Monday, January 24, 2005


The more I learn about Parmenides, the more I realize how inept his argument is. Yet, much of Ancient Greek philosophy is derived from Parmenides's argument. So it should follow then, that if much of Ancient Greek philosophy is derived from Parmenides and Parmenides's argument is inept, then Ancient Greek philosophy is inept. Perhaps this is why a degree in the subject is so useless.....Im so confused. But like I always say, there's nothing like higher education to make a learned man feel stupid.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

The return of the return of the durken dunning

Im back, like a shaq attack. I defend my zone with more prowless then the N zone. Khan!!!!! So in case you didnt already know, Im drunk. And as such, I must and always blog. Why?!? Well, for you're amusement of course, because I certainly find none of this funny. Apparently, with the year of the Dunning, also comes body building and coffee. Even though I hate coffee, but not as much as I hate my computer at this very moment in time. Solution. I have many a people wanting to work out, and two that can actually commit to this, whether this actually works out or not, does entirely depend on them. Second, my Spiderman mini Bust is Awesome. And well worth the purchase. Alex Ross did an awesome job on this.
Also many songs, I find annoying at this moment, but none so much as Jennifer Lopez Get there. Alright, alright, alright. Whats wrong with indie music? Answer:Nothing.
Second. Movies I want to see this year are as follows: 1. Serenity (SOMEONE HAS TO SEE THIS WITH ME) 2. Fantastic Four (looks fucking awesome) 3. Star Wars (Star Wars) 4. Sin City (comic book related, and still looks fucking awesome) 5. Harry Potter 4 (i dunno if this is even out this year).
Oh, and there's nothing wrong with being conservative. Hell, you better get used to it bitches. Man o live, there are men alive in here. As you probably can tell Im typing whatever comes to mind, and as such not much is.
O.C. Question: You're with a girl you like down by the ocean, she is drunk, and suggests a swim. do you A) Leave you're date while you go find things for her to sober up with, as she plunges to her possible death. B) stay with you're friend/date being the sensible guy you are C) leave then come back to discover she's not there and run into the ocean screaming for dramatic purposes, and blame others for you're mistake. If you chose C you'd be right, but then you'd be Right with A as well.
Damnt this piss's me off, but I guess soemtimes, Bruce Banner just turns into the Hulk.
Im starting to realize that this blog isnt as much funny, as it is Sad. So With that I think I shall leave you, before I do any more damage then I already have. And as such I leave you with a list of TV shows I watch prestently. MON: Raw, 24 Tues: Smallville Wed: Lost, Alias, Veronica Mars Thurs: Smackdown, The OC Fri: who watches TV on friday? Weekly: Daily Show, Conan O'Brian reruns. Fuck I am drunk, I must go and sleep this off now, I apologies for not making this blog more entertaing, and I apologies for not getting the lists up, they will be up shortly.

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Friday, January 21, 2005


Well, the room is finally done. Got my bed, its 3/4 of the way done. Well really the bed's assembled, I just have to put the drawers in. Today I got 100% on my Beowulf reading quiz. Sure its just a reading quiz, but this is probably the only time, I'll ever have 100% in any class. Also, officially signed on for the Curling Club. Two bucks well worth it. Then it was on to beers, and fries with Rexin at the crappy SFU pub. Upon which I had one of the worst Rum and Cokes, that I think I've ever had.
I would have updated this blog during our time in the SFU Library but I got lazy.
Anyway, I think for tomorrow night that, I would very much like to go drinking. Perhaps Karaoke. Perhaps something that involves both. But Im not holding my breath, infact, I predict now that time will be spent in my basement, where upon we will be playing Texas Holdem, for a 2-5 dollar buy in. Either way I still plan on doing some drinking.
Also, in English we watched Beowulf, staring Christopher Lambert, which was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And it saddens me to think that I may have already seen it before. But it doesn't sadden me as much as the guy who brought Dungeons and Dragons into class today. At any rate I leave you with a list of some of the worst actors out there today: 1. Keanu Reeves 2. George Clooney 3. Christopher Lambert 4. Charlie Sheen 5. I cant think of any others, but Im sure you can.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


So, one book down 10 to go. Well approximately 10. Im coming to the conclusion that this Monsters and Monstrosity class is going to be as good as it gets. The material is entertaining and the prof isn't bad either. Plus we get to watch a lot of cool movies along with other bonuses. Today I heard Beowulf in its original translation and watched scenes from Gladiator. I love this class.
I still haven't got my bed yet. They keep saying its delayed. For some reason I don't believe them. Its just a pain in the ass. Im tired of sleeping on the floor.
There was something else I was going to blog about, but I forgot what the hell it was. Anyway, I know I said that those reviews and all this other shit would be up today, but as you can see, it obviously isn't. What can I say, I lied. It'll be up by Thursday or Friday.....Or will it? Well probably, unless I get busy finishing up this essay. And now here for your enjoyment a list of songs that were stuck in my head today: Beyonce-Crazy in love, Arcade Fire-Wake Up, Notorious B.I.G.-Big Poppa, Kayne West-all falls down and finally Asbestos Concern-Bob's House of Earthly Pleasure.

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Monday, January 17, 2005


Okay. Just a few things that I thought, I'd pass on to all of you. First, we now have links (thanks in large part to Richard). So, now all I need is to put up some pics and we're good to go. Second, I know I said I would post a bunch of stuff on here about 2004. But honestly I've had better things to do, they'll be on by Tuesday at the latest.
So now on to other things, Suave Mofo's have started out their season, on the same way they ended their last one. With two loses. However, with a new look, new attitude and much improved skill level, we may actually be able to win a few games this semester.
Anyway, next week for those that don't know, I'll be turning twenty three. I think. Actually I completely forgot that my Birthday was coming up this week, until other people told me so. I dunno what I'll be doing yet for it. Hopefully it'll be something somewhere though. Anyway that about wraps this up. I think Im going to go do some work now.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Best of School Review 2005

Just in time for the first week of school, is the review of last years school year. Okay lets go.

Paradise Lost-John Milton *****

Perhaps the most staggering piece of literature I've ever had to read. At times it could be both frustrating and brilliant. An epic for the ages, and a book I will forever love to hate. Milton's poem is perhaps the most difficult thing I've had to read since Chaucer and pynchon. Infact I don't know how I got through it. Paradise Lost falls on a classical epic structure, now im not going to get into what that entails, cause it entails a lot. Miltons poem is set everywhere and also encompasses all of mans existence (or a good majority). It regales epic battles, the fall of Satan and the subsequent fall of man. It uses epic smilies and prose that astound and amaze. Yet, Perhaps the most impressive thing to think about is Milton wrote this blind. This book was simply an enjoyment too read and discuss all around. If you're an English major Id suggest taking an Milton course, even if your not id suggest taking it, it will both please and mess up your mind.

Titus Andronicus-Shakespeare *****
I had never heard of this play till I took this course. Yet Im glad that I read it. Perhaps, one of the more action packed and gore filled tragedies that Shakespeare has ever written. A rape, beheadings, several murders and cannibalism fills out the majority of the plot. Titus is the story of a fallen general who descends deeper into madness as his family is continually wronged. Those who have heard me vouch for Hamlet as one of my favorite Shakespeare tragedies will now hear me vouch for Titus as a extremely close second. Oh, and the movie staring Anthony Hopkins is great too.

Romeo and Juliet-Shakespeare ***
Cant have an early Shakespeare course with out one of the greatest love stories ever written. Having not read this play since grade nine, it was nice to go back and revisit it. I had forgotten a lot of what actually happened. Yet I found rereading this play now, that Romeo is a bit of a melodramatic douche. Infact the only sensible one in the play is Juliet, and even she looses it in the end. This play is a classic, Im not debating that. And yes it is probably the greatest love story, I wont debate that either. Yet it was hard to get away from my own preconceptions and the Lucasesque dialogue. I'll admit to laughing quite a bit at some of the more serious moments in the play. Oh those crazy kids, a plague upon there houses indeed.

Richard the Second-Shakespeare **
My god this was horrible. Okay maybe not horrible, but I just didn't like it. Perhaps it would have been better coming before the tragedies. This historical play was a bit of snooze fest. Especially when compared to the last two. The play had its moments and some of the characters and historical aspects were interesting, but when it came right down to it, I was just hoping that someone would hurry up and kill somebody. Perhaps I'll have a greater appreciation for this play when I go and reread it over the holidays, but for now It will have to settle for a failing grade.

Henry IV part one-Shakespeare ***
More interesting than Richard the second. Better characters and overall a more interesting plot. This is a continuation from Richard the second. Perhaps I have a little biased to this play, as I had to perform a scene out of it, in my best drag this year. Best 15% I ever had to earn. Overall though this play was more enjoyable and may even have me read part two. Someday.

A Midsummers Nights Dream-Shakespeare ****
I really liked this one. Never read any of the Shakespeare comedies before but this was pretty interesting, and actually funny at parts. Shakespeare blends two worlds together with fantasy and myth. Fairies, Weddings and a play within a play, though this play starts in a tragic form, it really turns into a really great comedy. I'll probably go see it on bard on the beach, if it plays this summer.

As You Like It *****
Personally I thought this was the better comedy. It reminds me of some kinda sitcom, I wanna say seinfield but that's too obvious. Yet, misunderstood love, Jesters and wrestlers, not to mention cross dressing makes for great situational comedy. And a scene that would make any literary scholar go "what the hell" makes for some interesting debates. This was a good way to end the course and makes me happy that I'll be taking more Shakespeare next semester.

Of truth and of Plantation and Novum Organum-Francis Bacon **
Short little poems, so I'll give a short little exert. Wasn't blown away. Interesting read, found other things a bit more interesting. Still though I didn't mind it. I guess I just don't appreciate his influence as much as others.

Leviathan-Hobbes ***
Yet something you'll only read if you're an English Major or Philosopher. I really didn't enjoy Hobbes. Its a difficult read. Perhaps my stance would be different, if I had read the entire thing and not just some exerts. Plus my view on the Leviathan is a little skewed because of what was on the final. All in all though from what I read of Hobbes, I wasn't all that captivated.

Sun Rising, Good Friday, Meditation 4-John Donne *
17th century poetry just isn't my cup of tea. I don't get it. Its all the same or seems to be the same themes. I mean yeah sure its influential, but honestly what do I have to gain from reading this?

Love (3)-George Herbert **
It gets a little on the preachy side for my tastes. All about the church, Christianity and all that other stuff. Alright to read, but honestly I could take it or leave it.

To his coy Mistress-Andrew Marvell **1/2
Again better then the previous. It was an alright read. Just not everything Its was built up to in the text.

Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum-Aemilia Lanyer *
The beginning of the end, for my interest in feministic writing. I really didn't care much for this, not because it was feministic in nature, but because it wasn't all that good.

Sonnet 13, Sonnet 78, and Pamphilia to Amphilanthus-Lady Mary Worth **
Lady Mary worth, is worth exactly two stars. See what I did there? Anyway I liked the sonnets to be honest, but I was starting to get sick of the ideal feminist, and feminist thinking at this point. Its all the same crap. I am sorry, but its true.

To the Two universities, The Blazing World, Modest Reflections-Margret Cavendish ***
Now were getting somewhere. Unlike her predecessors Cavendish was actually interesting to read. Some good stuff in The Blazing World, interesting stories, considering the time period. Cavendish would probably be my favorite out of the feministic writers.

The Lady Eleanor Her Appeal-Lady Eleanor Davies *
I dunno what else to really say. Other than this was my breaking point with feminist writing for the semester. I tried to weather the storm but in the end it broke me and I just couldn't care anymore.

The married state, Upon the double murder of king charles, to mrs M.A. parting-Katherine Philips ** 1/2
Alright the final feminist of the semester. The second of the three pieces, was actually interesting to read. Other than that though, I could do with out. I mean The married state, try guessing what that was about. Why do they make us read this?

All for Love-John Dryden ****
A different take on the Shakespeare play Antony and Cleopatra. Great play. Well both of them are great plays actually. Dryden leaves out a lot of the political background that Shakespeare covers, but needless to say this play is still an outstanding read. A great take on a fantastic shakespearian tragedy.

Oroonoko or the Royal Slave-Aphra Behn ***
Not a bad story. Its an account of political and private lives meshing not so well together. Much like All for love, powerful political figures are placed against eachother and their lives are thrown into chaos because of it. The story revolves around royalty, becoming a slave then fighting back for his freedom. Not a bad read.

Modest Proposal, Gullivers Travels-Johnathan Swift *****
A modest proposal isn't all that modest at all. Its a short proposal describing a solution to the poverty problem in Ireland. That solution is.....Cannabalism. The sarcasm is not lost on readers as they make their way through Swifts proposal. As good as it is though, Gullivers Travels is that much better. For those who have not read Guillivers Travels, you should its an outstanding read and quite funny too.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Why has thou forsaken me?!? I dunno what it is, but my luck with English classes has never been very good. My last semester at Douglas, I had to read Thomas Pynchon Gravity's Rainbow. Now, I know of only one other person, whose actually familiar with Pynchon's work and even he couldn't finish it. Not only that, but in that same semester I had to read Moby Dick. I dunno if any of you have actually read Moby Dick, but by the time I finished with it, it had me seriously questioning why we call that a classic.
And now for this semester, I get the pleasure of reading Beowulf. Okay, so I've been assured that the plot is more or less pretty simple. But the style is confusing and if wasn't for the cliff notes (located within the book its self) and the wonders of the internet, Id have no idea what is going on.
However, I am 30 pages into Beowulf right now. And I hope to finish it by Friday, so I can start to work on the essay. All in all though, the classes are actually pretty cool. The English (monsters and monstrosity) is actually pretty fun, and the philosophy aint bad either. It be even better, if the professor could remember to show up on time, instead of an hour late.
Anyway, Im going to go do some work. I'll update later, when I have some spare time, which will probably be Friday. So Expect some stuff up then.

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Friday, January 07, 2005


Well, its been almost a week since I've last updated this blog of mine. That's probably the longest period of time, that I've gone without doing something with this blog for a while now. So, what have I been doing with myself? Honestly. Not a whole lot.
New Years was great, as you can probably tell from the previous post. I think the basement almost reached full capacity. Monday, I won my first ever Texas Holdem tournament. Although, I paid twice in doing so.
The rest of the week was spent in either a car dealership or workin on this stupid room of mine. Which I am happy to say is finally finished. Yes I have a wood floor. Of which I am lying on now, as the rest of my furniture hasn't arrived. But it's supposed to, tomorrow.
Nothing much else to report on. Oh, I've managed to come up with something new for this blog, which if I remember will be put on next week. Also, I'll finish my reviews of 2004 this weekend. I should have had them up a week ago, but with New Years and the problems with my room, I haven't had much access to the computer. Anyway, weather permitting I should have all this stuff up on here (not that people care) unless of course I get busy with something else, of more importance like school.

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

The return of the durnken dunning

Alright. So New Years is officially over. Everyone's gone home. And Im more then a little bit drunk, though I don't feel it. And as I sit here, in my now Vacant room, with no flooring and or bed or anything really. I contemplate what the future will hold. Rexin has deemed 2005 to be the year of Dunning. Whether or not this turns out, remains to be seen. Damn Im drunk. Oh oi oi oi oi. Also I remember getting punched in the face by a man who, well doesn't go about punching people in the face. So I guess it was a little bit of a surprise.
Tomorrow, I have to paint my room, and were going downtown to look at a Lexus. I cant remember the other reason were going downtown right now, cause IM too god damn drunk. Also, my jaw is sore. What riches, wonderment and adventure awaits me in 2005? One can only guess. I have also thought of my New Years resolution, but if tell them too you now, they won't come true. Plus, I don't wanna tell you anyway, as I'll probably be laughed at. Which really is no suprise, as IM generally laughed at for doing stupid shit.
So, I guess that's that. I'll be posting my Reviews of 2004 within the next day or so. So check out for that. Maybe this truly will be the year I get things done, though I think IM going to have to sober up first.
Happy New Year......ya ingrate's!

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