Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Comic Con 2006

Well here it is. Comic-Con. The reason for the delay was blogger was being a bitch. But anyway they're up now. Also if you want to see more of what Comic-con is like go here

Comic Legend Stan Lee

Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada

Holy Fuck its Joss Whedon!!!

insanely Popular Marvel Artist John Cassaday

Comic artist Legend John Romita SR.

Popular artist John Romita JR.

One of my Favorite authors Jeph Loeb

great marvel writer J. Michael Straczynski

Marvel writer Paul Jenkins he's probably in my top 20 this year

Marvel Writer Greg Pak

Great artist Gabriele Dell'Otto

Current Wolverine Writer Marc Guggenheim

Great DC writer Marv Wolfman

All time great George Perez. One of the nicest guys at the Con.

Hey everyone its Kurt Busiek

DC writer Mark Waid

Greg Rucka. Pick up his Queen and Country title.

One of my favorites Geoff Johns

Grant Morrison. His writing style is a bit askew but I still like it.

Artist Terry Dodson.

very good author Gail Simone

Artist Alex Sinclair. He did a sketch for me.

Writer Brad Meltzer. Gave me a book. It aint half bad.

Jim Lee. Perhaps the number one artist in the industry.

That is next to this guy. Michael Turner. Who is still my personal favorite.

Bill Willingham. Pick up his fables

Rosario Dawson. For those that don't remember she was in Sin City and Clerks 2.

Mike Mignola creator of Hellboy.


Shit I bought

Shit I got Signed

What I thought of Amtrak!

Days off.

Does anyone else out there find Glenn Beck really annoying? I don't know why I bothered to watch his show. Come to think of it I don't know why he has a show.
Anyway, its my last week of freedom. Its been a glorious four months of non productivity. It really has. But alas, I venture back to the hallowed halls of SFU.
I got my books last week or this week. No last week. Either way it saves me having to wait in line come Tuesday. I also replaced my library/student card after a semester and a half of not having one.
I think this weekend I'll be heading down to the Night market in Richmond. Atleast those were the initial plans. Im looking forward to going, being my first time and all. Maybe I'll buy some throwing Stars. It'll be the last line of defense for Petro Canada employees.
Isnt this post Awesome? Oh and speaking of awesome, I'll be testing out the podcast this week to see how a trial run goes. So I guess tune in for that. Well you don't have to. Anyway look out for the podcast. Oh and not that anyone cares but Comic Con pics will be up tomorrow finally.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

There goes one of the Greats

Godspeed good sir. May Toronto treat you well.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Rolling Stones.

Well. Today Rolling Stones tickets went on sale for the general public. I had already got a lower level ticket on the presale so I wasn't really expecting anything. However due to some luck I managed to get floor seats. Not the good floor seats mind you, cause Im not stupid enough to put down $360 bucks per ticket. Just dumb enough to put down $176. But since they're floor seat I now feel justified in the purchase. Also I now can systematically sell off that single. I know exactly who will buy it to.
While I was waiting for ticketmaster to release them I started listening to Magneta Lane. Its pretty good stuff. I also wrote what could be a possible podcast theme song. Only its incredibly horrific. Which is one reason I may keep it. So think of this sung by me backed behind a Bass, and a synthed up keyboard.

Cmon Pull up a chair
its time for a dunning podcast
Well I know that you don't care
But this is going to be Duntastic
He'll tell you his drunk views about plastic
so cmon pull up a chair
pull up a chair.

Like I said its horrible. Should I change it? I think I might have to record it first. That would probably be a good start. But look for the podcast to be up in about a week or so. God I cant believe I've talked myself into this. Hooray?

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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Go here. Go to the video at the bottom of the screen. It's simultaniously one of the best covers and worst covers I've ever seen. But in any case it made me laugh.

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Snakes on a Plane

I forgot to put my input into Snakes on a Plane yesterday. I also know some still havent seen it. So rather than spoil anything. I figure this would be just as good.

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Why cant you love a nerd.

That was the most painful and humorous conversation I can remember having in a while. Though its made me realize just how much my nerdish ways have been solidified into me. If that makes sense. Basically I've stopped fighting it. And in an odd little way im almost slightly proud. Maybe its an only child thing. Well probably not. My views on the only child thing I'll save for a podcast sometime.
Getting back to the topic at hand. Sort of. I think that when I do the podcast my inaugural posting will be a reintroducing of Dunning and my nerdish ways. Then I'll probably do a weekly or a biweekly podcast which will probably break down like so: part one pick one topic and discuss. Part two will probably have something to do with comics (cause lets face it, its me). There'll be other little segments I'll throw in as well. However I'd probably or would like to end the podcast by answering questions. If I ever get any.
Anyway that's the structure Im going with so far. And If ever the opportunity arises I may throw in a durnken podcast everynow and then. We'll see. Man this post did not come out the way I had originally planned, so im going to stop now.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

one more day.

So Im training a new guy at work right now. It's going alright but he's esl. Nothing wrong with that but it does tend to create some problems. Seems like an okay guy so it'll be interesting to see how long he lasts there.
Seems like he has the patience to handle the idiots. Er customers. Though again that might just be the esl. Im sure once he's had his spirit broken like the rest of us it'll work out just fine. Though the week hasn't been too bad really. Although today I had a few people yellin as usual. I don't see the big deal about prepaying. I mean every other business has you pay before you get to use their product. Why should it be any different for gas stations? I also don't understand how its "ripping you off". I feel like I could be starting a rant here but Im going to let it drop. Before I go has any decision been made for Snakes on Plane?

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So. For a time now I've been debating whether or not to bring this blog to the next step of its incarnation which would be the podcast. However, listening to a bunch of other podcasts that are out there, such as movies and comics (which are entertaining) I wonder if its worth it for me.
One Im not that entertaining. Aside from when I drink and we've all come to a conclusion that podcast is a lost cause. Two I'd just be talking about the same shit I already talk about, that no one cares about and or reads. Three I'd be a nerd with a podcast. Im fine with being a nerd, but does the internet really need another nerd with a podcast talking about who would win in a fight daredevil or batman? We all know its Batman anyway. Anyway I'll Keep thinkin about doing it. Maybe if I get that program off Graham, the one where I can actually have the ability to edit the podcasts, then id might be more inclined.
Anyway I gotta go get ready for work. So im going to kill the remaining time re seizing comic con pics and Soduko.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Kevin Smith.

So I just finished watching Ebert and Roper. Kevin Smith was filling in for the absent Ebert. I gotta say the guy is a great writer. You could tell that talent transferred well into his criticism . Having read a lot of his Graphic Novels Im not really all that shocked. The guy has done some of the best Daredevil and Green Arrow I've ever seen. I guess I just realized (while watching that) that Im more a fan of his writings and his musing than even some of his movies. If only I could write that good. Or you know write enough to get published.
Also some crap hit the fan at work. So now im working ever day this week. I wasn't involved in said crap and don't know much of the details so I wont go into it here. Just know though that now my time is limited to Friday and Saturday. Which means someone else may have to pick up tickets for snakes on a plane.
Well that's pretty much it. Later.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Things I would do with 42 million

1. Buy a house with property
2. Take friends to vegas
3. Open up a comic shop.
4. Start a right winged editorial newspaper
5. Invest in the ottawa renegades
6. Have an intervention for Mel Gibson on Oprah
7. Start a podcasting show/Buy PS3 and Xbox 360
8. Your Sister
9. Give money to parents/Dig me some holes
10. Bet it all on black

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I feel really bad. Guilty and really really bad. Thats all im really going to say on that matter. But do note I feel bad.
Also I really suck at jones in the fastlane. Apparently all im qualified to do is flip burgers and never have the abilty to pay rent. Stupid realistic game.
Well Im off to work on my serial or sleep or read. Im leaving that decision in the hands of fate.

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Friday, August 11, 2006


Anyone wanna go downtown with me one day so I can pick up some trade paper backs? There's three that people wont stop talking about, so Im going to have to check them out. Maybe I'll review them after the fact. I should review more shit.
In related news. The serial in its early development stages. Most of my stuff never actually gets past this stage. Im making an extra effort though this time. Maybe. Anyone want to co-write it with me?

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

...This has no purpose.

The most constructive thing I did today was reorganize my favorite bookmarks. Oh I guess you could throw in actually going to work. I also found out while there that my boss is impressed with me. The first thought that came to mind was "when the hell did that happen"
I keep meaning to do a post regarding Comic-Con. However resizing the pictures is become more work than need be. Actually its becoming a big pain in the ass. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.
Also. I've decided to write a horror serial based loosely on my life. The problem I keep having with it is I cant decide whether to go Lovecraftian or Kingish. Maybe I should go the way of the Rice.
Comments? Questions? Slanders? Suggestions? Either way let me know what ya think.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Ka Boom

My TV just imploded. There was smoke and everything. Thankfully it wasn't the one in the basement. Now all I have to entertain myself with is youtube. And this amusing video. Oh and this has also cemented my hatred for the Black Eye Peas

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

comi con and weekend shit.

Well I WAS going to post about comic-con and put up some pics of me. I probably still will. And I'll still probably post a bunch of shit on Snakes on a plane. Right now though. Im not really feeling like it. What I am feeling like though is trying to buy this dvd from amazon. Only problem is I've never bought anything from amazon before. Help?
I was going to ask if anyone was interested in Clerks 2 and or Drinking on weekend. Or both. I still want to see clerks 2 at some point though. BAH! To hell with this post. Im going to go read that Meltzer novel, which i got for free.

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