that with the death of Vikrams blog a void will be forever felt. Like a great disturbance in the force. A million voices cried out in unison then suddenly silenced. Or at least this one. Yes today is truly a sad sad day.

Curling Update.

My god, could it be? Yes...We didn't loose! That's right, for those of you who care. Suave Mofo's didn't loose. I repeat, Suave Mofos didn't loose. Granted we didn't win, but we also didn't loose. Yup, Suave Mofos actually tied a game. And it was against a fairly decent team. In our second game, which we lost however; I actually made a pretty sweet shot and stuck it right on the button at one point (before it was eventually knocked out). I also have a picture of that. So I believe our record now is 0-5-1. But you might have to check out Grahams blog for the actual stats, records etc.
On a personal note, going as Pai Mei from Kill Bill was the best idea I ever had. Though no one actually got the reference, the robe and the mask were both a big success. It won me second place in the costume contest (the second costume contest that I actually placed in the top 3). Though the prizes were limited, I chose the jumbo mars bar and I stick by my choice.
So, a good time was had by all, and an even better time by me. Unfortunately now, I am forced back into doing some actual work. A midterm Thursday. And a paper due shortly after that. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with that. I also need to find some excuse to wear that costume again next Sunday, whether it be at the curling party, a pub crawl, or else where this costume needs to be seen by more people. Anyway, that's pretty much all I had to say. Im off to go do some actual studying now, or at least read something but either way I wont be bloging.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

General Things.

Has the world gone mad? First the seahawks acquire Jerry Rice for a 7th round draft pick, or something like that. And now the Boston Red Socks are going to the world series. Im not saying that either of these, is a bad thing. Infact, its the exact opposite, as I hate the Yankees and anything that could get the seahawks closer to a superbowl is a good thing.
What else? Well some things Im looking forward to this weekend. Curling obviously, it's a Halloween costume, event week, so I get to dress up and make an ass out of myself. I have no idea how Im going to Curl in that robe, but more on that later. Also, at some point Im going to need to see Team America, when I first saw adds for this like 5 months ago, I thought it looked incredibly dumb. It still does, yet I've given into everyone else and convinced myself that spending $11 bucks on this wouldn't be a bad thing.
Things Im not looking forward to. Well for starters, my PoliSci mid term, and my PoliSci paper. Though I now have a topic for the paper, its just a matter of the research, and writing that's going to be the problem. I guess things are going to be pretty busy over the next few weeks. But then such is university life. Speaking of university life, today on the bus I was reminded why I don't miss high school (or even Douglas) but more on that later. Infact I was going to actually blog about that today, but I've lost interest in doing so. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway time to wrap things up, got to go read some books.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Battle Rap

This is a challenge for any who'll face me
I offer a battle rap with a nominal fee
I'll take on any challengers and make them disgraces
Like the Sand People of Tatooine I'll be up in their faces

I free style like Cena
I rap like Snoop Dogg
I swing the bat harder then
hall of famer Wade Boggs

So step up to the challenge
and grab the mic
because I'm that damn good
they call me Mr. Fantastic!

Monday, October 18, 2004


So, apparently everyone was too busy for curling this weekend. So they'll be no Suave Mofo updates this week sadly. I wanted to go, but instead I decided to stay home and study, as well when no one else was going. Im not sure if it will affect our standings by not showing up, but since we haven't won a game yet Im guessing no. So Im disappointed that I missed out on the curling, but Im happy to see that Boston finally won a game.
My free copy of X-men 2 came in the mail the other day, I plan on watching it sometime after my exam Tuesday. Though I'll probably wait till Wednesday cause Smallville's on Tuesday. Anyway not much else to say really, except for the fact that I really need to get going on the studying, and that paper, but the paper isn't due till mid November so I got sometime still on that. Anyway I think Im going to go do some studying now, so I'll try to blog some more tomorrow at some point, or sometime Tuesday.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Just wanna sing.....Just wanna Dance

So lately I've been thinking that, one of these days, I should really go try out some karaoke. But then two thoughts enter my head. One, could I bring myself to actually get up in front of people and sing. Two, what the hell would I sing, or more to the point what would I want to sing that they would have to offer. And I think the answer to question one is probably yes, if im drunk enough. And for the answer to question two, well Im not so sure. I've come up with a few ideas but then I just go right back to thinking could I actually do this and why. I'm afraid I don't have an answer at this point. Maybe I need to find one of those karaoke places where you don't actually need to be in front of a bunch of people but instead, have a small room with some friends (like "lost in translation" if I remember that correctly).
The other thing that I need to get out of my system at some point is disco dancing. Maybe it was the fact I saw Saturday Night Fever for the 38th time the other day, but I now kinda want to go to a disco club. Do we even have disco clubs anymore? I hope so cause I've realized that, that's the only music I can really dance too. Which makes me sad.
I dunno maybe I need to find some way to combine these two ideas, into one momentous event. But I cant think of anyway to actually do that.....Suggestions?

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Quick post....50th blog???

Anyway, just checked my grades for the exam I just wrote a while back. I passed in case your wondering. Anyway Im starting to near my 50th blog; which I think, I'll have to do something for. What Im not sure, maybe I'll revamp the entire blog. Maybe I'll write you all a story. Maybe I'll put up some pictures chronicling the 50th blog party. Maybe I'll even come up with an idea that's actually good. Anyway I figure since I don't really know what to do with it, that maybe the readers of this blog (if there are any) can help me decide. Suggestions are welcomed, no matter how ridiculous. Well I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this all turns out. For now though I think Im going to go do some more reading.

Monday, October 11, 2004


So, apparently I cant get into msn now. I don't get why, it keeps rerouting me into trouble shooting upon log in. It makes no sense, I've checked the comp for viruses and stuff, and it came up clean. So why I cant get into msn is beyond me. Its just really frustrating.
Also, went to curling, lost again, though I think im finally getting the hang of this game some what. Im starting to actually stick shots, roughly around where they're supposed to go. And we only lost the game because the other team had last rock anyway, and made a decent shot. Only other notable news from curling is that I only fell once this time which was good to see. Im still disappointed that we didn't get the win however, so I think our record is o-4, ah well.
what else? It was good seeing Rich back for the weekend, it was odd not being the only one in my basement, been to long.
Anyway not much else to tell really. Got some reading to catch up so I'll be doing that tomorrow, but I'll find some time to post about something, what though I don't know.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

......Shawn of the Dead......

Saw Shawn of the Dead last night. And being a fan of the horror genre for some time, thanks in large part to steve niles and others. Id have to say that Shawn of the Dead was perhaps one of the best horror movies, that I've seen in a while. Also it was probably the best comedy that I've seen in a while, in fact im trying to remember the last good comedy, that I saw and I cant really think of any.
Shawn of the Dead, was well done over all, especially all the little touches that I wont bother going into. Even though it was a bit predictable at times, mainly because there's only so much you can do with zombie movies. It still managed to be engaging and funny through out the entire film. The only complaint I had was that some of the gore went a bit over board. So if you have a weak stomach for such things as disembowelment you might want to stay away.
But Shawn of the Dead in any case was worth the full price of admision and I'd probably have to give it a 9 or 4 and half stars or whatever grading scale you wish to use.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Comics and other things.

So bored Im blogging. It occurred to me that I don't talk about comic's enough on this site, and that I should probably put more details than just listing what Im reading at the current time. Maybe I'll start to write some reviews of certain issues. But I don't really feel like turning this blog into another comic review site. Anyway, today was crappy there was really no point for me to actually go to class today, it was only a tutorial and the tutorial today was a let down. Im starting to think that Canadian Public Admin was a mistake, I don't really care to go into it too much, but the gist of it is, its a crappy class.
Though we had a guest speaker in the last lecture and that was pretty good, had some interesting stuff to say but it still doesn't change the fact, that the course material for this class, is perhaps the most boring stuff I've ever had to read.
What else? Oh I was thinking of putting some "serials" on here eventually, but like the reviews, Im not sure I want to turn this, into a blog where I publish mediocre writings. Plus I only have two written now really, and writing more would require me to put time and effort into it, which I cant really afford at this point.
Anyway that's really all I wanted to say at this point, I think I'll go play some more X Men Legends. Or, maybe I'll go watch some tv, either way I gotta get away from this computer for a while.

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Douche Bag of the Day #6: Mother Nature

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Today was on odd day. While waiting for the bus some Iranian (don't quote me on that) guy, with 50 cent's "In da club" for a cell phone ring, asked me to edit his paper proposal on the nuclear bomb. So I did and he thanked me. Then I got to school and wrote my archeology exam, I think I did okay. Maybe not so much on the stupid multiple choice part, but the rest of it went alright. I should know by next Tuesday how I did. After I bought some sweaters at the mall, I went to the bank and deposited some money, which will be spent by tomorrow most likely.
The rest of the day was spent finishing WWE Day of Reckoning and getting further a long on Xmen legends. And that continued till smallville which was pretty decent though, as a Superman fan, pisses me off sometimes but more on that later.
Then before I came on here, I talked to my Dad about curling strategy and other things that pertains to the game. Which reminds me, Im definitely looking forward to this weekend Football Friday, "something somewhere" Saturday and Curling again Sunday night.
Actually looking back, now that I think of it, today wasn't really all that odd. Oh well, I guess I'll have more to post about this weekend but for now I'll leave it at that.

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Monday, October 04, 2004

Isn't School Pride, wonderful....

Anyway, I just thought people might want to know that I've become an official member of the SFU curling club. My team name is the Suave Mother Fuckers, thanks in large part to graham. And I have to say I doubt there is a more fitting name for the group. We had an unfortunate start to the season, starting off 0-2, due in large part to the fact that we don't actually know what the hell we're doing. But through out the evening there was large improvements and we actually scored some points. Next week we're going for the win baby! Hopefully my knee will heal up by then, ice is fucking hard.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Dunnings First Annual Fall Fashion Report.

Well fall is in full effect, and just because it's gloomy outside doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be. Put away your rutty old clothes. And fret not people, for your fashion is my passion and I've been sent here to take your pile and give it some style.
Ladies, who doesn't like the fall season? All kinds of colors outside, well we're going to bring those back in. This year the main themes should be comfort and color, color being the most important element of the two. You'll need to get some of the primary colors. Your Blues, reds, and pinks should be your main concern. To reiterate, one of the theme's this fall is comfort, fleece sweaters and light denim jeans or Khaki pants are going to be your best friends. Lets not forget though that you'll have to focus on adding little touches to bolster your wardrobe attire. Take for example the jacket, you should find yourself a long coat, preferably suede or leather. Make sure though, that it contrasts the rest of your clothes, so concentrate on darker colors such as Black and even Beige is acceptable. There are two other accessories that you should concern yourself with and that is, a scarf preferably multicolored, and a hat, one that brings out your personality.
That's it for the ladies, now onto the gents. And gentlemen its time to bring a little class, back into your life. That's right, you need to go classy or go home. Suits are back, and this retro look brings not only, attention but a certain sense of style along with it. It exudes confidence, as well it should. You'll need to concern yourself with darker colors, such as a dark red, black, grey, purple; although white is even acceptable to a certain degree. Now if you cant afford a three piece (polyester) suit, you will need to find yourself a blazer and some jeans and a t-shirt and with those you'll still be good to go. To complete the look of class, you'll need to acquire a fedora and or a newsboy hat both are going to be sheik this year. Along with the hat (though this only applies with an actual suit) is a tie, make sure it contrasts the suit of course and no stripes or, patterns or "funny" little characters, we're not middle aged yet. So there you have it, go forth and accessorize your closet wisely.

Hot fabrics for guys: polyester, cashmere, denim
Hot colors for guys: dark red, grey, white, grey, dark purple
Hot look for guys: Retro and Classy

Hot fabrics for girls: fleece, suede, denim, leather
Hot Colors for girls: Blue, Red and Pink
Hot look for girls: Comfort and Color

Friday, October 01, 2004


Just thought people should know, that the first annual fall fashion report is sitting at 95% completion, though not originally what I intended and I'm still not satisfied with it completely I think its waited long enough, so by this weekend (and I know I've said this before) but it will be up.
Also a couple more things I thought people should know about, there's a new Sarah Slean album out, heard it being played in HMV the other day, sounds alright her first album was good, so I'll have to check this one out eventually. Also interesting note, Nardwar is doing a few shows with Franz Ferdinand unfortunately none of them are here, Why?
Anyway that's about it, yeah so I should get back to this Archeology shit, but I will try to get that report up and running soon as I can.

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