Sunday, April 29, 2007

Still cant dance.

So. Tonight was Seana's B-day at the Foggy Dew. Happy birthday again Seana. Sharmilla and a few friends joined us later, and it was a lot of fun. However,
I realized tonight I still cant dance worth anything. People always tell me I can but obviously their perspective is slanted. Maybe I just needed more drinks and less sweaty guys bumping me every two mins. Though if i did drink more i probably would have ended up like that dude in the washroom throwing up everywhere. Classy. I still cant do shots either. Although I liked whatever that was. At least more so then others I've tried. I'm a lightweight what can i say. I've got play that funky music white boy stuck in my head now. So I think I am going to call it a night. The foggy dew was good times again. I dunno what it is. But that place doesn't suck.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Mixtape for ?

I haven't done this in awhile, but i figure this is an easier way to show you all what I've been listening to as of late. I know none of you actually listen to the music i like. Still.......enjoy?

1. Tokyo Police Club-Cheer it On
2. Arctic Monkeys-Fluorescent Adolescent
3. Modest Mouse-Dashboard
4. We Are Scientists-lousy reputation
5. Bloc Party-I still remember
6. Arcade Fire-No Cars Go
7. Of Montreal-A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger
8. Mika-Grace Kelly
9. Feist-My Moon My Man
10. The Shins-Sleeping Lessons
11. Final Fantasy- This Lamb Sells Condos
12. LCD Soundsystem-New York I love you, but you're bringing me down

Current Music: Feist-My Moon My Man
Current Comic: World War 3-Keith Champagne


And now a list of things I find annoying. Enjoy.

1. Meshing celebrity names together to make one stupid name.
2. The phrase in hockey "he's going to be serving two minuets or less" (how can it be less is there a penalty thats 1:55 that i dont know about)
3. The fact that im not a reality tv star
4. "The Fans call a penalty"
5. Having missed two episodes of Lost. Now i may actually be lost.
6. Trying to be clever when im sick.
7. Being sick.
8. the double edge sword of capatilism
9. Not being able to come up with more valid things to be annoyed about.
10. Endings

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Current Comic: Hellboy-Mignola

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Its all in the cards

So I ventured forth today in preparation to loose $20 bucks at the Riverrock with the Lugs Crew. The odds were not in my favor yet I was determined. On the sky train Tainted Love popped into my head, which shook my confidence. Not exactly a song to get psyched up with.
At commercial I made the mistake of eating at the local A&W as well. A mistake which I'm sure I'll pay for in full tomorrow.
As we arrived at the Rock, I was slightly optimistic. Yet still intimated by the tables. I decided to go with Jowen, and play the nickle machines. This was mistake number one, and twenty bucks was gone. I then took out forty more. As Gamblor reared his ugly head inside of me. Twenty was for the slots, Twenty was for black jack. At least that was my original plan.
However I lost another $12 on this Price is Right knock off. Which as far as I could tell, had nothing to actually do with the price is right. Stupid Bob Barker.
My frustration boiled over and I left that horrid machine. I found myself then at a five dollar black jack table, with thirty bucks to my name. I sat down and for once in my life I actually won.
In the end I came out with $108 bucks. So hooray me! I'll let you do the math on how much I'm actually ahead. Cause well, I cant do math. In the end I'm up. And that's really all that matters. Happiness is Go!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Stuntman Mike

So this weekend I went to see the double feature Grindhouse. I went with the Lugs Crew. Minus one of course. It was a good time. I ended up missing the canucks game, but when I saw the score I'm kinda glad i did.
Anyway I had been really looking forward to seeing Grindhouse and let me say this movie did not disappoint. Kurt Russel Still remains a badass and that was one of the best car chases I've seen in awhile.
Not to mention Rose Mcgowen with a Machine Gun leg. Well its just brilliant. There's practically no other way to describe it.
I was a little worried that it would be to gory for me. Even though there was a lot of disgusting crap in it, Id say overall it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be in that department.
Even the little trailer spoofs were great. Machete and Hobo with a shotgun. I seriously wish someone would make those.
Overall I think I'd say if you like this kind of genre then defiantly see it. However if you don't. Then defiantly stay away. Personally I cant see anyone not liking that. Stuntman Mike. Brilliant.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

White Towel

Its only game one and I am already sick of the playoffs. Seven periods of hockey is too much for any one fan to endure. I seem to be against the grain, but I didn't think the four periods of O.T. were all that exciting. I'm pretty sure that had I been actually at the game, I probably would have been torn; on whether or not I should actually stay or leave. However knowing my string of luck, I would have stayed and they would have lost. Thankfully that was not the case last night. But it still doesn't make me feel any easier about this series. This is going to go at least 6.
In other complaints. When bars give away free beer for the first goal of the game. It shouldn't be Miller Genuine Draft. That's a slap in the face to customers. Plus its just bad business all together. Then again, the only way you'll ever see me drink Miller is if and when its free. And I couldn't even bring myself to do that last night.
This weekend I'm off to see Grindhouse. So far the one person who I know has seen it, said its good. However its three hours. So we'll see how long i can maintain my excitement/enthusiasm for this movie. Its got Kurt Russel, so it has some potential there at least. Plus Rose McGowan has a machine gun for a leg! If that's not worth my ten bucks I don't know what is. I think for my next post I'll do a "book" review which I'm sure the majority of you will ignore.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Im bored. So this wont end well.

Im bored. I need more things to occupy my time. Actually i should be doing my final. But screw that Ive got two whole more days. The canucks sealed up third place and Im happy. I also had an interview this week. Hooray?
So am I the only one who is not on facebook? What is up with this thing? I dont get it. I dont want to get it. I dont think I'll ever join it. Yet people cant stop talking about it. Ha! I barely like the friends I have now, why do I need more pretend ones who I'll never see or talk to in real life? Okay that friends comment was a little harsh and unfair. Still I like to think my point is valid.
Facebook and myspace have become like a plauge. Its like Outbreak but without the monkey. And Morgan Freeman. I miss Morgan Freemans sage like wisdom. Maybe I'll go watch Shawshank Redemption. YOU HAVENT SEEN SHAWSHANK. You should. I also watched the Big Lebowski for like the hundreth time this weekend. Cause this weekend was all about the wacky fun. Wasnt I supposed to be in whistler? You all peed on my valued rug.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Talky talk.

Well. I had my big old presentation today. As far back as grade seven, I remember having a giant fear of them. I don't know why really. I never used to be like that. Well today though was good. Or at least it was one of my better ones.
I still hate them and probably always will. I dunno why there's added pressure. But its there and its not going away. So i shut up like i always do and do something i don't like doing.
Maybe it was the class size this time though but for some reason i didn't suck as much. Maybe I'm just getting better at it. They all seemed to like my bad jokes. The dreaded ice breakers as it were. I dunno. But i think this might have gone well.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

You win this round conga line.

Oh man. Im so going to pay for this in the morning. Stupid sweet nector of rum. Why do you tempt me? There should be a greek god for alchol. There was for everything else. God damn. Im to old to be doing this anymore. And now i have kung fu fighting stuck in my head. I'll have to admit it is indeed a little bit frightning.
My life needs to have more togas and conga lines. A line of any kind is a good thing except for when nature calls. And what pisses me off more than anything is when people piss on the seat. We have toliet paper for a reason people! Wipe it the fuck up.
Damn i love the foggy dew. Why dont we go there more often. Okay i say that now when im drunk but will I say it when im sober. Survey says yes. Stupid game shows. Oh god damnt. Im really out of practice with this whole thing. Why do all cover bands cover Bryan Adams? Not that im complainging, but come up with something original. And play more JOURNEY! I wont stop believing till you do.
Damn that wasnt even funny. I think i should go throw up now. OR sleep. Just not both. Good times!

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