Monday, January 30, 2006

Vikram's Big Day.

For those that do not know, Vikram has his b-day on Wednesday. Once more, the lazy bastard has left it up for me to decide what to do. I am all out of ideas. Though I didn't really have any to begin with. For those interested in coming out for this, you should let me know by sometime tomorrow night. If I don't hear from you via phone, this blog or other means, I'll assume you're not coming. But regardless contact me if you're interested. Oh and here are the ideas.

1. Bar (see the originality)
2. Club
3. Comedy Club
4. Karaoke(though it should be noted that vikram has vetoed this)
5. Finally vikram suggested going to see a play, and though I know he was kidding im throwing it on there too.

Anyway that's all vote now. Conctact me later.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006


I hate my job. Yet I still go. This cant be healthy.

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Sitting here trying to write at least some of my 18th century lit. paper, but its not going well. I've tried to use music to get out of my creative rut here, but I've exasperated everything I wanted to listen to. Only thing that seems to be keeping me going here is a healthy mix of Journey and Bowie. Only I don't have enough Bowie, im thinking of downloading his greatest hits, unless someone has an album they can suggest me. Graham? Richard? Anyone......

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On an unrelated note-Karaoke anyone?

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Just got back from the coldplay concert. Which was just awesome. Every song that they did was fantastic live. In fact this performance is probably my second favorite concert of all time. Some highlights included The cover of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire. Which surprisingly worked. Of all the songs they could have Covered Cash never even occurred to me.
Coldplay seem like genuinely nice guys. And Chris Martin seems like a class act. According to Martin a good majority of the band had food poising the night before the show, now I am no doctor, but food poisoning is never fun. Yet, to go through a second show when you're not at 100% and still pull of an amazing performance speaks volumes (at least to me).
However this brings me to apoint. I am tired of defending this band. I love coldplay, I will always continue to support them, but im sick and tired of people taking shots at them just cause they're an easy target. I don't know why the third album was received with such bitterness and resentfulness. The songs are great, and even better live. As I've said im tired of defending this band and other bands like them against posers, hipsters and metal heads alike. If you don't like their music for a genuine reason, fine. It still doesn't mean I have to listen to you. People mock what they just don't understand. And so im throwing in the towel, im tired of listening to you people who wont give this band a chance. On a totally unrelated note same goes for comics. I like what I like, doesn't mean you have to.
Sorry back to the actual post. I got a little pissed off and rambly there. Anyway the concert itself was great, and im glad I got to hear politik. Fiona Apple was good also, and I'll probably look in to her album, reminded me of a little bit of Joplin but from what I heard it was really bluesy stuff. Id say its safe to say that the real highlights of the night were yellow, clocks and the scientist. All in all chris martin puts on a great live show and im really glad that I finally got to see them live. I'll probably go again if I ever get the chance. Anyway that's bout it. I'll say more later maybe, might even post shitty shitty cellphone pics. But probably not, cause you'll just make fun.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Going to Coldplay tomorrow.

Songs I will most likley hear: Clocks. The Scientist. Yellow. Fix You. Speed of sound
Songs I want to hear but probably wont: Politik. Everythings not lost. Spies

Thats pretty much it. I was going to do more. But I dont know anything bout the opening acts. other than the first was in the verve. Or whatever that band was.

Anyway I'll up date tomorrow.

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Random Thoughts.

Ticket Master is frustrating.
I don't really care about 19th century London Street life
My Morning Jacket-Z is a good album
Papers are a pain in the ass, as are presentations.
I should really watch more 24.
I need something to drink
this post is pointless.
I gotta find a better job, subsequently I hate my job.
Augury means the practice of divining from the flight of birds etc; divination
I think I like Hamlet even more now
the royal rumble is on Sunday, I doubt I'll watch it
Astonishing X-Men is back out in febuary. Hooray!
2 days until Coldplay!
I wonder who that Anonymous comment was.
Anthony Hopkins is awesome.
That is all.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hellz Yeah.

Today was a good day. Not just because it was my birthday. No, today was a good day because the impossible has happened. Yes, my beloved Hawks are in the Superbowl. It still seems strange. Like an impossible dream. And I still get a little misty eyed even thinking about it. But it has happened. We are one step closer to the ultimate goal. Aside from the Canucks winning the stanley cup, this is perhaps the greatest Birthday gift ever. GO HAWKS!

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Durnken Dunning.

Okay okay okay okay. so. many things to cover, many many things. 1st thing to cover. Why canada should have a fascist government. Second thing to cover, what categories of stars there are. Third thing to cover, birthdays and why we drink.
Lets start with the latter. Me drink because me cant think of anything better to do with my time. Plus i have money to spend. Plus i want to so shut up. Now on to first category.
Why should canada have a fascist dictatorship. Why i have been urged to blog about this i still dont know. One, there isnt enough dictatorships in the world these days. I mean cmon really I cant think of one, but when was the last tiime there has ever been a succesful fascist dictatorship? Mousilini probably. Im guessing canada doesnt has enough mou but not enough silini in it. I mean we're a pretty tolerant society. Yet were not pro active enough when angered. I mean look at the current state of things. What kind of pussy ass country are we? We used to kick some serious ass and now, were second class to bush. FUCKING BUSH the man who cant figure out how to fucking open up a door on his way out of a press conference holds a fucking trump card over us. That will not stand. I cant tolerate living under that diptshit. That is why we must fight the power with an even greater power my friends. Canada must become fascist. If its one thing Bush fears its past presidents. Or dictatorships. What the hell this post makes no sense. Fuck it.
Second topic. What kind of celeberities are there. Well. personally I only recognised half of the celeberities that Dinning had brought up in his comment. One that I am all to familiar with is Kevin Bacons Penis. You know that sounded a lot more disgusting than i had intended. So please let me explain. There has not been a movie that kevin bacon has been in where he hasnt exposed himself to the world. My first experince with this came with Wild Things. What a shitty movie. Yet it still managed kevin bacons penis exposure. Even though he had a towel in his hand, it didnt matter. The man was out their for the world to see. Im not sure if that takes *balls* huck huck huck or just stupidity. My next exposure to kevin bacons penis was in that movie where he was invisible. His greatest role yet. Yet still, in a movie where you cant see him he still manages to expose himself. Why I do not know. perhaps he just has a problem. I have a problem with him. Yet there he is. The only movie i think he kept his clothes on for was footloose. I am beginging to realize that i know too much about Kevin Bacons penis. Yet the question remains. What category of actor is he. A. B. C . P? No no my friends. Its not that easy. With accolades such as kevin bacon has, its easy to misconstrude his productivity with the average celebrity. I would rank Kevin Bacon personally a D list celebrity. Now I know what your all thinking. Where does that leave malcom jamal warner. Id say if there was a category for no name celebrities he'd be at the top of the list. Personally a C+ celebrity for me is someone like Sean Astin. AKA Rudy AKA Sam from the lord of the rings. AKA that kid in that movie. If you have been immortalized with rudy chants, chances are you have achieved C+ celebrity status.
F Celebrities are amoung the likes of Keanue Reeves. Let it be known that i hate this man with a passion the likes of which none seen since mousilini ruled with an iron fist amoung his fascist dictatorship. Keanue Certainly lacks the Mou. Im surprised that he has as many roles as such. Perhaps if he garnered the lini his credibility would take off.
Finally you may be asking. Dunning this still doesnt make a) sense and b) leave me with a lot of options for the rest of the alphabet so I think I'll have to wrap up this celelbritity slash fascist blog post the only way i can. By listing off the entire alphabet and the actors that best attribute that letter. Let us beging.
A) Johnny Depp
B) The Rock
C) Nick Nolte
d) Pamela Anderson
e) John Stamos
F) Malcom Jamal Warner
G) One of the Baldwins
h) The other Baldwin
i) ALL of the Baldwins
J) that chick with the thing who did the thing in the thing
K) the guy who played swamp thing
L) Kermit the frog
m) stallone circa Rambo 1st blood
N) Dennis quaid
O) Vikram Gill-In I dream of Gelinia-Script yet to be published
P) that dude who played spock
Q) lenord nimoy
R) James earl jones
S) Guy on the subway in spiderman 2
T) Topher Grace
U) that Rat from under the umbrella tree
V) vanna white-or how ever you spell that name
W) Ashton Kutcher
X) Bea Aurther
Y) Elizabeth Burkley
Z) Elizabeth Burkleys left nipple

So there you have it. Im going to go publish this now, before i wind up regreting it. Im more then certain i will. Sorry I couldnt make it more entertaining. Later Days.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006


So after watching the new Lost episode yesterday, I tuned in to watch some "skating with the stars". I have to say, I don't get it. I don't get figure skating at the best of times, but adding B list....perhaps even C list celebrities doesn't help the sport any. Same goes for "Dancing with the stars" I don't want to see Holyfield do the salsa, I want to see him punch the crap out of someone. Same goes for Rice, I'd rather see him catch a 40 yard pass then watch him do the cha cha.
Maybe they just need better sports for these people to do. "Louge with the stars" or "Bullriding with the stars" perhaps even better yet "Greco Roman Wrestling with the stars" think of the ratings.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


No. I have know idea what's happening for Thursday. I don't even know if anything IS happening for Thursday. I have fallen out of contact with people, and fallen into 18th century hell. I haven't updated in awhile because well, I've had no time really. Nor have I had any desire to. I even missed the primer of 24 and am in the process of downloading it to catch up. Along with about 8 other shows I've missed.
Why the hell did I think 18th century lit. was a good idea? Why do I have a 120 pages of epic poetry left staring me in the face. I am really starting to hate that word. Epic. I think from now on I am going to start appreciating epic poetry or any kind of Epic work from afar now. Guess this puts of my summer plans of finally reading the Iliad. But knowing my luck, I'll wind up with it in some class anyway.
Man I hate this century.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Best of School 2005

Just in time for the first week of school, is the review of last years school year. Okay lets go.

Paradise Lost-John Milton *****

Perhaps the most staggering piece of literature I've ever had to read. At times it could be both frustrating and brilliant. An epic for the ages, and a book I will forever love to hate. Milton's poem is perhaps the most difficult thing I've had to read since Chaucer and pynchon. Infact I don't know how I got through it. Paradise Lost falls on a classical epic structure, now im not going to get into what that entails, cause it entails a lot. Miltons poem is set everywhere and also encompasses all of mans existence (or a good majority). It regales epic battles, the fall of Satan and the subsequent fall of man. It uses epic smilies and prose that astound and amaze. Yet, Perhaps the most impressive thing to think about is Milton wrote this blind. This book was simply an enjoyment too read and discuss all around. If you're an English major Id suggest taking an Milton course, even if your not id suggest taking it, it will both please and mess up your mind.

Titus Andronicus-Shakespeare *****
I had never heard of this play till I took this course. Yet Im glad that I read it. Perhaps, one of the more action packed and gore filled tragedies that Shakespeare has ever written. A rape, beheadings, several murders and cannibalism fills out the majority of the plot. Titus is the story of a fallen general who descends deeper into madness as his family is continually wronged. Those who have heard me vouch for Hamlet as one of my favorite Shakespeare tragedies will now hear me vouch for Titus as a extremely close second. Oh, and the movie staring Anthony Hopkins is great too.

Romeo and Juliet-Shakespeare ***
Cant have an early Shakespeare course with out one of the greatest love stories ever written. Having not read this play since grade nine, it was nice to go back and revisit it. I had forgotten a lot of what actually happened. Yet I found rereading this play now, that Romeo is a bit of a melodramatic douche. Infact the only sensible one in the play is Juliet, and even she looses it in the end. This play is a classic, Im not debating that. And yes it is probably the greatest love story, I wont debate that either. Yet it was hard to get away from my own preconceptions and the Lucasesque dialogue. I'll admit to laughing quite a bit at some of the more serious moments in the play. Oh those crazy kids, a plague upon their houses indeed.

Richard the Second-Shakespeare **
My god this was horrible. Okay maybe not horrible, but I just didn't like it. Perhaps it would have been better coming before the tragedies. This historical play was a bit of snooze fest. Especially when compared to the last two. The play had its moments and some of the characters and historical aspects were interesting, but when it came right down to it, I was just hoping that someone would hurry up and kill somebody. Perhaps I'll have a greater appreciation for this play when I go and reread it over the holidays, but for now It will have to settle for a failing grade.

Henry IV part one-Shakespeare ***
More interesting than Richard the second. Better characters and overall a more interesting plot. This is a continuation from Richard the second. Perhaps I have a little biased to this play, as I had to perform a scene out of it, in my best drag this year. Best 15% I ever had to earn. Overall though this play was more enjoyable and may even have me read part two. Someday.

A Midsummers Nights Dream-Shakespeare ****
I really liked this one. Never read any of the Shakespeare comedies before but this was pretty interesting, and actually funny at parts. Shakespeare blends two worlds together with fantasy and myth. Fairies, Weddings and a play within a play, though this play starts in a tragic form, it really turns into a really great comedy. I'll probably go see it on bard on the beach, if it plays this summer.

As You Like It *****
Personally I thought this was the better comedy. It reminds me of some kinda sitcom, I wanna say seinfield but that's too obvious. Yet, misunderstood love, Jesters and wrestlers, not to mention cross dressing makes for great situational comedy. And a scene that would make any literary scholar go "what the hell" makes for some interesting debates. This was a good way to end the course and makes me happy that I'll be taking more Shakespeare next semester.

Of truth and of Plantation and Novum Organum-Francis Bacon **
Short little poems, so I'll give a short little exert. Wasn't blown away. Interesting read, found other things a bit more interesting. Still though I didn't mind it. I guess I just don't appreciate his influence as much as others.

Leviathan-Hobbes ***
Yet something you'll only read if you're an English Major or Philosopher. I really didn't enjoy Hobbes. Its a difficult read. Perhaps my stance would be different, if I had read the entire thing and not just some exerts. Plus my view on the Leviathan is a little skewed because of what was on the final. All in all though from what I read of Hobbes, I wasn't all that captivated.

Sun Rising, Good Friday, Meditation 4-John Donne *
17th century poetry just isn't my cup of tea. I don't get it. Its all the same or seems to be the same themes. I mean yeah sure its influential, but honestly what do I have to gain from reading this?

Love (3)-George Herbert **
It gets a little on the preachy side for my tastes. All about the church, Christianity and all that other stuff. Alright to read, but honestly I could take it or leave it.

To his coy Mistress-Andrew Marvell **1/2
Again better then the previous. It was an alright read. Just not everything Its was built up to in the text.

Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum-Aemilia Lanyer *
The beginning of the end, for my interest in feministic writing. I really didn't care much for this, not because it was feministic in nature, but because it wasn't all that good.

Sonnet 13, Sonnet 78, and Pamphilia to Amphilanthus-Lady Mary Worth **
Lady Mary worth, is worth exactly two stars. See what I did there? Anyway I liked the sonnets to be honest, but I was starting to get sick of the ideal feminist, and feminist thinking at this point. Its all the same crap. I am sorry, but its true.

To the Two universities, The Blazing World, Modest Reflections-Margret Cavendish ***
Now were getting somewhere. Unlike her predecessors Cavendish was actually interesting to read. Some good stuff in The Blazing World, interesting stories, considering the time period. Cavendish would probably be my favorite out of the feministic writers.

The Lady Eleanor Her Appeal-Lady Eleanor Davies *
I dunno what else to really say. Other than this was my breaking point with feminist writing for the semester. I tried to weather the storm but in the end it broke me and I just couldn't care anymore.

The married state, Upon the double murder of king charles, to mrs M.A. parting-Katherine Philips ** 1/2
Alright the final feminist of the semester. The second of the three pieces, was actually interesting to read. Other than that though, I could do with out. I mean The married state, try guessing what that was about. Why do they make us read this?

All for Love-John Dryden ****
A different take on the Shakespeare play Antony and Cleopatra. Great play. Well both of them are great plays actually. Dryden leaves out a lot of the political background that Shakespeare covers, but needless to say this play is still an outstanding read. A great take on a fantastic shakespearian tragedy.

Oroonoko or the Royal Slave-Aphra Behn ***
Not a bad story. Its an account of political and private lives meshing not so well together. Much like All for love, powerful political figures are placed against eachother and their lives are thrown into chaos because of it. The story revolves around royalty, becoming a slave then fighting back for his freedom. Not a bad read.

Modest Proposal, Gullivers Travels-Johnathan Swift *****
A modest proposal isn't all that modest at all. Its a short proposal describing a solution to the poverty problem in Ireland. That solution is.....Cannabalism. The sarcasm is not lost on readers as they make their way through Swifts proposal. As good as it is though, Gullivers Travels is that much better. For those who have not read Guillivers Travels, you should its an outstanding read and quite funny too.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Things I don't get.

So. This was the first official week of school. Went pretty good overall I'd say. Fellow R'sider is in one of my tutorials or seminar or whatever the hell they're calling it now. Also a guy name Thor is in there as well. How awesome is that?
Which brings me to my first topic. Celebrities naming their kids something stupid like, oh I dunno, Apple. Apparently Chris Martin is having another kid. One can only hope that they come up with something better. And I seriously hope they don't name it Orange.
Second. What is with this phenomena of merging celebrity names together when they become a couple? I mean it started obviously with Beneffer which was annoying. I guess it still is, cause isn't he going out with what's her name from alias? But today on muchmusic's much on demand (quality program) they had this whole Brangelina thing. Which I guess would have been clever had it not been on much. Seriously though what is with this phenomena? I don't get it.
Finally I forget who, but Richard or Graham brought this up. Why is "My Humps" rated so high on the charts, if no one actually likes the song? I haven't found a single person who likes this song. The only theory I can come up with is, that its one of those things where people hate it, tell other people to listen to it cause its so bad, and it just keeps getting airtime and moving up. I cant see any other reason for it.
Anyways that's my stupid rant for the day. Im going to go read shakespeare.

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Monday, January 09, 2006


I dunno what the hell I was thinking with this schedule. Eight hours of straight classes are a bitch. I might as well have gone to UBC. On the plus side I actually know people in my classes for a change. Which is good, cause it means I can fill the void with mindless chatter. On another plus side, I am sticking with my resolution of actually giving a crap this semester. Not too mention that I actually have classes I am somewhat interested in, so the reading and shit should go smoothly. I'd go into more detail about what "giving a crap" actually entails but I am fucking tired.
Also. What the hell is with the serious lack of Dudes who are English Majors. If I didn't know better I'd say they (sfu or the English department) limit four dudes per class. Not that Im complaining, but it just strikes me as odd.
So, this semester should be pretty good over all. I just have to get over my preconception of people having preconceptions about me and I should be golden. Oh one last thing. Why the hell do we still do stupid shit like the name games? Is this really necessary or have they just run out of ideas? Anyway that's my bitching done. I'll post the year end school shit tomorrow. I was going to do it tonight, but I got a bunch of reading to do so it can fucking wait.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

If I wasn't computer illiterate.

If I wasn't computer illiterate, and knew how to make one of those fancy little sidebar recommendations things. On it you would see the following:

* For Current Music: Maximo Park-A certain Trigger (I advise you all go listen to it)
* For Current Comics: Spiderman/Blackcat-By Kevin Smith (yes...the Kevin Smith)
* For Current Graphic Novels Batman A long Halloween-Jeph Loeb (old but good)
* For Current Movies: Serenity DVD (that's pretty self explanatory)

That is all.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Reasons I am a Nerd: #187

You've all heard me talk about it. Now here's the living proof. My Alex Ross signed painting of the JLA.

But my nerdish ways do not stop there. Oh no. They Continue.

Example 2. My kickass bookends.

Yes. My love of Superman and Batman knows no bounds. Neither does my love of books. So why wouldn't I combine the two? It certainly is the best of both worlds.

Watch as Superman nails Bizzaro to a brick wall. An expensive brick wall at that. But well worth it.

Some history. These bookends were based on the series Superman/Batman. With one of my all time favorite writers Jeph Loeb and based on Ed Mcguinness art.

And now....Batman.

Yet another angle of Batman VS Manbat. Manbat, awesome, simply awesome.

So there you have it. Yes my friends. I truly am a nerd.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Poor again.

well there's three hundred dollars I'll never see again. I bought my SFU books today. I knew going into this semester there would be a lot of reading. I just didnt know it would be this much. The count now is roughly around 16. For those keepin track, that's just about a novel/play a week. Not too mention all the stupid text book reading. Oh well at least this semester I have shit I actually am kinda interested in reading. Think I am looking forward to Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens the most though. Oh. The rest of the reviews will probably be up tomorrow. If I get around to it. Which I probably will.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Alive and well.

So. I guess some of you are wondering if I am still alive. The answer is yes. Though not looking to drink anytime soon. Well at least not till the weekend. At any rate yes I am alive. In fact the next day, as always with my drinking endeavors, I was perfectly fine. Though re-reading that last blog, its amazing to think I was. In fact the only time I can truly remember getting a hangover is from when I drank tequila. I don't know if that's good or bad, but those are just the facts.
Well. Anyway. New Years was good. I now have one more week to piss away before going back to SFU for 17 weeks of reading more Shakespeare and 19th century literature. Huzzah!
What will I do with my time off? Besides buy my books before hand? Probably nothing. I do plan on putting up some more year end reviews, sometime. I'll see how it goes really. Anyway. I'll update later. Im going to do some reading.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Durnkend Kaulrua Dunning

1 is the onley number that you ever knew..........two is as one but something something number one. this be first post of durnken 2006. we add drink to what i can drink. kaluha! 6754j89j is as lonely as the number one. Fuck petro. Fuck them up the bleeding anas. Fire me! I quit and take you to court you bitch. 3 is as lonley as one as theres more the two. I took a sip of Kaluha. KALUHA! what me say? durnk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk DRUNK! KALUHA! Dave you owe me a dollar! I didnt throw up in your car. So there bitch. I LOVE KALUHA KALUHA KALUHA BELBAZAR! What me say? Wanna know how i roll. I roll with them big dogs and kaluha. joyful wonderful kaluha. oh you kalhua how i love thee. let me count the ways. ONE IS THE LONLEYIST NUMBER THAT I EVER KNEW. TWO FEW. BOO. JEW. COO. LOO. DOO. STU. MOO. COW. HA!
OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY.....OKAY Kaluha! OMG. lol. I have are to be what? tow kaluha one kalua three kaluha floor. soo drunk am i. I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU. oh drink more dunning. it'll give us some comic relife. oh drink more dunning. let us slowly take away your dignity. hahahha. we are ta funny. dignitiy i say? How can you take somethin that one man no have? oh burn. on me. wait, thats not good. VIKRAM!!!!! SEVEN IS AS LONELY AS NUMBER ONE
welcome to the jungle we have fun and games. Lets stop here and think about this. One: why are we in the jungle? Two: what kind of fun and games can they offer us? Is it Dodgeball or British Bulldog? Cause british bulldog in the jungle would be the shit. Now I feel I am going to analyze song lyrics. This should be the greatest thing man has ever seen KALUHA! song chosen My humps! Kalhua!]

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk
All that junk inside your trunk

First off. WIll.I. AM is a stupid name. It spells william. Screw you william and your average girls too. thats all you can get. and as for your junk. What i do with my junk is my buisness you asshole.


I'ma get get get get you drunk
Get you love drunk off my hump
My hump my hump my hump my hump my hump
My hump my hump my hump my lovely little lumps

Check it out

first off, i dunno if i wanna get drunk with fergie. Vikram maybe. Fergie no. Who the hell names there daughter fuergie? Lovely little lumps? If i were her and i found lumps, id be a little worried. KALUHA!

drive these brothers crazy
I do it on the daily
They treat me really nicely
They buy me all these ices
Dolce and Gabbana
Fendi and the Donna
Karan they be sharin'
All their money got me wearing fly
Whether I ain't askin
They say they love mah ass in
Seven Jeans
True religion
I say no
But they keep givin
So I keep on takin
And no I aint taken
We can keep on datin',
Now keep on demonstratin'

My love my love my love my love
You love my lady lumps
My hump my hump my hump
My humps they got you..

First off. I hate this song with a firey passion. And pasting the lyrics on to my blog and analyizing them when drunk is just enranging me more. I am about to pull a fuckin hulk esq move and smash the shit out of things. What the hell are Dolce and Gabbana anyway? Are they even real? They say they love mah ass in
Seven Jeans. The way fergies ass looks these days its like it could fit in seven jeans oh snap crackle and pop muther fucker! KALUHUA


Spending all your money on me..And spending time on me..


Shes got me spending.. Ohhh


Spending all your money on me..
O-on me on me...


Whatcha gonna do with all that junk
All that junk inside that trunk..


I'ma get get get get you drunk
Get you love drunk off my hump


Whatcha gonna do with all that ass
All that ass inside them jeans


I'ma make make make make you scream
Make you scream make you scream

Cause of my humps my hump my hump my hump
My hump my hump my hump my lovely lady lumps

Check it out


fuck this shit. IM not analyzing these shitty song lyrics that i dont even like.......ANYMORE. What im going to do. Is finish this fukcing KALHUA then figure out what coffee best suits my tastes and drink that. The spin is rooming. Fuckin bryan adams is stuck in my head. I dont know why. Its annoying the shit out of me.



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Current Music: I dont know you suprise me
Current Novel: A million litttle pieces
Current Drinks: somewhere around 9? maybe. fuck.