Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Victory is mine...sweet justice.

So you may have or may not have read my last related work post in which i described a few of our regulars. Well one of them today "creepy bald headed dude" got caught shop lifting. My boss has reviewed the tapes and now he is banned from the store. OH HAPPY DAY...OH HAPPY DAY...OH HAPPY DAY...I have been given the right to say "you have been banned get the fuck out" and to call the cops. A method you can bet I'll enforce. His face is getting plastered on our wall of shame.
Speaking of getting plastered. I had a few drinks tonight. Oh and I bought a bottle of wine for Friday. Oh yes my friends the weekends going to be oh so good. I tried some Asian beer tonight. Didn't really like it. Still, it beat Canadian. But then everything does lately. On a related note...I am an ass. Or at least I'll feel like it tomorrow. On an unrelated note the beard is sorta coming in nicely. sorta. I'm giving it two weeks starting today. I'll see how i feel about it come November. Later people.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

B.A Beardacus

Yeah that's right. I came up with that one. Although its not for mine. Ive decided i need to make changes. Or at least attempt some new things. But Ive decided to ease myself into this. So the first new thing is a beard. I'm sure its going to look horrid but the reaction I've gotten telling people the news of my decision is quite astounding. So I'm going to take the ball and run with it.
It will probably last a week or two. Infact its already starting to bug the crap out of me and its only been three days. But this could be a new look for me. Which lets face it i need. Plus it be nice not to get I.D. everywhere I go.
Though I'll never have the glory that is the Magnum P.I. or even the Sean Connory. I think it might turn out okay. Maybe. But really this whole baby face thing wasn't doing me any favours. We had a good run. A few laughs. So maybe now its time to move on to bigger and better things. So there you have it. I'm thinking of calling this one Patch Bearadams. But Im happy to take suggestions.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poco makes me sad.

So I havent done a work related post since I left the depths of hell that was petro canada. And I havent blogged in a while so here we are. Anyway I really love my new job. Okay I like it. The people I work with are great. Its nice to finally be in a close group. That being said when you serve a lot of well lets just say not so well to do people. You get to see a lot of shady things.
I never realized how shady poco is. And I can hear some of you say already its not that bad. But those some dont live here anymore. POCO IS SHADY. For example one of my coworkers was walking back after his shift at 11 o clock and got stabbed. Attacked by three young punk kids. Hes fine. Actually the kids took the worst of it. But still, stabbed!
And then there is the four attempted robberys at work that Ive been involved in. These people are a cancer on my soul. So far thank god nothing serious has happend. But the fact that it happens is scary enough. Ive had the cops involved twice now. There was one arrest.
Then theres the other sketchers. Like Creepy bald headed roid monkey. This dude freaks the shit out of me. He deals, he intimidates the clerks. He got picked up twice in the past week and yet hes back out on the streets in a day. He steals from other stores in the area and us. But the fact that he tries to intimidate clerks is scary enough. Im really freaked out that this dude will try something sometime.
Then theres the smelly creepy voodoo lady. She comes in every day, I mean EVERY day and buys shit. She smells, her crumpled up money smells and she tries to take advantage of the store. She always asks if she can pay it back later. Sometimes if its not much like forty cents or something i let it slide. But my boss is getting pissed cause its starting to turn into 8 bucks and shit. I say no of course. But Im afraid she'll show up one day with a tiny little doll of me and a pin/lighter.
Finally theres the fucking scam artist. These people make me hate life and this vocation. Other than them though the vocation is great. Although i did get scammed last week for a shitload of money mainly cause im not that bright. But this guy didnt look like a bum. And I trusted him. Like i always trust everyone one. Again this is me being not so bright.
Anyway other than that I love the job. People are great. Its fun. Getting back into hockey and planning a sweet trip with some people in december. Oh and England made it to the knockout round in the world cup of rugby. I'll probably stay up late into the wee hours of the night to cheer on Johnny Wilkinson. Anyway thats it. Later days.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


For all my comic enjoyment over the past few years. I have never been able to really say that Ive enjoyed something as much as this book. This is possibly the greatest fantasy comic of all time. I'm sure there are others that come close. I'm sure some try to pack just as much adventure, fantasy and humor.
However as sure as i am of all this, I am sure it all falls short. Nothing can compare to Bone. This was just enjoyable from beginning to end. I know its cliche to say but its true.
The dragons, the rat people, the lord of loctus, lost kingdoms and of course The Bones from Boneville. You could say this book has it all. And you wouldn't be lying. Im serious it does. Its a modern day lord of the rings. Except with Jeff Smith you don't get long drawn out paragraphs chronicling everything you could possibly think of.
What you do get with Jeff Smith, is quality writing. A certain understated sense of humor that will just make you smile. Like a calvin and hobbes panel.

Every time i think i have this book figured out Jeff throws a curve ball. You really get to know these characters and this world. You get to connect with them in every way possible. Feel for them. Their triumphs and heartbreaks. Their imperfections. Its all believable and yet not so much.
Jeff Smith has received so much success from this book that its even being reissued again in color by scholastic. Did I mention this was black and white? Some might not be drawn to that form of graphic novel but I tell you this, it is so worth it. I mean yeah it looks great in color. The black and white however is where its at. Seriously. I guess in the end without spoiling anything all i can say is really this: This is better than the last few Harry Potter books. Close to the lord of the rings. And just a kick ass book all around. I wouldn't say it surpasses Alan Moores the Watchmen but it certainly cracks my top ten of great graphic novels.

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