Wednesday, March 30, 2005

School Review 2005.

I figure now would be a good a time as any to do a review of all the books I had to read for this semester. Why? That's a good question. Well I don't really have a reason. Anyway Enjoy!

Beowulf-translated by Seamus Heaney ***
As far as literature goes, this was pretty cool. Monsters, Warriors and Dragons what more could anyone want? Well probably that the translation make some sense. It works for the most part. Stylistically its not your run of the mill poem either, which gives it a certain.....I don't know what. Either way it works. A pretty good way to start the year.

Dr Faustus-by Christopher Marlowe **
Renowned playwrite Christopher Marlowe, attempts to wow audiences with Devils, Satan and dark magic a like. Sure it sounds all well and good, but when it gets right down to it, nothing really happens here. Dr Faustus is supposed to be a slow decent into madness, but the only one who goes mad, ends up being the reader. Is it just me or is this a Seinfield episode gone horribly awry.

The Canterbury Tales-by Geoffrey Chaucer *
I was going to give this a half of star, but I felt bad doing so. I really didn't like this book, which is odd cause I usually like crap like this. Unfortunately the Cantebury Tales turned out to be indeed that, crap. If anyone has read this and can actually understand it, please come talk to me. But until then I think I'll stick with my Shakespeare, at least that I can understand.

Frankenstein-by Mary Shelley ***
This book was not, what I was expecting at all. Though some parts of it were a bit long winded, it still ended up being fairly entertaining. Its amazing how hollywood, and pop culture has come to ruin one of the greatest monsters of all time. If you're a fan of horror, I highly recommend this.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight-Translated by Marie Borroff **
I never knew much about the Knights of The Round Table. It was just something I never got into. However this tale of heroic deeds, opened up a new genre for me; it turned out to be not as horrible as I thought it was going to be.

Dracula-Bram Stroker ****
Nothing like a good Vampire story. Might as well start us off with the best, or at the very least the most influential. Like frankenstein it tends to get dry in parts, and you find yourself wishing that at least one of the characters would hurry up and die already. But aside from that, this story was pretty good, and who doesn't like Van Helsing?

At the Mountain of Madness-by H.P. Lovecraft *
I guess I have to give this book something. I mean it did turn out to influence a lot of horror writers, and literary works that came after. But this book really, really, really sucked. The concept was really cool and had tones of potential, and still is kinda cool in the grand scheme of things, but when one is reading it, one is hating it. If you thought Dracula, and Frankenstein were dry, and way too descriptive, you aint seen nothing yet.

Malory: The Morte Darthur-edited by D.S. Brewer ***
Yet another Knights of The Round Table, based book. This is a collection of short stories and 'events' revolving around the slow demise of the knights of the round table. It was pretty interesting to see how it all played out. And was fairly easy to understand, for the most part. Not a bad piece of fantasy literature.

Interview with the Vampire-Anne Rice *****
Awesome, Awesome piece of fiction. Perhaps the best piece I had to read all year. Captivating, good pace, and written in a language comprehendable to modern man. I never knew much about Anne Rice novels before, but I may have too check out one or two more in the summer. Though I cant say enough good things about this book.

Antony and Cleopatra-Willam Shakespeare ***
Though not the best Shakespeare play it still managed to entertain. It was however a tad confusing at some points; and a lot of the death scenes I just didn't really buy into that much. Other than that though, it was still pretty good, no Hamlet, but still not a bad read.


Kind of bored, so I thought Id update. Finalized my summer vacation today. Looks like I'll be staying at the MGM Grand, and not the Hilton as originally thought. The San Diego hotel is still up in the air at this point, but wont be by 4:00 tomorrow. So it looks as though I'll be gone for about 10 days in July. Hooray.
Other things. Got my English midterm back finally, which kinda pissed me off.....only a lousy B.
Friday, Im going to get some people together to go watch Sin City. If you wanna go, call me or email me or leave a message on here. Im pretty sure we'll be going to the cineplex in Ridge. Though its not for certain.
Sunday, is Wrestlemania, for those that care. Hopefully plans are still on with Rexin to go watch it. If so, it'll be the first Wrestling ppv I've watched since sometime in 2002, I think. Im actually kind of looking forward to it, which in itself is saying a lot. Anyway that about wraps things up. Im going to go do some essay work.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Slightly drunk Dunning.

Though the effects of approximately 7 rum and cokes, are starting to wear off, Id have to say that it was a good time had by all tonight. Drink good. Food Good. Adult situations Good. I really have no idea what else to tell people about tonight. Im both fighting fatigue and I have that Mario song stuck in my head. I would like to say that after the bar, there were many classic Ian moments to be had. It truly was a fun filled night for all. I probably spent way too much money on drinks. That's all I can really say. what to talk about, the rain is shit. Walking 4 blocks in it was not fun at all. That's probably all I want to talk about now, once I sleep on it, I'll be able to remember some more eventful things of the evening. Dunning Out.

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Friday, March 25, 2005


So, just finished cleaning the house, and I figured I'd come on here and update. Going out tonight, for Divman's party. Don't quite know where or even when its happening just yet. Though I do know, I'll report all the happenings in a drunken stupor when I get back. Other than that not much else is going on, finishing off reading, catching up on others, and preparing for finals. Next week, I'll be finalizing the Vegas-San Diego trip and at some point I probably go see Sin City. Anyway that about wraps it up, I'll update later.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005


I was feeling nostalgic tonight, so I went back and took a look at what was left of the Basooka magazine. For those that don't remember Basooka magazine, was a internet magazine we'd started many moons ago. It was good while it lasted. Though reading it again has made me think, that we should bring it back. Or at the very least, that I should bring back the Dunning Comics. Those were some good times.

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Monday, March 21, 2005


Well went to the final curling night for the semester. Mofo's went 1-1. But the team we beat had never played before. I don't know how that reflects on us. Apparently there isn't going to be anymore curling now till next September. Though there are scheduled events throughout the summer. And a year end dinner, sometime somewhere next week. Anyway that's about all I wanted to say. Im going to go do some reading.

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Friday, March 18, 2005


Okay, well Im extremely bored right now. I haven't updated in a while; so I felt compelled to update now. Only I realized that once I starting typing, I had nothing of importance to say.
The only thing I can say, is this weekend is going to suck. It will consist of nothing but reading. Well, reading and essay writing. Stupid optional essay. I am also still in a debate with myself, on whether or not I should take some English courses in the summer, that will help complete my major.
Other than that, there isn't a whole lot worth talking about. Sin City opens in a couple of weeks, so I'll probably go see that. In other movie news, its being reported that Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy and Angel) has been given the Wonder Woman project, he'll be both writing and directing it. As much as I love Joss Whedon's work, I dunno if Wonder Woman is the right way to go. I would have much rather have seen him get X3. There's just way more compelling characters for him to work with there. Plus his Astonishing X-Men run is really good, so I know he would do well with the franchise.
Anyway I should go do some reading. Or write some more of that essay. I'll update again at some point. If I have something more prevalent to say.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005


And now some random lists, created out of boredom.

Books I plan on reading after the semester ends: 1. I am Legend 2. Hamlet 3. Iliad 4. A hitchhikers guide to the galaxy 5. Midsummer Night Dream

Underrated Actors: 1. Chuck Norris 2. Arnold Schwarzenegger 3. Sylvester Stallone 4. Kevin Sorbo 5. Billy Dee Williams.

Horrible songs out now: 1. Avril Lavigne-He wasn't 2. Destiny's Child-Soldier 3. Jennifer Lopez-Get Right 4. 50 cent-candy shop 5. Will Smith-switch

Movies Im looking forward to: 1. Sin City 2. Fantastic Four 3. Star Wars 4. Batman Begins 5. Serenity

Things I should probably be doing: 1. Finishing my essay 2. Cleaning the house 3. Cleaning my room 4. Finishing my reading. 5. Reorganizing my comics.

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Friday, March 11, 2005


Shameful Plugs-Doing some writing that may be up on the blog soon. Comic Corner is coming along. And The First Annual Spring Fashion Report will probably be up at some point.
No Life-Things Im into at this moment. Curling-we suck. Poker-Going to happen in a couple of weeks, 5 dollar buy in all are welcome.
Music-Radiohead-Killer little song. The FutureHeads-Hounds of love...awesome song. Rilo Kiley-Portions of Foxes....addicting song.
TV- Southpark. OC season 1&2. And the current season of 24 and Lost. Smallville.
Reading-Evangelion TPB's. DC Comics. Victorian Novels. Arthurian Romance. Horror. Shakespear.
School-currently doing paper. Got A- on my other paper. Getting other midterms back next week. Too much reading, too little time.

Thats about it. Cant really think of anything more that I wanted to say.

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Sunday, March 06, 2005


Well the mofo's season, has officially come to a close. Though there was drastic improvements in our game, we still came away with the same amount of points as last. Mind you this season we didn't come in last. So I guess that's something. Our record I believe is 1-8-1. And to some it may not look all that pleasing, but its still nice to see something in the win column for a change. Anyway, there's more curling still to be had, for a few weeks anyway. So well see how those games go. Anyway that wraps up this update. Stay suave!

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Well I tried to update earlier in the day, though for some reason blogger wouldn't let me. Although it says its published in my blog log, but for some reason its not showing up on the site itself. Anyway, I lost 20 bucks in poker Dave won 90. He's a damn shark! Oh I don't know how to play poker, I've only played twice before....Sure Dave sure. All in all it was pretty good. I'll be working my essay and other stuff tomorrow before curling, so I probably wont get a chance to update this again till after that. So check for the Mofo's update. There will be an update this time. Anyway that's about it. Check again tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mad Crazy.

Just doing a quick update. Last night was pretty good and tonight should be even better. I'll be going with the same crowd as last time, to a poker night for the curling club. I'll probably loose 20 bucks but I don't care. Still should be fun. Really though im interested in seeing some DDR take place. I may partake of it myself, though I have to admit im a bit out of practice. Anyway party should be good, if at the very least interesting. Well I got some work to do, so I'll update this again after the party.

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Slightly Drunk Dunning.

okay. So, tonight I went to the Treehouse, with Div and **** and Graham. It was pretty good. Though the waitress was pretty shitty (she hit me in the eye with the menus) even though she was kind of attractive. What else? Oh yeah the band at this place was god awful. Their covers of ZZ Top and Tragically Hip were crappy. Then we came back to my house for poker, with actual chips. As you can guess I bought quality poker chips. Hooray for me.....and hooray for you. I came out even in the end, which was pretty good considering I had yet another drink of mine at my house, surpassing my goal of four. **** was out the tourney early enough to watch his Baby Blue....You disgust me ****! Also according to graham, there were three great quotes from your's truly.....I dont have the energy to type them out or remember them at all. I think I will now go and not only read, but mix myself another drink. LET THE BENDER NEVER END!!!! (mem to self going to poker tourney tomorrow for curling...dont forget to dress like a Suave Mofo) thats about all i can think of. Now where's that drink?

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(mem to self sing Ashlee Simpson Shadows or pieces of me at Karaoke)

Thursday, March 03, 2005


So apparently I have a four day weekend on the horizon. Im sure it will be filled with doing nothing but school work; I need to get out more. Speaking of that, I keep receiving emails from different student unions asking to attend meetings. And seeing as how I have nothing on the horizon, and seeing also how its my new goal now to be more social till the end of the term, I figure what the hell. So I may go down to the Philosophy Student Union meeting on Friday, apparently there's free beer. I may also go to the English Student Union meeting, really its all up in the air at this point. Speaking of philosophy, got my midterm back and I did okay on it, but I think I'll end up doing that optional paper; it would seem like the smart thing to do.
I cant wait till this semester is over and done with. As such I have set some goals for the summer, Im not at liberty yet to tell you what they are. Well actually I am, I just don't want too. Anyway that wraps up this little update, I was going to talk about some other stuff, but I think I'll save it for another time.

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