Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Five cds Im listening to now.

1. Jens Lekman-Night Falls over Kortedala

Im more than certain that there will or have been comparisons to Sufjan Stevens. And frankly that's a justified argument. Jens though unique does have similar undertones. Its a very odd mix of sounds for the senses. 50 nostalgia mixed with post Come on feel the Illnoise indie rock sound. Jens can be compared to Sufjan fairly but I think Jens offers us something a bit more. Theres a uniqueness to Lekmans voice that simply sets him apart from any other artist. He may not be the most polished singer but the album offers so much substance that one can forgive his short comings.
Lekman is a strong narrative writer. Each song presents us an insight into his talents with the pen. A Postcard to Nina perhaps gives the best example. A story based somewhat in truth as Lekman would like us to believe. The only negative on this album is that it may not be for everyone. Not even for every indie fan. That's not to say he wont find his niche but it may take a lot for me to convince the average joe to pick up this album. However you really should. Its Worth its weight.

2. Ben Harper and the innocent criminals-Lifeline

I was first introduced to Ben Harper by Vikram who sent me a song called burn one down. I think my first reaction was oh great another smoking weed hippie song. Many years past since I last listened to Ben Harper. I'm kinda sorry it went down like that. This latest album by Ben is masterful. Heart of Matters has to be one of my favorite songs from this year. The man really writes good soul music. And as a Caucasian comic collecting mid twenties Canadian I love soul music. So this album makes me very happy that this form of music is still out there. Maybe with a little more Ben Harper and a little less Britney the world would be a better place. Regardless this is an amazing album with amazing songs. You should listen to it. Next time he rolls into town I'm going to go see him.

3. Beirut-the flying club cup

Beirut is someone who could also garnish comparisons to Sufjan but more likely The Magnetic Fields. This album is a little bit more instrumental than the aforementioned Jens Lekman album. Beirut as is my understanding does have a bit of an indie following. And After listening to the Flying Club Cup its easy to see why. As this album is a gem and is right up my alley. Its a bright and worldly alley filled with sounds from the french quarter. This album may not be for everyone. But those that appreciate it. Appreciate it a great deal.

4. Bruce Springsteen-Magic

Ha! I bet you didn't see this coming. Actually neither did i really. Ive made fun of springsteen for so many years that I hadn't given his music a chance really. Seriously who the hell call themselves the boss? Aside from tony danza. Yet over years I've actually come to really like Springsteen. Perhaps its the karaoke magic that happens everytime one of us decides to do Born to run. And that's the appropriate title for this album. Magic. This is album is the first in five years from Bruce and the e street band. But its like no time has past at all. Rough Raw and Restless which is everything a Springsteen album should be, Magic doesn't disappoint. I thought i might be disappointed with this album as I was expecting it to be filled with a few Born to Runs and Dancing in the Dark. Hell i would have settled for Born in the USA. It falls a little short in that category. But its still a superb album. I'm certainly not going to get tired of it anytime soon.

5. Radiohead-In Rainbows
I don't know if what i have is the official release of in rainbows. So this might not be a fair review. I will say this. I had always written off Radiohead for a long time. I didn't really like them. Thought it was random noise. Then a friend got me into OK Computer. And i ha vent looked back. In Rainbows promises to be a really good album. And I really really hope that they have a vancouver tour date. I'd sacrifice a goat to some demon god to see Radiohead (goats are stupid). But then that's just me. Anyway from what I've heard of this album its really good. So far theres no standout song like a Karma Police to me yet but theres a lot of solid songs on here. Which is good cause i had a high expectation like everyone else for this album. But they've met it again it looks like.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Sick and Sick of Bill Gates.

I remember awhile back. My buddy Rich was bitching about xbox being an inferior product. Or at least i think he was. I wasn't really paying to much attention to the conversation (sorry Rich). For a long time I disagreed with this assessment.
I was happy with my xbox purchase. I mean it had everything i could ever ask for. Gears of war. Halo 3. Xbox live. Guitar Hero. And a tone of other cool games. The graphics were pretty amazing. And as far as i could tell it seemed to run pretty smoothly. Everything was golden.
Then about a month ago or i guess at best a few weeks ago. In an all halo party I experienced the red rings of death. I like to think I took it pretty well. In fact I kinda half expected it. But the fact that it happened on a brand new system still kind of annoyed me.
After speaking for a good 20 mins the xbox service guy told me to plug it into a wall outlet directly. This actually fixed the problem. Seriously what the hell? I mean I'm happy to have my xbox 360 back and operational but I'm kinda annoyed at the fact that not plugging it into the wall outlet directly caused it to explode.
This has got me to thinking that I might buy a wii after all. I still like the games for the 360. I mean rock bands coming out. But the wii is still a lot of fun. Sure its a party system but Ive seen a lot of good single player games for it to lately. So we'll see. Hopefully this scam of the red ring of death by Microsoft wont happen again. Why is it a scam? Well its got me to purchase an extended warranty. As far as i remember Nintendo never asked me to do such a thing. Just blow in it when the screen turns pink. Bah! lousy Microsoft.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


Christmas used to be my favorite time of year. It really did. I guess its still up there in terms of holidays. But its not really the same.
I don't really feel that family togetherness anymore. Coming from a divorced family i guess i never really did. But Christmas always made it seem...Well it was better. And now that I'm bitter and old. And now that the family is smaller. And the holiday is even more commercialized. I find myself thinking more and more what the fucks the point?
For the last few years we've been doing this stupid ass secret Santa thing. Apparently we're on a budget. Anyway to me this totally defeats the purpose of the holiday. This is not the spirit of Christmas. This is not the spirit of anything! This is the spirit of cheapness. Maybe.
Perhaps its just my nature. I like giving gifts. Mainly cause i don't really need anything myself. And well it makes me happy to, so i guess its a little selfish. Plus i like to think of myself as a good gift giver. That might not be the case but well who knows.
Ive come to the conclusion though in the last few months that I'm going to focus Christmas mainly on my friends now. I mean lets face it. I'm not married. And I sure as hell don't want a family of my own anytime soon. So who else is there for me to splurge idiotic amounts of money on? You guys!
But what about those friends you haven't really known all that long or feel all that connected to. Well okay there's a connection sure but you all know what i mean. Whats the etiquette for gift giving? Nothing pisses me off more when i tell someone I'm going to get them something and they respond "oh you don't have to get me anything". Really? No fuck. That's kinda the point. Its a gift. Nobody has to give you a gift. Gifts are given on the sole purpose that someone wants to do something nice for you. So shut up you ass.
I guess in the end gifts are a judgement call. Both by me and my visa bill. Regardless theres going to be a few new names in the Christmas pile this year. Gifts will be given so help me god. Course by the 24th I may just say fuck it all and everyone might get a varity of alchol. Until then though Im actually going to put some thought into it. I swear.

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