Friday, July 18, 2008


There are very few times in life you will ever walk out of a theatre feeling better about yourself. Something in the air. Like life somehow makes sense again. Like you had fun sitting around with a bunch of random strangers watching moving pictures. Like coming out of Plato's cave.
My friends this is one of those times. My words will fail to successfully express just how good this movie was. This movie became so much more than itself. It had a life force.
Never in a theatre has one mans presence emoted so much from the audience. Never has one mans performance been that good. I've joked around (pardon the pun) like any good comic geek would. Like any fanboy would. That he'll never get an Oscar nod cause its a comic book movie.
My friends he will get an Oscar nod. And it wont be a pity nod because of the tragic circumstances. This man breathed life into this character. He was this character. The subtlety and nuances that he put on, well it just gave me chills. The clearing of saliva from the throat. The combing of hair. The laugh. My god the laugh was just perfect.
There are very few times that i have ever been moved by a performance. Had you come to me last year and said that I would be moved by someone acting as the joker. Well I may have laughed at you. But as luck (and possibly the Joker) would have it. It looks as if the laugh is on me.
I want to find a flaw in this movie. Discredit it in someway. Jump off the inevitable hype machine. But i cant. This was fate. This was the perfect cast. With the perfect script. At the perfect time.
This movie became something more than comics, characters and cannon. It became about a performance. It became about a man, who poured his life and soul into his craft. His life was cut short tragically. But that performance. The subtleties, the nuances will live forever. And fanboys like myself thank you for it. Thank you Heath Ledger, you became the true hero of this story. Rest well.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Time off. Comics Movies. And Fight night.

So apparently Im an indie music snob. This was discovered after vikram invited me to TV on the Radio. A band I was more than certain he had never heard of. Needless to say I was shock so if I appeared snobbish I appoligise to you good sir.
Im also attending Airbourne with Div in sept. I checked them out recently and its pretty kickass stuff. Im looking forward to it.
Im also looking forward to a lot of the comic book movies that are coming out this summer. On the top of my list are Batman the dark Knight (but of course) and Hellboy 2.
I've actually really been impressed with the calliber of movies this summer. Aside from Indiana jones and the plots that go nowhere I've been more than pleased. I have yet to see it but I've heard even the hulk is good. I think I'll go sometime this weekend. But its going to be hard to match the awesomeness that was Ironman. There's something i never thought id say.
Tomorrow is fight night. Im going to be getting drunk and watching two grown men kick the crap out of eachother for money. What an age we live in. Should be good fun. Contact me if you wanna come watch.

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Oh and i got a week off starting on the 14th of july. I suggest a lugs road trip.