Thursday, July 28, 2005

Comic Con 2005

So with out any further adue, here now are some of the highlights from comic con.

If its one thing that this holiday taught me, is that the best two groups to gather in masses are drunks and dorks.

The Hall

The Dorks

The man the myth the legend....Dunning. And stan lee is there too.

Through hellfire and brimestone its KANE

Its Kenny Baker


Bruce Campbell. The ironic thing about this pic is that I have never seen Army of
darkness. And if I have I really dont remember it.

All I could think of when I met Margret Kidder, was that Family guy episode. The one where she was over for dinner and went insaine. It was later explained to me after meeting her, that she actually did go insaine at one point.

Amber Benson from buffy fame

Nicholas Brendon from buffy fame

Mike Mignola creator of Hellboy. He did a sketch for me and gave me a hat.

Legendary artist Jim Lee

Legendary artist Michael Turner. Best in the buisness.

Artist Tim Sale

Artist Andy Kubert

Artist Del'Otto

Artist Ian Churchill

Artist Ed Mcguiness

Writer Jeph Loeb. One of my favorites

Writer Geoff Johns

Writer Brian Azzarello

Writer J Michael Strazinky

Writer Judd Winick

Writer Greg Rucka

Other People I met but didnt get a picture with: the entire cast of serenity including my personal hero Joss Whedon. The Rock. Charlize Theoren

Things I bought while in San Diego: 4 T Shirts one of which was a thundercats. A poker table. An art work of the JLA by alex ross. Bookends that havent arrived yet. And books.

So thats the majority of the pics. Hope you enjoyed them.

Monday, July 25, 2005


I have three days off. Anyone wanna do something? I also have friday off as well. Im pretty sure. I cant really recall anymore, as all I can hear in my head is that horrible beeping. God damn technology.

Current Comic: Marvel Masterworks-by stan lee
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Next Update: Comic Con Pics

Friday, July 22, 2005

Vegas Pics

So apparently people want to know what I got up to in vegas. Well I can answer that with two words. Well three words really alot of stupid shit. Okay four words. So Im here now with an update to answer a few questions and hopefully entertain. Speaking of entertaing I think you'll find these amusing.

Yup. Thats me with Teller.

And how bout this one?

I have a few more that I think will delight and entertain, in no particular order and because im lazy, here is a few of the best of vegas.

Someone has there drunk goggles on.

Hail Ceaser!

Its a mirage

breaking even

The Hotel

You may be wondering why there is a picture of a bloody sock and step counter. Well its simple really, before I left my good friend Graham, was taking it upon himself to walk a great distance, for no reason that i could see. So while in Vegas we kept track of how much we were walking...I dont really know why....but I think, no I dare say I surpassed his goal. And not only did I surpass it but I did it drunk and in 113 degree heat. I know its not really important, but its still an accomplishment. Kinda.

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Current Comic: Marvel master works-stan lee

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What did I miss?

Well Im back home. The trip is over. Im tired and a little bit pissed off at America west, but other than that the trip was well worth it. Im not going to go into too much detail right now. But rest assured there will be pictures and other crap up by Thursday.

Some SD Highlights include: Here is where I met an Oscar winning actress, a people's champion, a legend, a droid, a wookie, a monster and a personal hero. All in all Id say the convention was pretty kickass.

Vegas Highlights: Penn and teller, blackjack with milf brothers, walking 5 miles a day in 113 degrees, General drunken merriment

Like I said earlier im too damn tired to recap it all now. Tomorrow before I go to work I'll try and do a better job. Anyway Im out for the night. Happy Bday Rich.

Current Comic: Hush-Jeph Loeb
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Friday, July 08, 2005

Week of Hell

Well. My week of hell is officially done. Thank god for that too, cause I don't think I could have lasted anymore. So now the majority of my Friday will be spent on packing. All my comics, all my clothes and most important, all my money. Its going to take forever...but whatever I don't take with me, I'll probably end up buying. So I'll also be spending Friday night over in a hotel, as apparently we fly out Saturday morning. Then its off to Vegas, and SD for 10 days. Im looking forward too it.
So that all being said, you probably realize that this may be my last post for a while. I'll try to make at least one short update when in Vegas, but depending on time, and everything who knows. Also I've been giving it some thought, and im probably going to either revamp my blog or kill it all together. I'll probably end up just revamping it. But let me know what you think I should do. Anyway, hope everyone has a good week.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Here's a big FUCK YOU! It goes out to all the angry fucking assholes who came into petro Canada tonight. Fuck you, you fucking bastards, go buy your smokes and lighters some place else. I hope each pack I sell gives you cancer you mother fuckers. And a special fuck you to the impatient prick from pump number 9. Look you son of a bitch. Id like to see you fucking try to cut out a system, while dealing with five other customers and having only one cash register available. Go back to Ball Breakers and smoke another joint you fucking douche bag!

* The following statement represents the views of Dunning and not those of the petro canada family. We would like to apologies for any inconvenience even though Dunning would not!

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Petro Canada Currently: Killing Dunning's spirit one angry customer at a time
Current ratio of good customers to bad: 1:5 (applies to night shift mostly)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


So much to do. So little time. So little sleep. Going out of my mind.

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Return of the Drunrken Dunning

Okay okay okay okay. So if you haven't already figured out by the title I am currently residing in drunkville. Its a fun little town. Population 1. We have no secrets here. Besides everyone already knows my acclaimed drunken letters to celebrities before. So that being said I feel now, that I should regal you all with a poem of spectacular venacular. So here goes. An ode to Joshua Jackson.

Oh Joshua Jackson
I remember the triple deek
I wish i could to it
but I am a humble geek
they say you banged Joey
according to tv
oh joshua jackson
i hope you didnt get vd

So there you have it. An ode to joshua jackson . I hope it was as good as it appears to be in my drunken state. Man I cant stop sneezing, dont you hate it when that happens? Its like what do I need to sneeze for? Its perhaps the most useless abiltity of the human body. Anyway back to the drunkeness. The festivities went off with out a hitch. Along with it going off without having to see Hitch, which in itsself is a major plus.
I have to say though this week is going to suck for me. I mean, I have to work everyday except Monday. Thus it will be a long crappy week before I leave for SD/Vegas. Speaking of Vegas here now is a list of things I plan on doing in Vegas. 1. Find 12 people to reinact the final scene to Oceans 12 in front of the Beliagio
2. Strippers 3. Winning Oprah like money in vegas. 4. Win Oprah. 5. Find George clooney to reinact that annoying scene in oceans 12
that's pretty much it for the vegas front. But fear not fellow reader, for I will be brining my fellow laptop along with me to Vegas and sd, so I should be able to make up posts as we go. Plus I may have the ability for pictures. PICTURES!!!!!! Anyway back to Canada day. It was fairly sub par this year but at least it wasn't spent at the worlds shittiest fireworks. Fucking fireworks. Who ever invented fire works should be drug out to the street and shot, too quote Garfield. Anyway this post needs some wrapping up. I really have nothing more I can say then "tag your man, tag your man, tag your man"

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