Sunday, October 30, 2005

Please Help.

I try and stay away from personal bloging (unless im drunk). I never wanted to get too emo on here. And that's not to say im going to now. But I have a bit of a quandary.
As many of you know, I have to give a presentation for the first time since high school. To some, this may not seem like that big of a deal. And my rational side is telling me its not.
Yet going on past experiences. Well, lets just say none were good. Just ask matt about my grade 12 English speech. I think I've developed a bit of a phobia towards public speaking. Actually I don't think it, I know it to be true.
This brings me too my current problem. 1) How do you get over phobias in less than 48hrs? 2) Anyone have public speaking tips

Solutions I have come up with: 1) drink a couple shots of tequila before class. 2) Drink tones of caffeine and coffee so im completely hyper and not worried about everyone else. Though both these ideas are funny, they're not exactly practical.

so In conclusion PLEASE HELP!!

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

One day Im going to write an Idiots guide to prepay

Okay. Just for the record. INSERT YOUR PETRO CARD FIRST. Then Insert your payment card. Then follow instructions on the screen. Then lift handle. Then pump gas.
There are signs up on that side. All you have to do is look. Why cant you people figure this out?
Oh and why is it such a big deal to come into the store. Is it because a total of two minutes of your time has been lost? Its not my fault you cant learn the process.
So once again. Petro Card First. Payment Card Second. Follow the instructions.
God I hope I win that 40 million.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

The slightly buzzed durnken Dunning

okay okay okay okay okay. I went to get another drink, and i thought i had stuff, honestly I did. But I apparently drank it all. So im going to have to blog on the five I had at the Well. And I mean what the fuck? Seriously. I dont have enough in me to sustain a good blog. That will have to be for next week. But what i can talk about now is something that concerns me very much at this point. Thats predestination.
Im not sure how much i buy in to this whole predistination thing. Sure Its nice if your a romantic and all that, but honestly I dont think anything is written in the cards so to speak. Though thats not to say that things cant happen. It may be coincidental but perhaps things are planned out.
Take for instance my family. What many of you may not know, and what i may regret sharing is that my family or at least my mom, deals with a physic. So far the physic has been dead on, in many respects. Eerie respects. For instance, she said we would be faced with four deaths this year. And so far she's been right.
Does this mean that my future is written in the stars? Well I doubt it. But part of wishes it to be so. Cause from what i hear. It be a pretty fuckin sweet future. Better than what im doing now. And what am i doing now? Jack all.
Like i said, im not sure i buy into the whole predestination thing. Though lets take a look at milton for a second here. I mean Paradise lost is rittled with predestination. For instance the tree of knowledge. Why is it there? I mean the garden is supposed to be paradise, so why have something that will eventually mess paradise up already installed in it. It makes no sense. Honestly think about it. If god is all powerful and all good. Why create a potential for sin? I mean God cant sin so where does it come from? Fuck i dont know what im talking about anymore. God damn Milton.
Personally I agree with the fact that its all one massive conspiracy. God set us up from the begining to fail. Which in itself makes no sense. Have I mentioned that i hate milton? Damn you milton! Damn you. Why would god make Adam aware of obidence in the first place? was it only so he would be disobident? Im not making sense cause im rambling and im slightly buzzed.
If I talked about what i really wanted to talk about this post, it would be really depressing and i'd have to drink more. In any case I cant cause Ive ran out of liqour. which is depressing in itsself. You know whats great? Liqour. I love booze. I also love goooooooooooollllllllldddd. I dont know why i just did that. I dont know why i do anything. I dont know why we (mankind) were created. I dont want to know. Its all too problematic.
I need another drink. My breathe will really stink. If I cant afford a cup. I'll pour it down the sink.
Ha! Theres my drunken poem for you. It makes no sense but i like it. I know you like it too. Well this has been really educational. But me thinks me must procure more booze before going further in to the pscyoanalytical analasy of whatever the hell it is im talking about. Hooray!
I leave you now with some more poetry.
Milton Milton Milton.
Sitting on a fence
Milton Milton Milton
I guess I am to Dense
Milton Milton Milton
god how i hate you
Milton Milton Milton
what exactly do you do?
Well that was all well and good. Perhaps there will be more durkin posts tomorrow because of the canucks game. I hope so. You know why? I love booze.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005


I dunno why. But im overwhelmed with this feeling of obligation. Not for work, or school but obligation for bloging. My bloging skills as you can probably tell, have really gone downhill. Not that they were ever up. But they're on a steady decline lately.
I blame this recent occurrence of crappy blogging on school. That and the fact no one reads this blog. I also blame the recent occurrence of crappy blogging on the lack of alcohol. There hasn't been a Durken Dunning for months now. At least it feels that way. The solution to this problem people is obvious. So who wants to buy me some Rum? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah I didn't think so.
To combat my steady decline of blogging skills, I thought Id respond to some of the lame questionnaires on Dickolas Wangs site. At this point though, I've talked myself out of it. Mainly because no one would be interested in it. And I don't have the time to go through it.
Next I was going to bitch and complain about getting screwed out of a poker hand tonight. But seeing as how everyone agrees that I lost that hand. Its a feudal effort on my part to continue it any further.
I think I'll have to revamp this blog a little bit over the next couple of days. Any suggestions would be helpful. Along with any alcohol. And now I leave you with a list of currents.

Current CD's in rotation: Sufjan Stevens-Illinois. Franz Ferdinand-You could have it so much better. Death Cab For Cutie-Plans. New Pornographers-Twin Cinema. Radiohead-Kid A.
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Friday, October 14, 2005

I'll stick to my rum and cokes.

Im bored as hell. Perhaps thats because Im sitting here on a Friday night printing off journal articles for my paper on John Miltons Paradise Lost. Curse you Milton! Seems everyone had somewhere to be tonight.
I did manage to get to a bar with Rexin at some point today. So I guess that's something. And Im still convinced that beer still sucks. Even if it is Kieth's. Im sorry its true. Oh and speaking of Rexin. These are for you. Enjoy. I'll post again later.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

The worst shift ever.

Fuck. I was going to post about the posters I got framed. And put up some pics of them. But after the shift I had tonight. I think im just going to grab some strong tylenol and cry in my beer.
This has not been a good thanksgiving. First I have to work for a shit ass company that wont even give me holiday pay. Second I have to deal with all the asshole public (and im not saying everyone) but the majority of you, need to leave your shit at home. I don't need to deal with your fuck all attitude. If your rude to me, well guess what, I don't want your business. This is something I learned tonight. Its amazing what people can do when they're pissed off.
Second. I've had it with the crack addicts and bums in poco. You will get no more toleration from me. Im not giving you any more change or free shit from my store. In fact I don't want you in and around the store, and especially not for three hours. Go whore yourselves out somewhere else (not that you'll ever read this). And when management tells you to leave, you don't go and throw coffee and shit all over the place. Thankgod for night managers.
Second. Managers don't know shit. Im sorry but they dont. If they did they wouldn't put the two most inexperienced people on the same shift and ask them to deal with closing for the first time with no prior experience. This is not helpful. And its even less helpful when you try and talk someone through it on the phone. Especially when there are 8 angry people in the store. Who eventually will make me snap.
Fuck I need to find another job. And one that's more flexible with hours. I just need to find a better job in general. Fuck I hate my job. And bums.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005


Just got back from the Arcade fire concert. It was really good. I was pretty happy with it overall, and im glad I went. My only beef with it, was the stupid hipster crowd trying to mosh to wake up. I mean, im sure not all hipsters are bad. Not all indie kids act this way. So it might have just been this crowd, but there seemed to be a lot more shoving and pushing and butting in, then I was used to.
I guess I should be used to it by now. I mean it comes with the territory, when one goes to concerts. But it would be nice, if just once, just once they said excuse me. Or pardon me. Or could you please move, instead of shoving you aside like they own the place. I know its something that I should come to expect with concerts but still, where have manners gone to these days?
Another gripe I had was people butting in and standing right in front of you; I mean, I didn't pay 40 bucks to stair at the back of your head or be toppled over or stepped on or have your hair shoved in my face. And no I don't care that your friends are over there, you should have stayed with them, and if they really are your friends as you claim them to be, why the hell did they leave you?
Anyway Im getting off topic, cause the thought of all the stupid hipsters is getting me irritated, and for that im sorry.
I'll leave this post by closing with, the concert was good. The Arcade fire were awesome and the two best songs from the set would have to be No Cars Go and Wake UP. I was also impressed with the opening acts, Wolfe Parade were great even though the sound could have been a little better. And Belle Orch were good too. All in all it was a good show.
Anyway I've rambled for long enough, so im going to go do some reading and finish off that essay. Later.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

"This coming from someone whose favorite show is about a female vampire slayer"

wow. wow wowwy wow wow. Wow! Tonight I was witnessed to one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies I've ever seen. Now, I should warn you that this is coming from a total whedon fan boy. I worship the ground he walks on. Yeah I said it.
I'll admit though. I had some trepidation about this movie. I remember being completely obsessed with it back in the summer. Even at Comic Con I was determined to meet Whedon and the serenity cast. Which got me this.

So as you can probably tell. I was more then a little excited about seeing this movie tonight. And with such high expectations, I was really hoping that it wouldn't disappoint. It did not!
Serenity was outstanding from start to finish. If you're a Firefly fan, or a Whedon fan you'll love this movie. Some people have even said it has equaled Empire, and is the next Star Wars. Some people.
The acting in this was great. Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau were awesome. Well the entire cast was awesome but especially those two. As I said from start to finish this was the best damn Sci-Fi movie I've seen in years. The master is back. I want to go watch it again. I should probably start brushing up on my Wonder Woman as well. I suggest you do the same! Thank you Whedon!

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