Friday, December 31, 2004


So. Apparently, people want to know what's happening for New Years. So here's what I have envisioned. First, festivities will begin around 5pm. Mainly because that's when Graham gets off work. And frankly I have things to do before hand. Second (if and this is a big if)I will try and convince some people to go to karaoke with me. This may work better when we're all drunk. Third, we will be buying pizza from somewhere, so BRING MONEY! Second, I have a lot of rum and a lot of coke, however if people wish to drink other beverages then they must do so on their own accord. Finally for snack food, same goes, though I do have large amounts of Regular and Doritos, but if people want their own they must do so on their own accord.
Finally, if you need to contact me for questions regarding this New Years event, you can leave comments on my blog. Or call my cell. The day starts at 9:00 sharp for me tomorrow, but the night is still young. So Im off to hunt some vampires. And protect the world from the scourge of darkness. Lights out people!

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Post X-Mass

Well, its over. Mercifully. Anyway, it went pretty good this year. There were definitely a few highlights, and a few moments now, that Im choosing to forget. Like so much in my life. Well, I guess the only downside to Christmas, was that my visa bill is going to be a son of a bitch. I can cover it mind you....I just don't want to. The gifts were great and much appreciated. I now have enough games and DVD's to keep me happy well into the New Year. Plus, I've already become addicted to Paper Mario 2. So I'll probably end up finishing that off first. Oh, and the Leather Jacket will be a hit for sure, hopefully it will be back in time for New Years.
I also received many Trade Paper Backs, and I finally got my USB cord for my phone. So not only can I now send and receive pictures with relative ease, I can also download games and ringtones, as Richard pointed out.
On a bit of an unrelated topic, I'm about 80% finished my comic review of 2004. I fit in what I could, with the time that I actually am willing to put into it. But in any case it should be up in time before New Years. Well, Im going to go listen to some cd's and read some comics that I need to catch up on. Be sure and check tomorrow, for more updates.
CD's Burned in the past few days.
1. The Arcade Fire: Funeral 2. The Killers-Hot Fuss 3. The Shins-Oh, Inverted World 4. Super Furry Animals-Phantom Power 3. A.C. Newman-Slow Wonder

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Update for an Update

So, I been tryin to play some NHL Hits the other day. Thanks to Ian, for the purchase by the way. But it seems that the season has ran into a snag. It keeps loading up on the same game after I restart, or shut off the system. I have no idea why. Also, I've basically started getting my booze together for new years. Seeing as how, I know we'll end up in my basement again, I figure I'd better get started on it now. Also, I now Have an official Bacardi drinking glass. Hooray.
Speaking of New Year's, I'll probably be doing a look back at 2004, at some point. Though Im going to try to limit the reviews or the look back, to comics. As Graham's blog has already covered music. And Im sure Rexin's blog will handle the rest. Though thinking about it, I may do some music as well. Anyway be on the look out for that in the next couple of days. Hopefully I'll actually be able to get this one done.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Take a look.

Best title ever. I cant top it.

Best title ever

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


So, I've finished about 96.7% of my Christmas shopping. And if Im ever back within the confines of a mall, it'll be too soon. I went and picked up my books for next semester at SFU, and it looks like its going to be an insane amount of reading this semester. First up on the agenda, Beowulf. It should make for an interesting read. Im actually kinda looking forward to next semester which, in itself is a bit weird. There really isn't that much else, that I can think of. Got a bunch of people coming in for the weekend. So I've been doing massive amounts of house cleaning. Not just for their benefit mind you, but its for also for when I refurnish my room, which should be happening in the next couple of weeks. Hardwood floors here I come. Anyway, that about wraps up this blog session, I think Im going to go do something constructive.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Alright, so Im back. The exam went well and now I have some time to actually get things done. And its So far so good, on the weekend plans.
Saw Ocean's 12 tonight. And it was good, though not as good as the first. Plus there was the whole bizarre "Julia Roberts" thing, that I cant even begin to explain. Oh, and Clooney's acting still pisses me off. The guy's a really horrible actor. Anyway I digress.
Tomorrow, it looks like decorations and shopping for me. Im not really looking forward to it. The mall is going to be packed, and I have no real game plan, in the way of gift buying. But Im sure I'll figure something out.
Sunday, well Sunday is open as far as my plans go. I might watch Angel season 4 like I said. I might play some Cube. I might actually go out. Or maybe, just maybe I might do something that's actually constructive. There's some stuff that I need to finish, that may eventually end up on here. And then there's stuff that's actually supposed to be on here, that's not done. So, I guess only time will actually tell.
Anyway, I guess that's it. I was going to go on a rant about the holiday's, specifically Christmas but I think I'll do the right thing and keep it too myself. Most of the people, I know who read this blog, probably all ready know how I feel about it. But then again, I'll probably post about it later. Oh, and we really should get started on those New Year plans too....Damn't I need a Lear Jet.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

5 min break.

Okay, so I've been at this studying for 5 hours now and I think I might actually snap. I never want to see the words, Privatization, Crown Corporations, or New Public Management ever again. Im so looking forward to this weekend, when I can get back into my regular schedule of sitting on my ass.
So with that in mind, here is what Im thinking of doing this weekend at some point. First I kinda want to see Oceans 12, Im not sure if its even out yet, but any chance too make fun of Clooney's acting, I simply cant pass up. He's among the worst actors out there, next to Keanu Reeves. Second I plan on playing an extensive amount of Video Games and Holdem. Well I guess you could put the Holdem under video games. As I have it on my pc now, and it might just be the greatest casino game, I've ever played. I also plan on watching more of Angel season 4 and catching up on my comic reading. Oh, and at some point I should probably go out and buy some Christmas gifts.
Anyway that about wraps it up, I better get back to studying. But I'll leave you now with a list of my favorite actors, enjoy.
1. Robert Redford 2. James Dean 3. Paul Newman 4. Sean Connery 5. Samuel L Jackson

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Monday, December 13, 2004


Okay, so I tried updating yesterday, and ran into some problems. So, Im here trying again and hopefully this time it works. Anyway I went to the "Brad May and Friends" game yesterday. It was pretty good overall. It was just nice to see some Hockey again. And it made me realize, how much I actually miss the NHL, or Hockey in general. So I think for next semester, I'll be on the look out to see if I can find any teams or clubs up at SFU. I'll still keep up with curling of course. The seats I had, were pretty decent, I was 13 rows from the ice, and 6 away from Matt Cooke and his family. He left half way to play the second game. The games themselves, were fairly entertaining. Even some of the Giants managed to impress. Infact, the only thing that bothered me during the whole event, would have been the idiots sitting behind us, yelling free Bert. That's really getting old.
Oh, and Im not sure who was doing the interviews in between periods, but he really sucked. I mean can't these people think of better questions to ask then "what's it like to play with NHL players, are you enjoying it". I mean what's the kid going to say? "No, I don't enjoy it, it sucks balls"
After the game, we went to one of the worst casinos, I've ever been to. Though I still managed to come out 20 dollars ahead.
What else? Oh, I got into my class finally, so Im looking at 2 English and 1 Philosophy next semester. Though I'm still debating if I should take on a fourth. If I do it's most likely going to be in English as well. Anyway there wasn't much else, that I wanted to talk about. And I really should start on some serious studying for this final. I have done some, but not enough. So, if I don't update in the next couple of days you'll know why. But keep checking, just in case.

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The Postal Service-Clarke Gable, Kenny Rogers-The Gambler

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


So much rum, so little money. Anyway, while you ponder on that statement for a while let me tell you a few interesting things. One, I spent the majority of my day today either in car dealership's or downtown. Two, I don't have a working phone line other than my cell, which as I type this, is charging. Why don't I have a working phone line? We'll we really don't know, all I know is, at some point its going to be fixed. Three, I got my midterm paper back from my Political Science professor who informed me that I was about 2% away from an A. This resulted in my paper getting a mark of "B++". I kid you not.
Downtown, sucks during this time of year. Even for the middle of the day, stores are packed and there's no parking anywhere. All in all though, it was not that bad of a day. I got a few steps closer to acquiring a leather jacket. I picked up some Trade Paper Back's (which I wont get to read for awhile). My mom's, closer on her decision, on a car and laptop. I bought Angel season 4, and plan to start watching it tomorrow. And this weekend, I even slept on a boat. Anyway that about wraps things up here. Check back tomorrow, Im sure I'll have something else posted at somepoint.

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Friday, December 03, 2004

So here we are.

Okay, well I couldn't really think of anything to post about. So I was going to make a list of the worst songs out there right now. All I could think of was two, U2-vertigo and Greenday-American Idiot. I know there are a lot of horrible songs out there, but I couldn't really think of them. I guess I could throw in any one of the Eminem singles off of his new cd. Or anything relating to Jessica Simpson or Ashlee, god that Christmas special was awful. Who keeps letting them on tv? I mean really. Anyway, I plan to start that 5oth blog stuff I was going to do, now that I actually have time to publish it. So I'll probably be looking to do some of it this weekend, or Monday. Tuesday Im headed downtown to get started on X-mas shopping and Im also going to look for stuff for my room. Im redoing my room this year. Totally redoing it, floor and all. I'll probably post the pictures up on here when I finish with it (if I can figure out how). Anyway not much else to say. I wanted to do that list of horrible songs, but what can I say Im lazy, so here's of list of shows I watch when Im bored out of my mind.
1. Daily Show 2. Smallville 3. The OC 4. Lost 5. Pimp my ride. 6. JLA Unlimited
Id throw in the wwe in that category too if you can actually count it as a show. But I'll give it an honorable mention in any case. Well that's it for me for now.

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Before I get started here, I'd just like to say that Tucker Carlson of CNN's Crossfire is a Douche. Im not that into politics, nor do I pretend to have all the answers. But I will say this, Tucker Carlson is a Douche. Anyway on to somewhat happier things. The school year is over, well for the time being. And I'd like to think it was one of my more enjoyable years or terms, of my Academic life. Next semester, I move closer towards declaring a major and Im sure by the half way point of next semester, that I'll probably break down and declare one. But for now Im just going to enjoy the time I have off before my final exam, apart from the studying.
Anyway, I don't have much else that I wanted to talk about at the moment. But as they say the night is young. Maybe I'll go play some cube, haven't done that in a while. Well that's about it, Im sure I'll post again at some point.

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