Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My eyes hurts.

I really should be sleeping right now. I didnt watch the Oscars. I really was only interested in two categories. Director and screenplay and I was happy with the result of each.
Heroes and Lost have been taking up a lot of my time. Last episode of Heroes has totally sucked me in. Not that i wasnt already, but cmon how good was that!? The verdict is still out on the Black Donalley's or whatever its called.
The Canucks still have me puzzelled. Why do we always loose to the blues? And why the hell did we pick up Sopel? Isnt that why we got Mitchell?
I havent been up to much other than essays. Went to Karaoke. Tried to do Roxanne, but it just wasnt the same. Im going to see Meatloaf this friday. Yeah you heard me. Meatloaf. Im a sucker for rock opera, what can i say. Speakin of rock opera, Tenacious D was last week. It was good too. Not really what i expected but well I dunno what i expected. There's a few more concerts i wanna see coming up too. I'll post more on those later. Also going to post the comic stuff tomorrow when im on break probably. If i have time and not passed out in the AQ like a hobo. Universities need more bean bag chairs.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Going good.

Im sorry blog. I've been neglecting you. Im back now though. Well at least for right now. So things have been progressing around here. Its been the third week of my volenteer hours for my pdp program. I think i'm starting to get the hang of what middle school life is like. I also like to think Im doing okay at it. Been told once or twice on occasion. Basically have 3 classes. 1 Gym 2 LA. The students are actually fun to be around. For the most part. And its just nice to be in a gym again. It's also nice to see the game of skittles is still used.
Not much else is happening. Schools getting busy again. My dad went and bought another golden lab. And apparently Ghost Rider sucks. Now im almost glad i was too tired to see it.
Speaking of comics. There's a convention coming up thats a prelude to Nerdicon down in seattle. Last weekend in March. If anyones interested in makin a roadtrip. Its no comic-con but still. COMICS!!! Speaking of Speaking of comics. I will post my thoughts on some series you guys should be reading. I've been meaning to do this since january. However no one takes my suggestions seriously. Nor do they (as in the people i know) read comics. Still come monday I'll post it. Anyway im going to go and write this essay. And do some reading. Later all.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Things of that nature...

Well, here we all are. God what a horrible starting sentence. Anyway there is much to discuss. Well not really. Things have been moving...I don't want to say the right direction, but a direction nonetheless. This week was my first student teaching experience. Usually when I'm forced into new situations, as many of you can attest, I write them off with utter contempt for no apparent reason. Its what i do. However, I'm glad to say I actually really enjoyed this. It wasn't what I was expecting.
For starters usually when I'm forced to be in front of a room, expressing myself and some viewpoints. Well it doesn't go well. Anyone who have seen my public speeches in high school can confirm that. Yet this was different. Maybe its the fact that it was little kids. Maybe it was the whole "Mr. Dunning" thing. Maybe it was the fact that I got a round of applause after an introduction. Whatever the case I didn't make an ass out of myself. In fact, i like to think i did well. Not perfect, but good enough by my standards. So at least now I can start to get a feel for this teaching thing, with the knowledge that I can actually do this.
In other news. Probably less shocking. If shocking is the right term. I've started my quest for another job. So far it hasn't been bad. Yet produced nothing. Its still too early to tell though, but we'll see how it goes.
Now on to other filler. I've picked up a bunch of graphic novels this week, probably review a few after i get a chance to read em. I'll probably post some comic recommendations in the next week on here. Which will fall on deaf ear. Really digging the new modest mouse single. Really hating the new fallout boy. Interested in seeing Hannibal Rising if its not a gore flick. Going to see Tenacious D with div. "Indy" will win the Superbowl. Chitown will loose. Whedon is off Wonder Woman and so is all my interest in that movie. Anyway that be all. Keep on trucking?

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