Sunday, February 27, 2005


There's an old saying that goes something like: We make plans, and god laughs. This seems fitting for tonight, for the Suave mofos are unable to make it, to tonight's festivities. This means of course, that not only is my weekend now officially shot, but also that our hopes of making it into the playoffs go down the tube. But lets face it, there wasn't much chance of that happening now was there? Perhaps this is all for the best, I should probably go do some more reading anyway; but maybe I'll instead just go and drown my sorrows in the Suavest way possible...Whatever that may be.

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This has turned out to be one of the more boring weekends, that I can remember in the last little while. And through no fault but my own, did I choose to do nothing. Obviously this didn't help my weekend any. So instead of actually taking time out to make arrangements to go do something, I thought it would be a good idea instead to catch up on all my English and Philosophy stuff. Fun! I remember the days when I didn't really care about school, it all seemed so much easier back then. Though this is the first school I've attended in a long time, where I can actually feel prideful of it. Stupid school pride! In other related news, after tonight I should be half way finished Dracula and 1/4 of the way through Sir Gawain and The Green Knight. Man I cant wait for summer. And for that matter I cant wait for curling tonight. Anyway Im off to do more reading. Check back later for a Suave Mofo update.

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Saturday, February 26, 2005


Its Letter time, its letter time. So today I turn on my TV and Video and Arcade Top Ten was on. Not only was it on but it was the same guy hosting it, who has been hosting it for what must be 10 years now. I kinda felt sorry for him. Seeing this show again though has made me miss all the shows I used to watch way back when. Like the Raccoons. They seriously need to bring that show back. And He-Man, though if Im not mistaken I think they did bring that one back for a while.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Post Midterm Pt 2.

What's that line? It was all too easy. Well that's what it felt like today. Probably one of the easiest midterms, that I've had in a while. I don't want to go and jinx myself but I think I did fairly well on it. So now it appears im free to wallow in my own crapulence. What to do? Actually Im not really sure. I'll probably get started on my next paper, and finish off some more reading. Hooray! Anyway, yeah there isn't much else that I was going to say. So I guess that's it for now.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Well that's as much as I can do to prepare for tomorrow. Should be interesting to see how well I do with it. Honestly though I don't really care any more what happens, I just want this week to be done. I had a somewhat interesting experience at the bus stop today, but I think I'll save that story for when I feel up to it. On a side note I found some really good, B sides I guess, of Arcade Fire this band just keeps getting better the more I listen to them. Anyway that's it for me check tomorrow for more updates.

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Post Midterm Pt1.

So, the first is over and done with. Im pretty pleased with how I did. I say that I probably did well on at least 3/4 of it, but we'll know in a week whether or not that's true. My English exam is tomorrow, so Im going to go study for that now. Hopefully it goes as smoothly. Anyway, I want to do something this weekend, so I was thinking poker again. But on the other going somewhere wouldn't be bad either. I dunno I'll see after Thursday, I should have a better idea by then. Anyway Im off to study.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Midterm Pt 2.

Just about to take a little break from the studying. This philosophy has been a pain in the ass but im starting to grasp some of it, and should be able to do okay tomorrow. I may have to bullshit my way through some of it, but it still wont be as bad as I was anticipating. Then I have less then 24hrs to prepare for my English midterm, but its English so im not worried about it. Interpret this, compare that, contrast this, all the same crap I've been doing since highschool.
Anyway along with this philosophy which I've been doing, I have been listening to a lot of Postal Service and Arcade Fire. Listening to this much Postal Service I thought I should at least give Death Cab For Cutie a try, and after listening to Transatlanticism a few times, I've come to the conclusion its not as good. Though its also not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Im kind of torn. Anyway after tomorrow the rest of the week should go a lot better, Im looking forward to curling this weekend, hopefully I can skip again, but we'll see. Anyway Im outta here for now, check again tomorrow.

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Monday, February 21, 2005


What's with you people and deleting your blogs without warning? Im looking at you Pollock. Maybe it was a mistake or something but it doesn't seem to be there at any rate. Anyway if people are intent on deleting their blogs, I think id like some notice for a change..........on second thought I don't really care. Well back to studying...kinda....sorta...not really.

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Well this is probably the last chance I'll have to update before Thursday. Midterms are in two days, so I'll be spending the majority of today and tomorrow studying for my philosophy midterm, and Wednesday cramming for English. Though Im not worried about the English at all. Its more the philosophy that's becoming an issue. Anyway I better get on this thing. I'll update if I have a chance but don't count on it.

Current Comic: Marvel Knights Spiderman-Mark Millar
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Sunday, February 20, 2005


Just a quick mofo's update. As you probably heard, the mofos lost again. Competing hard but in the end loosing two close games.Both were 2-1 losses. And both losses now mean the mofo's may be out of playoff contention again. Only two weeks of the season remain. And with only one win its looking like it'll take a miracle, so here's hoping.
Some highlights of the evening included, Dave getting his coin tossing privileges revoked (yet again!). Ian falling or what looked like Ian making a kick save. Ian taking breaks every 5 mins. Dave freaking out at another team's member for taking our rock. And on a personal highlight. My first attempt at skip going smoothly....somewhat.
Both games were winable, which is why it stings a little more this week then last. All I can say is that we're getting better, not getting our asses subsequently handed to us anymore, but I just wish we could win. Hopefully we will next week, and hopefully I'll get to skip again. Anyway that about wraps this up. Hurry Hard!

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A year in Comics 2004

Alright, so it's been quite a year for comic geeks everywhere. So now (as promised), you're look back at some of the best writers, artists and comic runs of 2004.

Best Comics of 2004
1. Identity Crisis
Alright. So, I've never really been a big DC reader (aside from Superman and Batman) up till this point. But this was the series that got me over the hump so to speak. Identity is toted as being one of the best comic's of 2004 and I tend to agree. Identity Crisis writer Brad Meltzer portrays the DC universe in a new light. He also manages to "destroy" its beauty with a single blow. I don't even want to discuss the plot of this, as I'd probably end up ruining it for you. All I can say is if you haven't already read this, shame on you. Be sure and pick it up in the Trade's.

2. Astonishing X-men

By far the greatest single X-men book out there today. Mind you this isn't coming from an unbiased perspective. Those who know me, know I am a huge Joss Whedon fan. And as such, its no surprise that his X-men run makes it on to the list. What is surprising is, its not number one. The series its self is great, and Cassady's art work is some of the best I've seen this year. All in all, its a great read, and the way they brought back one of my favorite characters, was simply breath taking. I love the work that Claremont does with the X-men books but it fails far in comparison to Astonishing.

3. Secret War

It was hard to pick just one of Brian Michael Bendis's book. His work on Daredevil is consistently good, as is his work on powers (one of my favorite series) and Ultimate Spiderman has been great. But Secret War is probably as good as it gets. The only gripe I have with this book is the waiting period. Its well worth it when it comes out, but it seems to take for ever. This series has made me even enjoy Nick Fury whom I've always hated. But then maybe hates too strong a word.

4. Superman-Azarello and Lee& Superman and Batman-Jeph Loeb (tie)

Okay, so it was really hard for me to pick between the two. I mean both are great. Superman has really been enjoyable. Its nice to see a human quality, in the man of steel, without having Clark Kent thrown into the mix. Of course what can you say about Lee's artwork? Only good things that's what. Its simply amazing, he just may be the very best at what he does. At the very least he's one of my favorite Superman artist thus far. No one draws the cape better then him. Superman/Batman has been a blast, I'll be sorry to see Loeb leave after issue 25 but all good things must come to an end. The Supergirl story line was outstanding.

5. Green Latern: Rebirth
Perhaps the second biggest event book, this year in the DC universe. The return of Hal Jordan as Green Latern, has been nothing short of fantastic. Geoff Johns's work on Teen Titans and Green Latern, would be just two of the reasons, that he's quickly becoming one of my favorite DC writers. Anyone who can get me to care about Robin, is alright in my books. Oh, and the arts not bad either.

Honorable mentions
6. Powers-Best Bendis book out there. Best book out there, that doesn't directly involve super hero's....Kinda.

7. Wolverine The End-Its the end of Wolverine. OH NOES! Wait a min, this is good, Huzzah!

8. Ultimate Spiderman-Simply great stuff. How does Bendis do this?

9. Ultimate X-Men-Fun series, more of a classic feel.

10. Return To Barrow Downs-Niles does great stuff, and I had to have a Vampire story in here somewhere.

Best Writers of 2004.
1. Brian Michael Bendis
His work on Powers, New Avengers, Avengers, Ultimate Spiderman, Secret War and the Pulse. Puts all others to shame. The man is simply brilliant, hilarious and over all a nice guy. I still owe him a dollar forty nine American.

2. Joss Whedon
Another genius. I can not say enough about the man who created Buffy. His work on the X-Men title, is simply outstanding. I had my doubts, but he definitely proved me wrong. And all I can really say, is Im really looking forward to Serenity. And I hope he does get the go ahead on the X-men movie. Though these Wonder Woman rumors sound promising as well.

3. Jeph Loeb
Guy did great stuff on Superman Batman. Also loved his Hulk Grey, and Catwoman when in Rome. I mean the man did Hush. I shouldn't have to say more then that. Although I could.

4. Geoff Johns
Teen titans has really turned into a fun series. As well, his work with the new Green Latern is outstanding. He never ceases to amaze.

5. Steve Niles
The man has made me love the Horror genre all over again. So much cool shit I cant even begin to analyze it. From the whole 30 days of night series, to secret skulls, and Remains. I've really enjoyed his work. Even enjoyed Alastar Arcane and his stint with Rob Zombie.

Honorable Mentions
6. Azarello-Good superman stuff.
7. Kurt Busiek-Good DC stuff all around.
8. Brad Meltzer-The one who did that Identity Crisis thing.
9. Strazinsky-Did an Amazing job on Amazing spiderman.
10. Mark Waid-enjoyed his superman birthright and his other stuff is good too.

Best Artists of 2004
1. Michael Turner
This was a tough category. Im not much of an art guy. Even when it comes to comics. Frankly I don't care about the art, so long as the story is good. However, that being said, Turner's art blows me away. And how many covers does this guy do a year? Really I'd like to know.

2. Jim Lee
Man does a good Superman. Between Turner and Lee Im not really sure which one's better. That being said, Lee's work continues to be one of my all time favorites, and I look forward to his stuff in 2005.

3. John Cassady
Never really heard of Cassady, up till the Astonishing X-men hype. I gotta say much deserved hype. It took some time, to get used to the new look of some of my all time favorite characters. But its really grown on me. And the fact that Joss is on the title probably doesn't hurt his case either.

4. Tim Sale
Loved his work on Hulk Grey, and Cat Woman when in Rome. Sale always gives a classic feel to his characters. There hasn’t been a series (especially when he’s teamed up with Jeph Loeb) that I haven't picked up. The two are perhaps among my favorite comic duo to date.

5. Brian Templesmith
Okay, so we all know its important to convey a mood in horror. If you don't feel like your in it with them, its hard to get involved. Same goes for comics one could say. So mixing the two genres is nearly impossible to pull off. But somehow he manages to do it. And doing it well.

Honorable Mentions
6. Gabrielle Dell'Otto-great stuff on Secret War. This one's painted.
7. David Finch-Great stuff on Ultimates.
8. Alex Ross-One of my all time favorites, cant wait till 2005
9. John Romita Jr-always loved by comic geeks everywhere.
10. Clayton Crain-Great Stuff on Venom Carnage. Only reason I continued on with this.

And now I leave you with the best Heros and villains and groups of 2004.
1. Superman-My all time favorite superhero. And the only reason I still watch Smallville
2. Spiderman-The numbers cant be wrong. And the books aint bad either
3. Wolverine-He's Canadian. Oh and the best at what he does.
4. Gambit-The Ragin Cajun
5. Kitty Pryde-Best Power ever.
6. NightCrawler-Bamph!
7. Daredevil-Consitantly a great character.
8. Green Arrow-makes me laugh. And I think he might be insane.
9. Batman-Im Batman.
10.Colossus-He's Russian, what more can I say then that.

Best villians
1. Darksied
2. Magneto
3. Lex Luthor
4. Dr. Doom
5. Joker

Best Groups
1. X-Men
2. JLA
3. Teen Titans
4. Avengers
5. Thunderbolts

So that's it. What awaits in 2005 Well, Only time will tell. Stay tuned for Comic Corner updates from this blog.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Well. Im just about out of here for the day, but before I leave I thought Id update this thing again. Today I finished my paper, its 100% done and almost a week early. Tomorrow will be spent finishing up on my reading and visiting with family that's coming over. I'll probably end up doing something in the evening as I haven't done anything for a while. What exactly, Im not sure yet.
Other things. I've really been wanting to do some Mad Libs or Crosswords. I have no idea why, but I think tomorrow I may go out and waste some money on them. Or at the very least do the crossword in the paper. But I guess all that will depend on how much work I get done.
Not much else to say. Finished Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 5 the other day. It was pretty good. Im at the part where Shinji just discovered "Adam". Things are just getting a bit darker now, and subsequently a bit more cool. Anyway all this Eva talk has made me realize that I should go start reading volume 6. So I think that's what im going to do.

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Friday, February 18, 2005


This is the most I've updated in a long time. Im quickly becoming obsessed with blogging again. Basically this and school work is all I've done this week. How lame is that. I burned a bunch of CD's the other day they are as follows: Postal Service-give up. The Shins-oh inverted world. Decemberists-castaways and cutouts. And finally Super Furry Animals-phantom power. Im still on the look out for a program to download music with, as apparently my old one is now outdated and wont let me log on to it. So I uninstalled it.
Anyway not much else to tell. Finished my paper on Cantebury Tales. Going to edit it this weekend and finalize it. Im aiming for an A this time, but we'll see what happens. Anyway I gotta lot of shit to read, so Im going to go do that. I'll leave you now with a list of books Im currently reading. Dracula-Bram Stroker, Antony and Cleopatra-Shakespeare, Ancient Greek Philosophy: from Thales to Aristotle-Cohen, Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 5 and 6. And Finally Batman: the killing Joke-Alan Moore. Well gotta run, got to go do some more Philosophy.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005


So I've decided to take a break before I get going on some work again. Lately I've been lamenting loss time; there is so many other things I wish I could be doing right now. Had I gotten a week off too, I probably would have gotten some of these things done. For instance I would have caught up on or finished off some of the stuff, that I've been writing. I could have sat on my ass all week watching quality progamming like Boy Meets World (ah Topanga....). I could have even made a movie, but alas none of this came about. Nope, I was too busy with exams, essays and reading too worry about any of that. Oh well only 8 more weeks and Im free.
Anyway, there was something else I was going to bitch about. But I've completely forgotten what it was. Oh well, Im sure it will come back to me at some point. When it does, I'll let you know.

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Sweet. Got my comp back and it actually works. Things are actually working. Im in shock. I can open up things on the desktop again. Even internet explorer works again! Hopefully I wont get another virus for a while. I should really start backing my stuff up on a regular basis. Plus I need to find something to download music that wont cause my computer to implode (suggestions?). Anyway, I got to go do some work now, I'll update again before the end of the evening.

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I'll have to be like the flash here, cause its late and I really do need to get some sleep. Yet, I thought Id make a quick post and then go to bed. This will probably be the last post for a while, mainly because my comp is beyond saving at this point, so Im taking it into the shop tomorrow.
So, with that in mind I've been busy trying to back up files and things of that nature. Other than that though, I havent been up to too much. Got my Paper back from my English class, A- so Im happy. The only thing I have to worry about now is my midterms. Hopefully they'll go smoothly next week, but I think for the weekend, I'll be pretty busy studying for them. With the exception of sunday night for Curling.
Anyway, that about wraps things up here. When I get my comp back, I'll make another update, and probably post all the stuff I said would months ago.

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Monday, February 14, 2005


Today was kind of a waste. Nothing much was accomplished. Well, thats not entirly true, I did manage to finish Frankenstein and Cantebury tales. And Im on page 5 of my essay. So I guess today wasnt really that much of a waste. Oh, and I saw Kevin Smith on degrassi high the next generation. That man has more acting ability then I've given him credit for in the past. Nothing but range. Anyway that about wraps this up, expect more up dates tomorrow.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

A year in Music 2004

Seeing as how the grammy's were tonight. I thought I would give a review of what I thought was the best music of 2004. Anyway enjoy.

1. Arcade Fire: Funeral
I stumbled upon this band, on pitchfork as so many others have. I wasn't sure about them, but eventually I decided to take a listen and Im glad that I did. This album has quickly become my favorite of 2004. And in my humble opinion the best three songs on the album are as follows. 1. Wake Up which is perhaps the best song of 2004, I cant get enough of it. 2. Neighbourhood #3 Power out, great sounding track. 3. Crown of Love great song, makes me think of what Sinatra would have sounded like if he was on an indie label. The fact that the band's from Canada doesn't hurt their cause either, and they are the first band out of Montreal that I've liked in a long time (no offense). I look for big things for them to come, and you should look out below!

2. Modest Mouse-Good news for people who like bad news
Okay, so I've been aware of Modest Mouse for some time now, but never really got into them much until this album was released. Float on was well on its way to becoming a summer anthem, at least it was for me. Best three tracks on the album are 1. Float On 2. The View 3. The good times are killing me. Modest Mouse is a band I've begun to listen to a lot of lately, and am dying to see in concert.

3. Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand
What can ya say about, Franz Ferdinand that hasn't already been said. Awesome, awesome stuff. Plus they're Scottish, which is never a bad thing. Like Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand had summer anthems written all over it. One of the few albums this year that I think almost everyone I know actually purchased. The best three songs on the album are 1. Jaquiline 2. Take me out 3. The Dark of the Matinee. It'll be interesting to see if Franz Ferdinand can actually follow up their success.

4. The Walkmen-Bows and Arrows
Despite what Rexin says, the Walkmen are really an outsanding band. If you actually take time to listen to the albums, you know what Im talking about. Bows and Arrows is a bit different then their previous attempt, but none the less it is still excellent. Best three songs on the album are 1. The Rat 2. Little House of Savages 3. Whats in it for me. The Walkmen continue to impress, and it looks like that they are finally getting some recognition.

5. The Killers-Hot Fuss
I don't agree with pitchfork's assement of The Killers album. Its just one mans opinion and now heres mine. The Killers sound may not be easy to get into at first. But it does have an addicting flavor. The Las Vegas group has some infections tracks, and unfortunately one of the better one's is only available on the U.K. import. Anyway, with that said, I felt the Killers put together a solid album, with only one or two tracks that I could have done without. Best songs 1. Mr. Brightside 2. Somebody told me 3. Indie Rock and Roll (UK) 4. All these things I've Done.

Honorable Mentions: Interpol-Antics 7. Jay Z-the black album 8. Kanye West-College Drop Out 9.Destroyer-Your Blues 10. Brian Wilson-Smile

Three of the Bands on the top 5 list, were recently on the OC's second season, if you can guess which I'll buy you a coke.

Friday, February 11, 2005


Man. I haven't been this sick in a really long time. All week, I've either been in class or I've been wretched, retching on all fours. Either way, it has not been a good week. And now my weekend is pretty much shot too hell, with all the work I'll have to catch up on. The only thing I'll have any time for is curling (if I even feel up to it at that point). Anyway I better get started on some work.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005


First off, Id like to thank everyone for their support through this difficult time. You all know whom I refer to, so I shouldn't have to say more then that. Though I probably will individually at some point in time.
Anyway, its been about a little over a week, since I updated this thing. Im sure by now, all of you know why. Things certainly can change in a weeks time. Take the Suave Mofo's for instance. The team wallowed in Curling obscurity. Winning nothing, scoring hardly any points, and missing a good deal of the shots they took. But now, a week has gone by, and we stand 1-3 on the season. Yes, the Suave Mofo's have a Win! Frankly, this Mofo's still in shock. But I think, it will begin to sink in soon, and hopefully it will become something that we grow accustom too.
And now, on to other things. Like school. Im half done Frankenstein, and the same goes for the Canterbury tales. Both English courses seem to be going well. I know Im sitting somewhere roughly around 80% in one, but it is still early. Greek Philosophy on the other hand, is slowly killing my will to live. Why, oh why did I take this class?!? What happened to the Philosophy that I've come to know and love. But I digress.
And now, a bit of prologue to Comic Corner. I know its a cheesy title, but I couldn't think of anything else. Anyway, my point is, Im finally going to get the reviews of 2004's best of comics up and its going to be, a bit of a preamble to hopefully weekly, or a the very least monthly reviews. I guess we'll see, but in any case be on the look out for that.

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